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Cruz Dominates White House Dossier GOP Primary Poll

Sen. Ted Cruz handily won the White House Dossier 2016 presidential primary poll, placing first with just over a quarter of the votes, at 26 percent, in a large field of potential candidates. Only two other possible candidates were even close, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who placed second with 17.5 percent and pediatric neurosurgeon surgeon Ben Carson, who garnered 14 percent of the votes.

Ted CruzThe poll of WHD readers, who lean a little more to the right than the Republican Party at large, suggests Cruz’s luster continues to shine for conservatives almost exactly a year after he became a household name leading what was effectively a filibuster against Obamacare. Cruz received 694 of the 2,675 votes cast, about  50 percent more than his nearest rival, Romney.

Romney’s showing, though, suggests he has a clear chance to galvanize conservatives should he decide to step into the race again. And Carson continues to ride the wave he started when he offered up a seminar on conservative thought to President Obama during the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013.

Fourth in the voting was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who received exactly 7 percent. Fifth was Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been “rebranding” himself after his disastrous 2012 run. Perry received 6.36 percent of the vote.

Ben-Carson-croipSurprisingly, Perry and Walker beat out Sen. Rand Paul, who despite being touted as a darling of conservatives received only 4.75 percent of the vote. Even more surprising, perhaps, was the seventh place finish of Mike Huckabee, whose paltry 2.99 percent suggests that his popularity in Iowa – where a CNN poll last week showed him leading by a large margin – may be more limited than analysts think.

Conservative stars Sen. Marco Rubio, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Rep. Paul Ryan all received between two and three percent. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both moderates, got 1.83 percent and 1.35 percent respectively. Rick Santorum was last with only 9 votes, a 0.34 percent share.

Only five percent said they had not made up there minds.

Some 85 percent of WHD readers describe themselves as “conservative,” or “very conservative,” with 57 percent applying the former category to themselves and 27.5 percent choosing the latter. Eleven percent said they were “moderate,” while less than one percent chose “liberal” or “very liberal.” About one percent wrote in that they are “libertarian.”

Polling of the general population puts the number of moderates in the GOP at about 23 percent, with another five percent or so saying they are “liberal.”

While the WHD poll gives a good indication of what conservatives are thinking at this point in the process, it is not a “scientific” poll, to the extent there is such a thing. Readers were asked to vote online over a 24 hour period, as opposed to being polled randomly. The poll began about midday September 17 and ended at noon September 18.

You can see the tabulated results here.

91 thoughts on “Cruz Dominates White House Dossier GOP Primary Poll”

    1. Exactly RoBo.
      I like Cruz, but I also want someone with Executive Experience.

      There’s a reason why Americans don’t vote for non-executive experience candidates. Obama shows that you have to have been running something (other than a campaign) in order to run a gov’t. Rhetoric doesn’t cut it.

      My order Walker, Jindal and Perry.

      1. I agree on rejecting anyone from Congress. While it’s way too early for me to settle on a single candidate, I am watching Mike Pence and Scott Walker. I’m afraid Perry won’t be able to make up for his disastrous 2012 campaign, no matter how hard he tries.

        1. I agree too. I voted for Perry but his baggage with now added unfounded indictment will keep him out.
          My choice is Pence or Walker also.
          I adore Ted Cruz but am afraid he could not be elected and also he has no executive experience.

          1. Perry would be a great president, a strong one. I like Rudy Giuliani too, living in New York, he was our great leader during 9/11/2001. He made us all feel better. A lot of hypocrites judged Giuliani on his personal life? Ridiculous.

      2. Walker has a track record and seems to be a real American. I’m betting that people he has known all his life would happily step up and say so, unlike the imposter Resident we are stuck with now .

  1. Interesting – Cruz had my vote, but Walker was my second choice. NO to Kasich, for those who have mentioned him!!! He is a frickin’ Obama-appeasing, tax-loving RINO.

    1. If Cruz is eligible born in Canada to an American Mother and Cuban father then a member or ISIS who in Iraq to an American Mother and an Iraqi father who hates the United States
      or a member of LaRaza born in Mexico to an American mother and Mexican father who hates the United States would be eligible to be president of the United States.
      We already by-passed the constitution and look what we have – a Muslim born we really don’t know where to an American mother and a British (Kenyan) father who hates the United States for President.

      1. I agree. Although Obama’s questionable citizenship of course didn’t matter any conservative had better be able to prove he/she was born under the liberty bell. John McCain’s citizenship was questioned by the dems because he was born outside the U.S. while his dad was serving his country. Mitt Romney’s citizenship was questioned by the dems because his Grandfather went to Mexico because of what he felt was persecution about polygamy. But Obie, whose citizenship IS open to question, got a pass. Hmm. Is this a GREAT COUNTRY or what? And I’m afraid we’ve become a n “or what”!

