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Bernie from the Village

Potential – I think probable – 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, the socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, was a folk singer!

The music he made isn’t bad.

It’s unbelievably bad.

Back in 1987, Bernie laid down a few tracks of unadulterated left-wing bile incorporated into actual folk songs. According to the website, Seven Days, Sanders recorded the “music” when he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

bernieThe songs consist of Bernie lecturing about one topic or another over instrumental music while actual singers wait for him to shut up so they can start the melody.

Here, Bernie introduces “We shall Overcome” with commentary about it being “wrong to deny” that “the world is an extremely depressing place” where people engage in “the futile striving for happiness by earning more and more money to buy more and more things.”

Remember, Ronald Reagan was president at the time. Personally, I wish I had as much of that futility as possible.

Here he is ruining forever the song, “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.” I’ll have Bernie know that this land is MY land because I’m paying a mortgage on it.

And finally, the destruction of “Where Have all the Flowers gone,” in which he criticized the fighting of the Revolutionary War.

God, I hope he runs.

H/T to Pete Kasperowicz, who writes The Furnace blog over at The Blaze.

25 thoughts on “Bernie from the Village”

  1. I’ll have Bernie know that this land is MY land because I’m paying a mortgage on it. SNIP

    I remember a few lyrics from when I was a kid. “This land is my land. This land ain’t your land. I’ll blow your head off if you don’t get off”. We useta’ sing it during recess. Singing that now would land you in the principal’s office and probably booted from public school.

  2. Bernie from the Village people would have been better….He was serious about doing this huh? Sounds like something he dreamed up after an all night bong session…….

  3. OT I just saw a clip of Jean Francois Kerree at the UN saying there’s a role for Iran. I am wondering if that means that Iran will join Obama’s “coalition” … and Obama will be at the UN for three days next week … meeting publicly and privately.

    I am not reassured.

  4. Somebody jumped the fence at the WH after Obama and his daughters left for Camp David. So I guess Michelle stayed home to cry in her cheerios about how difficult her life is at the WH?

  5. OT: Australia steps up security after intel indicates ISIS plot against lawmakers . Instercepted Intelligence prompts security alert at Austrailisa’s Parliament building after it allegedly showed that ISIS militants could be planning to attack government lawmakers including Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

    1. Our government is not overly concerned about ISIS crossing the border and living amongst us.

      Perhaps when the threats are directed at our officials that might change. Dunno’

  6. This land is my land, this land is your land, I’m singing it as I’m typing it. I remember it very well and it was such a great song and I’m glad I never heard this guy Bernie sing it. Shame on him.

    1. Baloney. Michelle went to Camp David ahead of the others??? No way. No how. Other channels are just saying she was not at home. I bet she was out to dinner with friends or at another Beyoncé concert!! Something smells here.

      1. Bet she’s at the hoity-toity Virginia Spa she loves so much with her champagne sipping pals. Last time that happened, another tourist spotted her then tweeted about it. Our media is worthless when it comes to inquiring minds…lol.

        Her privacy/schmivacy as long as I’m paying for her gas and security. AND, I thought being a MOM was her total priority?

    2. Thanks for that link. I have never seen such a family where parents and/or kids or dog(s) travel separately. Why can’t they all travel together?

      As for WH security, I am stunned the fence jumper made it inside. They definitely need to rethink their security.

  7. 2 things:
    One, I like the fact, that anyone tries to sing, and would not want to discourage that, in these days of Auto-tuned, phony baloney “professional” singers.

    Two, while I would never vote for Sanders, I appreciate the fact he is what he is- a socialist, before the election, and after- Not like so many, wrapping themselves up in the flag, when running for office, and promptly spitting on it after they are securely in for another term.

    I would say there’s 3/4 of Congress believes the same as Sanders, but would never admit it publicly.

  8. OT: I just pulled up:
    Article regarding Russia flying into airspace. Scrolled down read several other notations. Than came upon:
    A picture of Kermit with a Jack Daniels bottle,
    I’m going to need something stronger than tea to listen to this
    With all the compounding issues to keep up with, thought I would share what I just read.

  9. LOL. I wish he would run: the lefties in the Democratic Party not happy with Madame Secretary, the Hawk-When-It-Suits-Her. Divide and conquer, I always say.

    Speaking of running, what say you (anyone) that Rupert Murdoch could support either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush in 2016? That’s a little scary. It shows that there is a one party system. And re this year’s election, Karl Rove says the Republicans do not have a lock yet because the Democrats are getting more donations than they. Well, duh. The Republican Party, including Karl Rove and his PAC, have not only spit in the face of the conservatives this year, they’ve taken the knife to them. And now he expects the conservatives to roll over just one more time and come to the aid of the establishment.

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