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Cartoon of the Day || September 18, 2014

terrell handoff

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15 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day || September 18, 2014”

    1. MOOch, WH fashion month: it don’t compute.
      It is so typical of this frat-house administration to put this caricaturish trash together.

    2. The very idea of Mooch holding a “fashion workshop” is absolutely ludicrous. Besides the undeniable fact that (s)he has no fashion sense, it seems rather shallow and unimportant, compare to the causes taken up by former First Ladies.

      I guess because her “Let’s Move” and “Starve the Schoolkids” campaigns have been such failures, she’s moving on to another topic about which she knows nothing.

  1. Nice cartoon……..unfortunately, this administration is nothing but a big cartoon.

    After watching the Brett Baier Benghazi Special on Friday and hearing the testimony of how they made a special name for the Benghazi compound because it did not meet Standards of “named” facilities so just call it something else.

    This administration thinks it is so smart playing these type name games. Playing with the economic numbers when it is needed and adjusting them down the road. I hope a new administration and AG is arresting these people as they leave office. To hear a career State administrator describe a scrubbing operation is proof positive of why and independent counsel is needed. It is time to stop funding various departments that act this way. I believe the IRS and State Department should be defunded until an independent counsel is put in place.

  2. I love the cartoon. But Clinton looks too good in it. She doesn’t look like that anymore. Well, maybe she had a makeover, lately she wears a lot of makeup and hair done, ugh, she’s dangerous, she hurts people, please God, don’t make her President. But I’m afraid the dishonest dems will rig the election again, fix the machines, etc. Something has to be done about these people, there is nothing fair at all about the democrats, people have to rise up.

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