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Panetta: I Wanted to Keep Troops in Iraq

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said in an interview to be broadcast on 60 Minutes Sunday that he did not support President Obama’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq.

“I really thought that it was important for us to maintain a presence in Iraq,” Panetta said.

Panetta also said that he fought early on during the rebellion against Syria’s Bashar Assad for the rebels to be trained and armed, but that Obama nixed it.

Obama withdrew the remainder of our fighting forces from Iraq during 2012 and campaigned on it.

In the meantime, an army of up to 31,000 fanatical terrorists bubbled up from under the desert.

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  1. We won’t forget that Leon Panetta openly supported the decision not to come to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and said it couldn’t be done.

    • Leon needs to be put on the chopping block under oath by Mr. Gowdy.

      Wonder why Panetta’s speaking out now? He’s a former Clinton WH chief of staff, setting up for Hillary 2016 ? Why is he talking to 60 Minutes and not plea bargaining with the Oversight Committee?

      I don’t trust any of them.

    • Leon Panetta told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday that there was not a clear enough picture of what was ocurring on the ground in Benghazi to send help.
      There’s a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on here, “Panetta said Thursday. “But the basic principle here… is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on.”…/cia-operatives-were-denied-request-for-help-during-benghazi-attack-sources-say/
      October 26, 2012
      I pulled up the above article after reading your comment.
      I appreciate Panetta feeling that we should have left forces in Iraq. However there must be still more information that we are unaware of regarding Benghazi attack, if he truley felt/feels that there was not a clear enough picture. We all watched that “picture”, and I still can’t understand why we did not try something!

  2. The rats are abandoning the sinking ship. Actually, Obama probably got some decent advice from Panetta and a few others early in his administration, before he replaced them all with the Kool-Aid Kids. It will be interesting to see how much more anti-Obama stuff goes on before Novemeber as the Dems try to save their seats. And then it will be really interesting to see how Hillary proposes to extend the “successes” of this Dem presidency in 2016.

    • I watched another night of the Roosevelt documentary.
      It pointed out how FDR hired people that he had disagreements with at earlier periods. He did not hire very young kool aid drinkers to help him deal with WWII.

        • Thanks for the article. I am watching the documentary with a great like and dislike for how things were handled. I mentioned the info that was mentioned last night, because of O not listening to anyone. Tks.

          • I give you and others credit for watching it and enjoying it for what it is. I am more volatile. I like Burns’ work and but I know there is a historian’s bias there — not big, but present. And then when I couple it with PBS — which I also approach with some hesitation — I don’t allow myself to enjoy it for what it is.

            So, I read.

            And I don’t see this PBS spectacular on Roosevelt the Progressive as innocent.

  3. O/T: Comment left on Facebook regarding the St. Jude visit by a First Lady Obama – commenter’s name left off on purpose:
    “I’ll tell her what’s hard. Your child having cancer. Scheduling the appointment to get results from that child’s MRI, only to be told only one parent would be allowed to come because that’s the day the First Lady would be at the hospital. ALL appointments that day were limited to one person per patient. Yes, Ms. Obama, tell me how hard it is to be married to the President again while you jet around the globe at taxpayers expense under the guise of doing good for others. Why not take these families whose lives you’ve just disrupted on a trip? What if one of your children were at St. Jude’s? What if you had to quit your job because your child required 24/7 care? What if your spouse was working 2 jobs just to make ends meet? Now imagine someone famous would be coming to the hospital. Ok, let’s say Beyonce. How much would it comfort you or your child to hear her complain about her life? Did she offer them only joy, encouragement, support, or did she tell kids, some of whom are dying, how hard it is being a famous artist? Well boo-hoo-hoo. This isn’t a Republican, Democratic, Tea Party rant. It’s from a someone who is tired of the whining, moping, crying, bitching, bellyaching, sue happy attitude so many have today every time someone doesn’t agree with them or they are “offended” by my words, political persuasion, religious beliefs, or lack thereof.
    Newsflash to you and others: The world doesn’t stop turning on your command. Not everything is or should be about you. Get over yourself.”

