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The Obamas’ Difficult Life

It’s not easy being the Obamas.

Michelle Obama complained Wednesday about being Michelle Obama to the gravely ill children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. She was asked what was the best thing about living in the White House. Well, it’s no bucket of roses:

About being in the — about being First Lady is being able to do stuff like this, really.  And it is so special for me to get to meet kids like you guys.  Because sometimes living in the White House and being married to the President and trying to live a life like that, it can be hard.  But when I meet you guys, I am so inspired, which is one of the reasons why I like to come and spend time with you guys.  You all are smart, and you’re focused, and you’re just so courageous.  And it’s just fun to be able — I could be here all day with you, if you haven’t noticed.  (Laughter.)

President Obama apparently heard about her comments, or she told him about her comments, and he said this Wednesday evening to members of Congress at the congressional picnic:

The only other thing I want to say is thank you to the families.  (Applause.)  Michelle was traveling to St. Jude’s today to be with the amazing kids there and the doctors and staff who help families going through really tough diseases, but she would be the first one to testify that being married to a politician is not easy.  (Laughter.)  And being the partner of a politician, being the child of a politician — it’s hard.

And sometimes you see your loved one attacked, and sometimes you seem not appreciated, and they’re away too much and you’re having to shoulder some of the burdens of a family.  And so to all the spouses, all the children, everybody who helps support our public servants and our members of Congress, I just want to say thank you to you as well for the great job that you do.  We really, really appreciate it.

It don’t come easy. All this being president, living in a palace stuff, it’s not what you think. Sometimes Sam Kass overcooks the shrimp, you know? And they come out all rubbery and tasteless.

I understand. I get some of the nastiest emails, and it just makes me want to go to Hawaii for 21 days. But I resist the urge. Because I know, however wonderful Hawaii might be, there’s not enough legroom in coach.

Hang in there, Mr. President, just over two years left.

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          1. LOL, couldn’t help but think of Elle Woods’ client in Legally Blonde.

            Brooke: Are you one of my lawyers?
            Elle: Sort of.
            Brooke: Well thank God one of you has a brain.

            Brooke: I was getting…
            Brooke: liposuction.
            Elle: What?
            Brooke: [whispers a little louder] Liposuction.
            Elle: What?
            Brooke: LIPOSUCTION!
            Elle: [gasps] NO!
            Brooke: Yes! I know I’m a fraud, but its not like normal women could have this ass!
            Elle: Your secret’s safe with me.

  1. Having to put up with being FLOTUS just makes my petty concerns seem to trivial. The bills we can’t pay. Losing a house. Not being able to see a doctor. Not taking a vacation in over 4 years.

    Yes, she has it so much harder.

      1. Exactly. Our summer “vacation” was spent sitting on our deck after we worked every day. On weekends we lazed around after working in the yard.

        Thank goodness for the Tea Trolley!

  2. Michelle and Barack Obama are pathetic whiny petty vengeful self serving people who contaminate the founding principles and institutions of this country.

    1. Yes, their whining is getting tiresome. I just think they hate being criticized at all for anything, but wanting the job in the WH is what they wanted to do and criticism is a big part of that job. Just ask the Bushes or any former First Family in U.S. history. Even St. John of Kennedy and St. Ronald of Reagan had their whippings in the media and public opinion.

      The problem with those Special Snowflakes Obamas, they’re too thin skinned for their jobs.

        1. So good to see how dear leader & wife are sensitive & emotional about their lives in the WH. If they could only move past own egos & see what they are doing to the rest of us !

  3. And it’s tough on Congress also.

    After just eight days in session following a five-week summer recess, the House and Senate have adjourned until after the midterm elections so members can hit the campaign trail.

    Both chambers are scheduled to return Wednesday, Nov. 12.

    The recess between now and the week after the Nov. 4 elections will last seven weeks, which is even longer than the five-week August break.


    Probably tough on the Kurds too, because support for them seems to be unresolved.

  4. Once again, she illustrates why she is not a practicing attorney, and I consider her to be the stupidest FLOTUS in modern history.
    Off script, her vocabulary is stilted, full of ‘stuff and you guys’, and she exhibiits absolutely her crass and egotistical state of mind.

    Speaking of HER personal imagined hardships to children who might have just endured the agony of chemo, the pain of radiation therapy, and are afraid of dying is just beyond empathy and compassion. While their parents are holding their breath, praying for miracles to save their beloved children, this harrigan bemoans her pampered life in the WhiteHouse. Her imagined horrors will be over soon enough, the ill children and their parents will have a lifetime of grief to endure.

    If the Dems have anyone left with influence with the Os, they should insist that she go off to Hawaii, Africa or anywhere she pleases and STFU.
    She doesn’t just embarrass herself, she makes us all cringe at her whining about her living conditions, and her personal problems.

    1. It is condescending- the way she speaks to those families.

      As for her being the stupidest First lady … well, the competition for that is debatable, but it is SHE that is held up as such a marvelous, competent, successful, independent first lady. Thus we judge her differently than, say, Nancy Reagan.

      I say one need to look no further than that thesis she wrote in college to judge her intellect. HA!

    2. glad I read down through the thread.. Looks like MOTUS is not happy. You guys need to fix that !!

      Can you imagine all the eye rolling when she made her comment on spending all day there?

