In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


White House Dossier GOP Presidential Poll

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It’s early, of course, and this is not scientific, but I thought it would be interesting and fun to see what you are thinking at this point in the process.

You will only be allowed to vote once. Please note that there are two polls, one asking for your choice and another about your politics. Voting will close at noon ET on Thursday, and I will reveal the results then. All votes are anonymous, even to me.


114 thoughts on “White House Dossier GOP Presidential Poll”

  1. What fun ! You should do a Dem Poll too. If only to see if there’s anyone else on the Dem bench other than Hillary ;)

    I tweeted this, stand by for the “fan” clubs to organize and vote :) Remember, the Sarah supporters are a very passionate base. Also, the Rand Paul and Ben Carson groups are very well organized on social media.

    1. Scott Walker’s advantage over all the others is that he HAS already demonstrated an ability to reach out to Republicans AND Democrats. In his recent recall election, after being ripped apart by the Dems, he ended up with MORE votes than he originally had in his first election! That is a Reaganisque quality the next candidate must have to restore American Values to this Republic.

        1. I’ll take Walker all day long. AG — Cruz, Gowdy. And somewhere Jeff Sessions. We have a lot of good Cabinet Level material.

          It would be interesting to have someone like Walker and Susan Martinez — but if we have a Gov. as a nominee we need someone as VP who understands and can work with Congress. Unless we hold both houses at the time of the election then that becomes less important. Not that Biden has done much in terms of congressional relations.

        2. Wow, I agree, Walker, Cruz. I am wondering, however, why Walker is having such a hard time in the polls in WI. I would think winning a recall would be much harder. If he loses, probably would diminish his 2016 bid.

    1. Simply – the constitution requires a person

      Be born on American soil
      Mother MUST be citizen at time of birth
      Father MUST be citizen at time of birth.

      Rubio’s father was not a citizen
      Santorum’s father was not a citizen (I have the father’s papers)
      Jindahl – Both parents were not citizens
      Cruz – not born on American Soil, Father not a citizen
      Obama – not born on American soil, and father not a citizen

      6 years ago we ignored the eligibility clause and we have the first muslim President who hates America

      Scott Walker is a proven leader and knows how to govern. He is the only politician to ever win a recall election. Bring Rand Paul to be VP and you bring the millions of paulies and he will be able to acquire some governing experience. No member of congress has any governing experience.


  3. “If voting actually changed government, it would be illegal.”
    Not my quote, read it somewhere.

    “Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”
    Sigmund Frued

  4. As a registered Dem I believe I will have a primary choice of MrsC, some communist party dude, some whackadoodle from a party made up of fellow wackers, and …well, that’s it.
    In the general election, once again I will vote for and support whomever the Repubs put forth as an antidote to the liberal progressive commie Dem candidate.

      1. Your Governor had the audacity to stick her finger in Obama’s face demanding help with the overwhelming influx of illegals into her state.
        The administration sued the state of Arizona.
        That is the kind of fire we need in Washington.

    1. It’s why I asked Keith to do a Dem poll too. There must be better Dems out there? I like Hillary, but not for President, she should have challenged BO all the way to the convention (ala Teddy did to Jimmy in ’80), then stayed in the Senate or run for NY Gov. She lost me for higher office when she joined Team Obama. How did that work out for her?

      1. So far the only names being mentioned anywhere are Hilary, Biden and Warren. If that’s the best field they can come up with they are (hopefully) in trouble.

  5. I am presently supporting Ben Carson. I think he has the capability and desire to bring a divided America together.

    For those who argue that he has no political experience, I point out that he was the head of pediatric neurosurgery at a major healthcare institution. Want to see politics in action? Go to a hospital.

    Elizabeth, RN, LSW, MSW, MS

    1. Everyone should read Dr. Carson’s book, and it should be required reading in high schools and colleges. What an inspirational man, and no Rainbows and Unicorns in sight! He would be an awesome President!

    2. I think Ben Carson, or Allen West, would be an excellent choice. However, I’m afraid that the spectacular failures of Barry’s regime may have put many people off voting for a black person for another 50 years. Sad, but a real possibility.

    3. I like Dr. Carson but the left will personally destroy him like they did Herman Cain. Like Cain, he has a conscience and doesn’t have the thick skin of a career politician.