  4. Sickening. The amazingly turtle featured Panetta now attempting to cover his worthless, traitorous butt when he was a willing accomplice in unleashing the hounds of war around the globe and at the same time assisting in the destruction our military thereby making this country fundamentally unsafe. This democrat communist now lives in retirement amid opulent settings on his almond/walnut farm in commie California. He should be sentenced to life imprisonment in the Galapagos Turtle Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo.

  5. I just heard a snippet from Nelson (D-FL) who voted to arm Syrian “rebels” and was asked to comment on Panetta’s statement. It appears that the slimy way out of this for Dems is going to be along the lines of Well, Maliki forced Obama’s hand by not agreeing to status of forces agreement or something.

    I moved on quickly but this seemed to be the gist. Perhaps someone knows better than I.

    One thing about the Dems they have no problems coming up with a straight line of “reason” out of the tangled web — You can do this when you rewrite history and there is no watchdog media to call you out on it.

    • Obama was the one who forced the outcome with Maliki. Obama decided that he wanted out of Iraq. Obama is the one who insisted on dropping troop levels down to 3,000. And Maliki recognized that the political costs of having an ineffective force of only 3,000 Americans far outweighed any usefulness they could provide.

      Essentially, success in Iraq was based upon a long-term commitment from the US. And it was this commitment to success that Obama effectively trashed. If Obama had done absolutely nothing, then there would be no ISIS in Iraq. Yet it was Obama, and Obama alone, that pushed for withdrawal from Iraq and the abandonment of American resolve to demonstrate to the Islamofascists that we were willing to see it through.

      • Spot on, Owen! Obama couldn’t wait to wash his hands of Bush’s War without any regard to the consequences of early withdrawal and no residual forces. Malaki stated that he was shocked that Obama refused to negotiate. Surely, Obama could have figured out a way to get our military immunity from prosecution if he had the will to do so. The end result was all so predictable! ISIS grew b/c there was such a huge vacuum in Ira

        • (continued) Isis grew b/c there was such a huge vacuum in Iraq. Obama has blood all over his hands and is 100% responsible for everything that is happening. It’s all on him, including any and all attacks that occur in the US.

  6. OT — But funny. And we all can use a laugh. About the WH intruder who jumped the fence and made it all the way to the front doors, Richard Grenell, former national security spokesman for Romney, tweeted this:

    To be fair, the guy who made it over the fence at the White House should be able to live there now….with his family. #Undocumented

  7. Yes indeed. The rats are all jumping ship. With the last campaign just around the corner, can we hope that the Chief Rat will also bail come November? He already has one foot out the door…we can only hope.

    In the meantime it looks like the Chief Rat’s wife has also jumped ship. She did not board MarineOne with hubby and the girls. Sasha had a friend with her. Looks like Camp David is now the presidential dog house. Bo and Sunny were nowhere in sight.
    My guess is the ‘single mom’ is house-hunting for her new digs, lol.

    • Sadly, MOTUS took another mode of transportation to Camp David, according to the AP article on a new occupant of the WH who was checking to see if his keys worked. He did state that the porch lights were on and a light in the window was left on for him.

  8. By the time all rats fleeing the SS Obama have been interviewed the Great Narcissist himself and his puppet master Jarrett will be shown to be the two that overrode the experience and advice of EVERYONE ELSE for the sake of pure, party politics. If Dems on the Hill had any patriotism left the impeachment hearings would have already started.

  9. “Bubbled up” is right. The terrorists sure did bubble up thanks to Obama living in a fantasy world without any more wars he says. We need him like a hole in our head. Every day I scream “get him out”, I can’t help it. I knew it when he was elected the first time. The morning after he first got elected, I woke up that morning and I felt I was in a nightmare, I just knew it, call it ESP, I knew he’d be bad for us because of that church he went to for 20 years, espousing hate against the U.S. People are so stupid to have voted for him, I never did. I repeat, I knew it! My friends all said to me then when he first got elected: “He’s not so bad, he’ll be alright”. I didn’t answer them because i just knew in my heart that it would be awful, don’t ask me why. ESP? maybe, I do get like that, I get premonitions or thoughts and they come true. I guess we all get these premonitions. But not the low I.Q. people who voted for him, they didn’t get the premonitions.