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Fence Jumper Makes it Into the White House

Updated September 21

An apparently mentally disturbed man Friday evening jumped the fence of the White House, scurried across the North Lawn, raced up the steps the North Portico, and barged through the unlocked door of the executive mansion.

President Obama and his family and just left for Camp David.

The man, one Omar J. Gonzales, apparently is mentally disturbed and did not represent a danger, though of course Secret Service officers didn’t know that while he was making his sprint.

Not sure why they didn’t release the dog, who usually “tackles” such matters.

UPDATE: It turns out the intruder, an Iraq war veteran, possessed a small knife.

Here’s some grainy video.

60 Responses to Fence Jumper Makes it Into the White House

  1. An apparently mentally disturbed man Friday evening jumped the fence of the White House, scurried across the North Lawn, raced up the steps the North Portico, and barged through the unlocked door of the executive mansion…

    AND SAID “Honey I’m home.”

  2. EVERYONE who works in this White House… (fake Obama family, Dear Leader Obama & his Socialist staff, and the useless sycophants in the “WH press corps”) is “mentally disturbed” nowadays…

  3. Are the Secret Service on the grounds of the WH allowed to have guns to use if needed, or are they like our military on bases, stripped clean of a means of protecting themselves? What if the intruder had a weapon oh him when he jumped over the fence?

    • they have handguns.. sub machine guns, snipers, etc. Even dogs (not the 2 the family owns, but would prob do a better job than the SS). The grounds have sensors all over the place.

      All I can think of now is the Simpson’s when Mr Burns calls out “release the hounds!”

      • What good are all the sensors, guns, agents and dogs if they can’t react quickly enough to prevent someone from jumping the fence and gaining entrance? Don’t they have electronic locks on the doors that would have activated when the ground sensors were activated? It really perplexes me how this could have happened.

  4. I was stunned to learn the doors are not locked nor do they have security posted at the entrances/exits. Maybe they should contract with Costco to man the doors. LOL

  5. Isn’t it ironic how the WH is so heavily guarded and people are not allowed within a certain distance of it without threat of life? Whatever happened to the times when we the people owned it and could visit it whenever we wanted? If memory serves me correctly, several books I’ve read about Lincoln discuss the fact that people could actually enter the WH to seek audience with the POTUS on various matters. When did our representatives become so much more important than the rest of us that they have security details and that we the people aren’t allowed to enter our buildings?

    • I’m a frequent visitor to DC and have walked outside the WH perimeter often. It’s just so beautiful, especially at night. Much like an art museum, there are enough guards positioned around the WH to see everything. I’m just so surprised, of all the tourist videos (and WH security cameras) there’s nothing showing the guy actually vaulting over that fence. Which would be no easy feat.

      So, will don my tinfoily hat, and say it was staged to evacuate the media out of the opposite doors Michelle was leaving from on a Spa vacation, not Camp David with her family.

      • My 12 year old son badly wants to visit DC. I’ve been three times in my 49 years and I keep telling him that we will go when Obama is out of the WH. But, we might bite the bullet and go this next summer. I enjoy Williamsburg and we may spend more time there.

        But as to your theory….. you might have something there!

  6. OK, here’s my question for all of you. Why are we accepting the description of this guy as “An apparently mentally disturbed man”? How many of us WOULD'”T vault the fence if we thought it would do any good? Maybe Omar is the sanest man in Amerika??

    • Thanks for the link. Assuming all to be in order regarding this man it is sad. Just plain sad.

      And I noticed in one of the comments some jackass went off and the knife. Dunno’ man living in his car, two dogs, seems the knife might be pretty useful to me. Bad times coming for him.

      The SS response astonishing — that someone could get this close.

    • Here we go–the crazy vet deal. and no, Denise, I do not believe they staged this. And yes, everyone else, I do think this should have been prevented…that is their damn job. Now–I am done with this one.

  7. The “President” and the White House can’t let anyone near them because of all the lies they told and the murder of our Ambassador and three other men in Benghazi, when these men begged and begged and begged for help and security and the Secy of State Hillary Clinton said no when they begged along with the “President” who also said no to more security and then they were murdered because of that. Thats only two of the thousands of other reasons they can’t let people visit the White House much these days, except for Beyonce and other Rappers and the entertrainment world.

  8. I’m with girly1, Keith. WSJ reports President and his daughters had already departed for Camp David. You’ve got President & his family. Where was Michelle.? Come Monday- you got some work to do.