      It’s not hard to tell which potential conservative candidate the dem’s fear most. Just pay attention to who the MSM starts ripping up in the next few months.

      I am going to bet that Dr. Carson will be one of their first preemptive strikes.

    4. I agree 100%. Dr. Carson is the TOP pick. The ONLY pick. Dr. Carson has the experience needed to delegate responsibly. He has the integrity and he has the morals, which no amount of experience can substitute. His achievements and awards could easily fill this page. They are far more substantial than community organizational tasks. He has a vision, is solution focused, doesn’t participate in political games, is trustworthy, and speaks the truth. He understands foreign policy and fiscally responsible economics.
      Leslie, CPhT RN BA BSN

  6. I knew which on the list I wouldn’t be interested in or didn’t think they could win. Only few were left after that & I took a leap of faith on my choice. Definitely a point in time response.

    By the way, I really enjoy your posts! Keep up the great work!!

  7. Is this the best we can do ?????
    300 MILLION people in this country…and this is our selection…
    Im going to go sit in my corner and play with a shiny object for awhile. ..

    1. I keep saying Jim Bridenstine.

      He’s the freshman House Rep with cajones who stood up in Congress last year & said Obama and Biden weren’t fit to run this country. Where was all the Republican support? Crickets….

      We NEED someone to stand up to wrong-doing in our government.

      Mr. Bridenstine was in Iraq & Afghanstan and also flew missions in the war on drugs in South America. He was/is a Lt. Commander, you know, a REAL commander, not like the fake in the WH who doesn’t know a Private from a Colonel and doesn’t know or understand anything about our military.

      I bet Jim Bridenstine wouldn’t have sent 3,000 Army troops to Ebola infested Africa. Supplies, YES. American Troops, NO!

      Mr. Bridenstine has probably accomplished more in his 39 years on Earth than Obama ever will. Of course, no one could exceed Obama’s many foreign & domestic failures, lies & scandals. He’ll maintain those infamous records, along with being the biggest Racist to set foot in the WH.

      Did I mention Mr. Bridenstine has a degree in Economics? I bet Obama can’t even spell “Economics” and he’s living proof he doesn’t understand Economics. If he did we probably wouldn’t still be languishing in the worst recession since the Great Depression, which was caused by Barney Frank & the Dems’ unqualified home loan debacle.

      Mr. Bridenstine reminds me a lot of President Reagan…. PROUD to be an American & wants to do what is right for Americans, even if it means bucking the system (government). He didn’t get elected as a House Rep just to roll over & play political games, so I’m sure the GOP won’t allow him on the ballot in 2016. Isn’t the GOP just in a holding pattern, just biding their time until they retire, instead of fighting the Evil and corruption in DC (District of Corruption) on behalf of American Citizens?

  8. alas! no offer of a write in candidate so that I could send the poll to all my friends & they could put my name on the list. Every time I get ticked off at something the WH did (or didn’t do) , which is a lot, I spell it all out to my friends & end with “Well, when I rule the world…..”. I, of course, know everything & am always right.

    (greetings from Panama City, Panama)

  9. Appreciate the Poll.
    OT: I have been watching a series on PBS about the Roosevelts. Teddy, FDR, and the family, politcs, etc.
    If you are a history buff it is very interesting. I watched the third one last night. Check the TV Guide to see when it will come back on.

    1. I’m enjoying the Roosevelt’s, also. However, I do view the contents objectively, as PBS is far from unbiased. Portraying Teddy Roosevelt as a killing-for-fun type guy is but one example.

    2. I really want to see this series, but after missing the first episodes, I’m hanging out for a binge watching marathon now. Like I did for Reelz “The Kennedys” . Awesome series!

  10. To date Ted Cruz is the only viable candidate who has not retreated from positions held since his election to the Senate.

    Senator Cruz’s refusal to pander to those who opposed defending Israel only served to elevate him further in the opinion of many, including me.

