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Kerry Still Struggling with “War”

Just look how pathetic this is.

You are asking our nation to go to war. And yet you cannot even call it a war. You don’t even look like you know what the Hell it is.

So how do you get people to prepare for the sacrifices ahead? How do you galvanize them toward victory? This isn’t some damn college political science seminar.

He says something about ISIS being in a war against Islam. Last time I checked America was not an Islamic country but if that’s what it takes for Kerry to feel like he’s in a war then fine.

H/T The Blaze.

23 thoughts on “Kerry Still Struggling with “War””

  1. Personally, I have concluded for myself that this Administration and this Congress is not serious — it is unserious — about the ISIS threat now and long term. Politics and the disease of political correctness drives our elected leaders. The country is at risk.

    The immediate horror of the beheadings is past, the Congress has voted — not wisely– and an incompetent President is ignoring the advice of his generals.

    To a man like Obama this is all that needs to be done. There will be no timely action.

    1. But “immediate horrors” will keep popping up. They’ve only bought a little time with their disastrous decision to arm the “moderates”. That will blow up in their faces, and, unfortunately, the Republicans who voted for it will own it as well as Obama.

      On a related note, I agree with Star about referring to soldiers, troops as “boots on the ground”. It depersonalizes, dehumanizes them. These clowns in Washington think they’re playing some kind of a video game.

      1. Two things caught my attention.

        Someone, Bill Hemmer I think on Fox used the term “fighting force” instead of boots on the ground. I agree with Star as well.

        And I just heard Mike Baker describe this as appearing to be more an exercise in containment . That beats my “unserious”. But it fits also.

        There will be public horrors. We will “adapt”, “adjust” to that. And I say that with deep regret.

        I don’t think the support — the funding and arming of the Kurds — has been completed.

          1. I think you made a good point about this. And especially since under this Administration the military is treated as Obama’s personal retinue.

            Everytime I think about Obama and our troops I think about how the deaths and casualties in Afghanistan have tripled under Barack Obama — his refusal to listen to military leaders about what is needed to keep the troops safe in theater and his play to prime time display of the military and casual disregard for their well being and purpose drives me nuts.

    1. The Obama administration doesn’t have an A Team. They are all third rate political interlopers smashing their way through our beloved country. They put more energy into what kids are eating in school cafeterias than in preserving the nation.

  2. 0 doesn’t want to fight his Islamic family. Butt he has to appear that he wants to protect our USA, that he is in fact destroying. All his minions, like Kerry or Josh, don’t have a solid fact they can portray to the sheeple.
    And what did Kerry mean, inferring obliquely that the US is Islamic?
    This is & will be a mucky mess…

    1. The Democrats, libs, whatever you call them, are so pro-Muslim, but they’re also so pro-gay rights which doesn’t add up. Many of their Muslim “friends” would readily behead them just for verbally supporting homosexuality.

  3. I am disappointed in the MSM not showing these little videos.
    There were several hearings this week and did not see many videos of people putting their foot in their mouth, or sounding like they needed a clown hat on their head.
    I just saw on fox that critics claim “media frenzy” is causing push to battle ISIS. That is bunch of ______, because most of them do not show the details of what is going on.

    1. If I may add, I watched another night of the Roosevelt series last night. I enjoyed the clips of the paper they were showing during the election. Rough! So the critics whining about people telling us what is in the news on the TV, radio, and the good ole newspaper can go fly a kite.

  4. Kerry is afraid, based on past experience, that if it is a war, someone might get the purple heart (say win it thrice) and then toss the medals over the White House fence. he would not want the president to be dishonored that way.

  5. Oh Keith, I love what you wrote about Kerry. He makes no sense and he never made any sense, he’s a faded 1960’s anti-war old hippie who can’t forget the past and Viet Nam and all the fun he had protesting the war then. He’s still doing it. Obama loves Islam and he’s got Kerry loving Islam too. What a joke. I don’t care what anyone believes in but when they Kill in the name of Islam, Obama and Kerry should be more truthful about it to the American people and admit that parts of that religion are still in the stone age. Why can’t our own American President and stupid Kerry tell the truth about it for once. They will be the death of all of us. Next, obama’s sending 3000 to Ebolaland. Doesn’t it seem like Obama wants to ruin and bring down America just like ISIS by his actions? It seems that way to me and many others.

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