  2. Mitt Romney ran such a poor campaign. He needs to toughen up & relate to the masses.
    I really would like to see Dr. Ben Carson serve as Surgeon General & put healthcare on the right course.

  3. I am not an American, although love to follow the action. Whoever the candidate is, please let him be excellent of mind, honest of character and well prepared to meet the Democratic press lunacy.
    You really do not need another 4 years of the ridiculous people that are there right now.

    1. I’m not an American either, but I weep for the state the country is in now, with Barry “in charge”. I hope the Democrats suffer a humiliating defeat, and the people elect a President who actually cares about the USA.

  4. I’m not surprised Cruz won. He’s the only candidate besides Dr. Carson who actually STANDS for something. No wonder the left attacks Cruz so much. They attack what they are afraid of.

    Great analysis, Keith!

    1. Yes, they do attack what they are afraid of. They ruined Palin because everyone was so excited about her. The democrats made her out to be an idiot on Saturday Night Live all the time, they were so afraid of her. Most of the democrats like Clinton, Reid and Pelosi and that frizzy haired one, they will stop at nothing, lie and cheat to get what they want. They think its okay but its not. They take an oath and don’t give that a thought. How were these people raised?

  5. Thank-The-Gods thepathetic so-called leadership of today’s “Republican party” dosent listen to WE readers of WhiteHouseDossier…
    because it is obvious WE lowly and common readers of WhiteHouseDossier are WAY smarter than anyone running the RNC today.

  6. One of the reasons I’d like to see Walker win is the hope that Debbie Wasserman Schultz would have a coniption-fit and her head would spin around and around.

  7. Cruz is not eligible -he was born in Canada-neither are Rubio or the LA governor. I would not vote for them by doing so I feel I’m condoning the illegal in the WH now!!

      1. MrO was the child of an American, too. The constitution specifies where the child was born, not to whom.
        My Grandparents weren’t eligible to be the POTUS because they were not born here or American citizens, but my parents were.
        There is a distinction.

        1. I left this on the thread about Biden, and it appears to be stuck in Moderation Hell.

          It’s complicated, and I hope I can boil it down here. According to those who claim it is racist, the Orient includes people east of the Occident, such as Asians, Arabs, Persians, people in the Subcontinent and North Africans. To refer to someone from one of those regions in particular as Oriental instead of their ethnic group is “racist”.

          For a more complete explanation, check out Edward Said. However, he was a raving nut at times and tended to ignore such things as the Ottoman Empire when he wrote about the British Empire.

    1. Don’t hit but Cruz seems like another phony to me. I do like Rubio, but you say he is also not eligible–based on…? Early days–I hope we won’t be doing this all the time…

    1. If there was someone who could describe and talk about conservative principles and policies than we have a great shot of winning against anyone.

      McCain was thought to be electible. So was Romney.
      But neither could talk to the american people about conservative principles.

        1. I disagree. He is my Senator and I worked hard for him very early on — before he even had any name recognition.

          A good man with potential. Not presidential material this time around. Too easily swayed and committed to the McCain Graham pack.

      1. It might be time to dumb down for the sake of the lo-infos.

        We need someone who:
        – Loves this country and says so.
        – Loves this country and acts like it.
        – Will defend this country and says so definitively.
        – Understands commerce and capitalism and promotes it.
        – Stops the race baiting, stops the gender wars, and admits that when successful people make a good honest living, it is good for the whole country, not a case of the rich making money off the poor.

        I have said before, it is not the time to bring up social issues, which the Republicans LET the Dems and the media drag them into. Let the rules on the books stand (abortion) without getting into a fight about it. We have much more serious things to tend to (economy, terrorism, etc). And if we get another know nothing Obama the next time around, this country will not survive. He is still voting “present” rather than doing his job.

        1. But abortion is so……Millions of human life thrown in the garbage? Whole generations of people, its not right, the U.S. is supposed to be a civilized nation, we always say we care about people. Babies should have rights, its mind boggling to me how many are killed. If its okay by the democrats, then why was Obama born? His father left him, his mother left him a lot, his grandparents raised him. By their definition, Obama should have been aborted. Oh how I wish he was.

  8. “Only five percent said they had not made up there minds.”

    Clearly that represents the Republican slice of LIV’s…they can’t spell, either.

  9. Good Job Mr. Keith…I suppose the results gave you some insight on your reader base. Birds of feather flock together? Oh No! Retract that statement, It could be considered racist….heavens. Since we are flooded with progressive/liberal/left wing info in major print news and major networks I search out the conservative view point wherever it takes me. Enjoy all your efforts.. Best to ya. .Genesis 1:1 first four words…..It is not about me, It’s about the one who sent me.