    1. Little known fact, Harvard Law Professor and Famous Person(tm), Alan Dershowitz doesn’t remember Obama, but Ted Cruz knocked his socks off in those college days. I find the most interesting facts that the media isn’t covering ;)

      1. I remember that comment from Dershowitz. If I remember correctly, he said Ted Cruz was the most brilliant student he ever taught. On Obama, it is beyond strange that nobody seems to remember him or know him from the past–school chums and teachers, fellow lawyers, personal friends, relatives, passing acquaintances, people who lived next door, fellow students, teachers. Isn’t that incredibly weird? Yes, it is.

    2. He would make a great AG.
      I like Scott Walker because he stood down the libs and the unions and took Wisconsin back to a viable footing.
      That kind of experience is what we need to turn this Country around.

  11. Don’t know enough about Scott Walker. Will have to do some research on the web. I appreciated him standing up to the unions but on other issues he appears to be somewhat of a RINO!

    1. FYI He has a book out Unintimidated. Give is a look if you are so inclined. The one thing Walker has going for him — he has been vetted by the Dems — by which I mean beaten, battered, threatened, maligned and God knows what else and he is still standing .

  12. Many good candidates, but we are in a mess. We need a professional manager to fix this country, not a Politician to talk about it. That’s why I voted for Romney. However, he needs to learn how to answer the Democrat’s lies about his policy and background. Is he part of the 1%? And Hillary isn’t? Is Harry Reid rich? How did that happen? He has to throw the lies back in their face.

  13. Voted for Romney b/c he is the smartest and least self-indulgent of the pack. My ideal candidate is nowhere on the horizon…yet. I will never vote for any member of Congress…even if it means staying home in 2016. And no TV hosts/hostesses!
    Jon Huntsman is also making the TV show rounds – ugh!
    And, for the Dems – Bill Richardson is back!! Lol!

    My prediction for 2016: Bill Clinton will carry the day and finally get his third term. Hillary needs more than the womens’ vote. Without Bill, she would be home knitting baby booties for her grandchild. IMO, only Romney has a chance of derailing the Clintons. He is sooo squeaky clean. I

    1. Romney is a nice guy, intelligent, and doesn’t need the BS that the left will throw at him again.
      If he wants to serve this Country again,…it should be in some cabinet position, not POTUS.
      Or as an adviser.

      Hillary and Bill are running on fumes at this point.
      The congress is not going to let Benghazi go away, and they shouldn’t.
      2 years is a long time.
      Now the State department has been exposed once again for destroying or hiding documents that could ruin Hillary.

      IMO,….they won’t make it to the election.
      That is if we take the senate from Harry Reid.
      If we don’t,….?

      1. Everyone Rep or Dem who feel they would still vote for her, just because she is a woman. That is foolish, to say the least. I am 53 and thought for sure I would see a woman Pres. in my lifetime, but I can do without.
        On top of that we have more important things to be concerned with like what he will be doing there. In other putting his 2 cents in or other things…

        1. I have no problem with the gender of the next POTUS.
          Margaret Thatcher was a great leader.
          If the only requirement for the next president is to be female, that is ludicrous.
          That is the ideology that got us into the situation we are in today.

  14. It is time to look at a real CONSERVATIVE, Jim Bridenstine.

    It is time to STOP looking at any Senator who voted for Immigration Reform. Period!

    I am absolutely SICK of these moderate, progressive GOP Senators & House Reps who support Illegal Alien INVADERS! SICK OF IT!

    We did NOT vote for Republicans so they could turn their backs on us, the American Citizens, just so they can mollycoddle Illegal Foreign Invaders by spending our hard-earned tax dollars on them.


    I might as well vote for a damn Democrat as for a Republican who supports Illegals. At least I know where the enemy (Democrats) stand.

    I refuse to donate 1 dime to the GOP until they staunchly come out against Immigration Reform. They need to work on a law to stop all that Anchor Baby bullsh*t, too.

    Think I’m mad about what is going on in this counry? If you think I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS about Illegals, their kids, their crimes, gang members, drug smugglers, murders, Obama releasing CRIMINAL Illegals back onto our streets…you would be right! I am mad as HELL.

    Why aren’t the Republicans stopping Obama from sending 3,000 of our troops to Ebola ridden countries in Africa?

    When it became public that the computerized voting machines were defaulting to Obama PRIOR to the ’12 election, the Republicans should have DEMANDED paper ballots be used instead of the rigged voting machines!

