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Obama Schedule || Friday, September 19, 2014

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:45 am || Delivers remarks at the launch of the “It’s On Us” Campaign “to prevent sexual assault at colleges and universities, change the culture on our campuses, and better engage men in this effort;” East Room
3:35 pm || Delivers remarks at the DNC’s annual Women’s Leadership Forum; Washington
7:05 pm || Departs White House for Camp David

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

40 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, September 19, 2014”

  1. Yay, Camp David! With or without MO and the girlies?

    Still testing that none of my comments have shown up since about 2pm est today. test. test.

    Camp David and Golf/noGolf? Best golf weather in the Mid-Atlantic in Sept/Oct, I’m just wondering?

      1. whew, glad I wasn’t the only one with the problem. I had a software update to my ISP about the same time my posts stopped showing up on WHD. No “in moderation” messages either, just never appeared. I was okay on other blogs I visit though.

      1. Works for me.
        Did I read that when Biden golfs (oops, almost said “goofs”), he has ONE SService guy and the golf course is not shut down?
        Really, folks, we have an Imperial Presidency.
        Would we be so much worse off w/Biden? Is an amiable fool wose than an Islamophile, for openers?

  2. Another “launch”. Another “campaign” in which things will be topsy turvy and heavy with inappropriate government intrusion. And it always sounds so noble. And it always ends in sh*t , always with a scapegoat.

    Changing the culture — always the big clue.

    Rape, abuse — very serious stuff of life. It will now be hashtag worthy and subject to the justice of the left and Eric Holder.

    As for Camp David –the illusion of a “presidential retreat” — shhh, serious presidentin’ going on. The weight of the world, etc etc etc

    What’s behind the curtain — anybody’s guess. ‘

    And I sure hope he gets those Presidential personally selected bombing targets to his military before he leaves for the woods. Otherwise we will not be able to “degrade and destroy” ISIS this weekend.

  3. It´s a No, ( big disappointed sigh ). Cameron, Obama, Brown, Soros and all the other supporters of The Big Global Establishment managed to scare the Scots in spite of the earlier polls. Well, it´s back to business as usual but history is alive and many of us are somewhat romantic so those feelings are still festering among many in Europe……

    1. Thanks, swedishlady, for the news, I gather you’re disappointed, but I for one, am glad. I hope both sides will accept the result and move on toward a better future.

  4. Odds that Obama flys up to Camp David today and flies back Saturday afternoon (after Michelle takes off to where-ever on out taxpayer $) and then golfs Sunday at a DC military base…after he “declares war”? on ISIS…

  5. Is it just me or is Obama giving one heck of a lot of “remarks” lately? He’s been on the airwaves more than Friends rerun. Only difference is I can watch Friends a million times and Obama, not even once. He’s got some perverse idea that the nation wants to see and hear him every day. Shoo shoo, go away.

    1. Barry loves the sound of his own voice. I only wish he’d pay more attention to the most important issues, instead of being involved in every cause that comes along. Prioritizing is not the empty suit’s strong suit.

  6. OT: France launches first airstrike on ISIS.
    Just heard it mentioned on Fox.
    Dozens of ISIS fighters killed.
    Tensions with top brass, President not on same page as generals.

  7. Camp David has a driving range near the helicopter pad and one golf hole which has 4 tees. The hole is located just outside of the Aspen Lodge where he stays.

  8. Here’s something he could include in his talk to the “It’s on us”:
    Dear young ladies,
    We can change the culture to allow you to bring charges against a young man for looking at you cross eyed, but in the end, if you’re going to a party dressed like you’re ready to pose for the next SI swimsuit edition and alcohol is flowing more freely than than the Columbia river during snow melt, YOU ladies, are setting yourselves up for a very, very bad experience.
    No, it doesn’t justify any boy/man taking advantage of you, but simplest answer is don’t put yourself in a situation to be taken advantage of and the odds are much more in your favor that you won’t be.
    You’re cause du jour, use any cause to distract from my own failing cause President

    On another note, can anyone help me here. Ever since the Dems started the war on women and Claire McCaskill stood on another soap box with her false 20% plus college girls are sexually assaulted claim, I’ve been racking my brain trying to understand how on one hand the feminists are all about equality of the sexes and can do anything a man can (which I have no problem with, it a “she” wants to do what “he” doing and can do it, go for it.) but then on the other they treat women as helpless, brainless victims who can’t buy their own birth control, aren’t responsible enough not to pass out on bathtub punch in a frat house, and can’t compete in politics w/o playing the “he would never say that about a man” charge.
    They say they want equality but then when the bad crap of real equality shows up, it’s “oh no, not widdle ol me”.

    1. There are woman that can do very difficult work. Wonderful.
      However I agree Geoff, I agree with your comments. It is so unfair that a woman gets hired because of the quota, but cannot do the job as well, and the fellow men around have to pick up her slack.
      There are some men that cannot do certain jobs as well, they do not get hired if they cannot do it.
      As far as the girls partying. My friends and I went out as a team, 4 or 5 of us, and came home together. We did not wear our bikini to the nightclub.

  9. To all who wrote about having problems posting yesterday: I had the same problem, but I didn’t even get the in moderation warning. And when I tried to contact Keith, even that wouldn’t go through. It said my name and e-mail were incorrect. Now, I know Keith did some housekeeping so everything should be working. Does this site get hacked once in a while?

    1. I have also been receiving “server not found” messages.
      Whether the site is being hacked or not is a good question.
      It could be a router problem.
      I read recently that some routers are overloaded due to the traffic from hand held devices.

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