  10. Ted Cruz simply HAS to deal effectively with the Birth Eligibility matter. Openly and loudly. I love him, I voted for him here but I will NOT vote for him in an election unless he clears this up!
    Best way to do it is to challenge Obama on the subject!! Obama can be quickly removed if only someone would do this.

  11. Cruz? Seriously? The DEMS would be overjoyed! He appears to be smart and all that – but there’s something off-kilter…besides his arrogance. I do like his father, though. He was pretty feisty at the convention.

    I see my man, Mitt, came in second. I still think he’s the only one who stands a chance against Her Royal Cackle.

  12. Very interesting results Keith- thanks for doing this! As a former Obama enthusiast in 2008 who saw the writing on the wall after two years into his administration, and as one who voted Republican for the first time ever in the 2012 presidential election, I voted in your poll for Ben Carson. I voted for him primarily because he seems to have a real moral compass, a real sense of ethics, and a very reassuring presence. He also speaks TO you instead of down to you, unlike the current occupant in the White House. I’m sure he wouldn’t have a chance at winning the actual presidency race because he wouldn’t play the man behind the curtain’s games but it felt good to show him my support if only in your poll. I’ve certainly learned, the hard way, what a difference six years can make in one’s thinking…

  13. OT:
    ~Shep Smith is getting his whiny liberal panties in knot about the “US fighting ISIS”…in every other sentence he is blaming Bush for today’s mess in Iraq…and kinda skipping Obama.

  14. I voted for Cruz but my first choice was Scott Walker. Unfortunately, Walker is the un-charismatic candidate, which I personally like about him, but trying to be realistic, I picked Cruz, my second choice, because of his name recognition. He’s good conservative and not a waffler like some of the others. I’m surprised Romney garnered so many votes because he would be a Chamber of Commerce pro-amnesty choice.

  15. Interesting bottom of the poll: Bush, Christie and Santorum. I hope in a little way we WHD people are indicative of the population as a whole.

  16. White House Dossier: My #1 go-to for fast, accurate up-to-date news.
    Good article.
    I voted for Romney. Anybody to beat Hillary! If she runs.

  17. I just pulled up:
    Al Qaeda cell in S. poses maniac-level threat, intel chief said today.
    A group of Al Qaeda fighters in Syria is emerging as a rival T. tjreat
    to the Islamic State.
    Network known as the Khorasan Group named publicly for the first time on Thurs by Director of Natl. Intelligence. He confirmed the group is operating in the region and said that they may pose as great of a threat as the maniacs.
    In July information related to the Khorasan Group and fresh plotting led the TSA to change its security posture and call for increased scrutiny of cell phones and laptops on U.S. bound flights.
    He was asked today if the fighters pose a risk similar to that of the maniacs. “In terms of threat to the homeland, perhaps they do,” Clapper said.
    This is the information in July? They did not secure the border, at least at that point? They still thought the welcome matt was no big deal.

  18. Well, let’s see if this one goes through. I voted for Cruz even though my first choice would be Scott Walker. He’s the uncharismatic candidate which is fine with me because I like someone who is not all PR, but I think Cruz has far more name recognition. I’m trying to be realistic, but I’m glad Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Rick Santorum were in the basement. I hope we WHD people are a little indicative of the population as a whole.

    1. That poll (if it’s the one I think it was) had a pick your top 3 for President, now pick your bottom … 2 I think it was. Chris Christie was my first absolutely NOT choice. After I submitted my vote I was able to see the results of the poll, and had to smile when I saw that my 3 were all in the top 5, and my first DO NOT choose was the number one for that category. If you’re gonna vote Christie, just go democrat and save us all the trouble.

  19. Wow. I do like Cruz but I am still stunned that Romney wasn’t elected. He was right on everything except the snark effect. Turns out 1985 did call but no one answered the phone. And yes, it does matter.
    We need to toughen up. We have so many really smart people but no one knows how to play dirty…or at least more dirty than the other side. Dr. Ben Carson, what would our nation look like if he had been elected.
    Thanks for keeping me up to speed re the idiotness in Washington.

  20. My first choice would have been Ted Cruz, however I’m not sure he would have a chance. I also love Ben Carson and think he would make a great vice president. I picked Romney as my choice because of Issis and the horror that is happening in the Middle East, soon to be coming here. I think he is the best of the candidates to handle this and
    possible get the crossover votes.

  21. I am so glad to hear that Cruz won you straw pole. I think America will get behind him. He really stands out. I hope the GOP will not be stupid and go with Mitt. He is a nice gut and I voted for him, but he is a two time loser.

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