    3. Let me see, when asked what was the best thing about living in the White House she COULD have just said “Getting to do stuff like this” and then she should have STFU, as Srdem so eloquently put it. But then, I’m to the point that I think ALL Left-wing/liberal/progressive/socialist/commie-pinkos should STFU!! So maybe it’s just me?

  5. Oh, what can you say? This is reprehensible! How gross! Little sick children, miserable, needles, vomiting, pain, and SHE is whining… And HE is chiming in with the boo-hooing. Too much catered food, too many people to do our bidding, too much exotic travel, oh, the nasty notes we get. And probably people laughing at his wit like trained seals. Good grief.

  6. So these are THE MOST privileged people in the USA telling children with cancer how hard their life is as THE MOST privileged people in America?

  7. Always I, I, I, and me, me, me. And Obama’s remarks “away too much”. What a SLAP IN THE FACE of our military families, who have loved ones that are away for a year or more in not so nice places.

      1. Yes–exactly. The correct conversation would be, “You guys look cute–how long have YOU been here–wow, look at all those machines, you are like a bionic hero, is this your Mom? Hi! How are you…I was just speaking with your son–he’s terrific…”

  8. What Michelle and Barack Obama should have done at this picnic for the privileged is what they do best. Fundraise. They should have passed the basket for St. Judes, which is self supporting through contributions I believe, and sent their meager (because this group would be less than generous for something non political that does not advance their own positions and power)collection ANONYMOUSLY to St. Judes.

  9. Even without Keith’s hilarious addenda, Michelle Obama’s “English” will have you rolling your eyes. She just, you know, schtruggles so hard with it.

  10. I have to add another comment.

    She couldn’t have glamorized her situation as First Lady a little to give the children a little fairy tale — perhaps invite them to visit — tell them how wonderful it is to be in the place that housed Lincoln, etc.?

    No, she has to be flat-footed self-involved and then couch her whining in “but you guys are making up for my suffering” spin on her comments.

    She just can’t wait to be out of the WH and take her shot at becoming the next Oprah. If that tanks, it will be Senator Moo time.

    What a curse on our nation that this family was elected.

    1. “flat-footed” is a good description for both Obamas. Bungling, disengaged, heavy-handed, gauche, graceless, lumbering, maladroit, oafish, incompetent, bumbling, ham-handed and stumbling. They all fit. Where in the world did these two people come from? How did they ever get to live in the White House?

  11. I’m surprised she didn’t march into the kitchen at St. Jude’s to see if they were harboring anything on her forbidden list of sweets and treats or the really bad stuff like pizza or french fries.

    In a word, this woman is disgusting and has no redeeming qualities. She also tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Barack Obama. His judgement is horribly flawed! Still can’t believe the lack of judgement by the voters who elected these two low-lifes…twice!

  12. Obama chiming in on the cheese and whine session……priceless. He sure doesn’t look too put out in all those golf course photos. Tough life, I tell ya’!

  13. Somebody remind me how a person schooled at the ‘Best Universities’ in the world is so inept at proper diction when making a public speech?

    This doesn’t speak well with our Ivy League schools, does it?

  14. Ms Obama is embarrassing to the country. Her lack of respect for her audience and how she reflects on her position as first lady is insulting.
    How about telling these families her life is easy compared to theirs. How blessed we are to live in such a great nation….
    She needs to drops the word “guys”….

  15. Sooooooo, last night there’s a breach at the WH fence. The news reports that Barack and girls had just left for Camp David. CBS went on to say “Michelle was not at home.”

    Hmmmmmmm. Where was Michelle exactly? Inquiring minds want to know.

  16. What is it with that woman? If she finds her life in luxury at our WH so
    unbearable, she should vacate the premises ASAP. No one is holding
    a gun pointed at her to keep her there. She should stop moaning and
    do us all that favour!!!

  17. Facebook post I copied without permission – left the author’s name off on purpose…needs to go viral…

    “I’ll tell her what’s hard. Your child having cancer. Scheduling the appointment to get results from that child’s MRI, only to be told only one parent would be allowed to come because that’s the day the First Lady would be at the hospital. ALL appointments that day were limited to one person per patient. Yes, Ms. Obama, tell me how hard it is to be married to the President again while you jet around the globe at taxpayers expense under the guise of doing good for others. Why not take these families whose lives you’ve just disrupted on a trip? What if one of your children were at St. Jude’s? What if you had to quit your job because your child required 24/7 care? What if your spouse was working 2 jobs just to make ends meet? Now imagine someone famous would be coming to the hospital. Ok, let’s say Beyonce. How much would it comfort you or your child to hear her complain about her life? Did she offer them only joy, encouragement, support, or did she tell kids, some of whom are dying, how hard it is being a famous artist? Well boo-hoo-hoo. This isn’t a Republican, Democratic, Tea Party rant. It’s from a someone who is tired of the whining, moping, crying, bitching, bellyaching, sue happy attitude so many have today every time someone doesn’t agree with them or they are “offended” by my words, political persuasion, religious beliefs, or lack thereof.
    Newsflash to you and others: The world doesn’t stop turning on your command. Not everything is or should be about you. Get over yourself.”

  18. I can’t ever remember a first lady who complained. She might behind doors but I don’t think even Jackie complained about her husbands murder to the public. What an utter disgrace this person is.

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