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Shepard Smith Delivers a Dose of Reality to Josh Earnest

Shep doesn’t think Plan Obama for ISIS is gonna work. And he lets Josh know about it.

BTW, Shep’s right!

29 thoughts on “Shepard Smith Delivers a Dose of Reality to Josh Earnest”

  1. Odd how Josh says these individuals will be fighting for their own country and somehow not realizing that we will be fighting for our country as well.

    Good on Shep. I’ll take a hard hitting attempt to get this Administration to answer a question with specificity anyway it comes. Even from Shep.

    1. Hard-hitting, yes.

      A bit misguided? With all that could go right and go wrong, did he really want to make that bet about all of his earnings at Fox? That could come back to bite Smith “in earnest”.

    1. The West needs to come up with its own name for them. It should refuse to recognize them as an Islamic State. No IS, no ISIS, no ISIL! Headchoppers would do fine.

      1. I agree with you, they need to expaln Levant, show the map, and state that O can call them daisys if he wants, but we will call them: maniacs, evil, enemy, lunatics.
        I saw Shep yesterday, I was unable to mention, because my comments were not appearing.

  2. I am so sick of that straw man “the international community”! Good for Shep. I didn’t think he had it in him. When he was listing the Muslim countries with their own problems and brought up Turkey, I remembered that Turkey hates its own Kurds. I haven’t heard yet about to what extent we are going to arm the Kurds. Are we going to arm the Syrian “moderates” but not come to the aid of the Kurds? They are the only people in the ME (aside from Israel) worth supporting.

  3. Coalition my foot. This from The Guardian:
    “Ten Arab countries have endorsed the effort, but none has publicly committed to military action – although several, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are believed to have privately indicated willingness to participate in air strikes.”

    NONE have committed to military action. None. “Believed to have privately indicated willingness to participate in air strikes.” In other words, they aren’t solidly committed, which means they probably won’t help in any meaningful way.

    Elsewhere (can’t find the source at the moment), other members of the “coalition” have agree to send as many as 20-30 people to help. Why bother?

  4. Call me stupid or naïve, but: Why don’t we set up clandestine fast strike groups of 20-30 highly trained pros to weed out these miscreants so we can herd them and then bomb them?
    And for heaven’s sake, just do it, stop telegraphing every move.

    Obama has found his nightmare, and it is called ISIS.

    Calling Stockholm, dropping off the peace prize, mis-delivered.


    1. Obama has found no nightmare. Thats his people, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Tell me something, Obama says ISIL or ISIS are not muslim? Really? If all Muslims were so peaceful, then why do they use the term Jhad??? Jhad means violence and even murder? So how can anyone say that real Muslims are peaceful? Why do they have to use Jhad? then? Baloney from Obama, he doesn’t know his ass but he sure likes the Muslim Brotherhood and they commit MURDER ALL THE TIME. Yet, no one makes him explain why him and Hillary Clinton work with the murderers the Muslim Brotherhood. I know I am rambling but it infuriates me that the Muslim Brotherhood is in OUR GOVERNMENT. They don’t belong in our government.

      1. Oh, come now lizzy. Muslims have been telling us for years that “jihad” is nothing more than an internal struggle as they strive to become good muslims, closer to allah (eyeroll).

  5. Poor Josh. Some in the press ask him tough questions, and all he can respond with are the White House’s lame talking points.

    I love the one about letting Jordan and the Saudis announce their participation in the so-called coalition themselves. We’re not holding our breath, Josh.

    But lots of countries are chipping in with MREs and blankets!

    1. Earnest must have a photographic memory. Most of his comments were spouted with the cadence of a memorized page w/ no input what-so-ever from a thought process.

  6. I loved what Shep Smith said to Earnest. I heard it and was so glad someone spoke up about the fantasy the “President” dreamed up about ISIS

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