    Actually, Obama should have been stopped from even being on the ballot in ’08 with all his phony IDs. We have paid a dear price because Republicans have NOT done the job they were elected to do…protect Americans! Did they even take the oath? If so, just like Obama & every Democrat in office, they violated it.

  15. I’ve been a Carson supporter since I saw his Breakfast Prayer. I’m afraid though that his morals and intelligence stands in the way for qualifying being the POTUS.

  16. I am still most impressed with Sarah Palin. She is perhaps the brightest and most articulate of the potentials, and is most like us, i.e. she did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth like the Limousine Liberals. As for a candidate who has the best chance to win I would go with Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Second choice is Gov Mike Pence of Indiana. I like Governors as Presidential candidates, and nominees, e.g. Gov Palin, especially after the Community Organizer disaster.

    1. Sorry Sarah, i really wanted to vote for you. Instead I voted for Cruz. Also Scott Walker was hard to pass up. But Keith said
      I could only vote for one.

  17. Rick Perry. Trey Gowdy.Jeff Sessions. I am no fan of Cruz..i want to be but always feel like he is running around trying to make a statement/do something that will catapult him to #1 rather than doing something substantial that’s not for political posturing. Where as Perry stepping up and dealing with border.or Gowdy on Benghazi has impact and they are confident

  18. I voted earlier but the little wheels kept spinning so I don’t know if my votes were counted. I know that sounds nuts, “the little wheels kept spinning”, but I hope you all know what I meant.

  19. The obscene word game of “boots on the ground &no ‘combat’ troops” has gotten ridiculous and dangerous. Now we are adding “troops” to monitor the ebola crisis in Africa!!!! YeGods, Americans wil be in deadly danger no matter what Obama parses their role to be.. The Journalists were captured, held and then beheaded….they were NOT military nor combatants of any stripe…Obama is playng a very cynical game with the troops, pretending they will not be combatants (ipso-facto “not” in danger) They will still be in danger of being captured and subsequently beheaded. All this w/o the “protection” of being war prisoners.

  20. I really, REALLY like Rubio but I think someone who has had the executive experience of being a governor makes a good President. Walker looks good. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have said, ‘If only Romney had won.’ Usually, this is while we are watching the news and the latest screw-up du jour of the current administration. It will be interesting to see the results of your poll.

  21. srdem65, Star and others who are registered Dems.

    I am curious — how did “this” (Barack Obama and the progressives) happen and what do you think about it? Obviously you all are opposed to certain policies and so forth. I understand the tea party (so misunderstood — let’s just call them convervatives) and the RINOs –the TP et al I see more as a good influence — smaller government, rule of law, constitution on the party. But I do not understand this switch to the hard left in the Dems and with so much power and influence in the party that all the blue dogs are gone.

    Anyway, as you wish … just curious.

  22. Not sure 0 is a natural born citizen, but that didn’t matter. The fact he hates America is evident. But he loves the perks of being president.

  23. I was a Republican until 2008 when Bush bailed out banks. 6 years an Independent. Slam Dunk Rand Paul is drifting away from me lately. Ron Paul is my all time fav. If no Rand, I MAY consider Scott Walker (economics/unions), Rick Perry (border) and now even Mitt Romney. I held my nose and voted in 2008 for him but now everything he said in 2008 was actually right on spot. There are no other Republicans I would consider (no Rubio, Cruz, Ryan or Bush). I would then vote Libertarian. I think Obama is the worst President ever and is extremely dangerous. Rand Paul / Ben Carson – the Dr’s. would be my dream ticket.

  24. I like the fact that he never finished his college education and yet has managed to overcome tremendous political obstacles very few political leaders of today have had to face and have has managed to overcome them. The nation needs experienced leaders with proven records of accomplishments. I see Gov. Walker as just this type of public servant.

    ex animo

  25. Romney and Carson are toss-ups. I feel either Man would do a great job. At this point in time, not sure who would get the popular vote to win the election.

  26. Dr. Ben Carson has leadership skills, intelligence, integrity, and common sense solutions for our nations’s problems. If you’d like to see Dr. Carson on the presidential ballot in 2016, please sign the petition here: We are trying to reach one million signatures by the end of the year!

      1. “The idea that you’re accountable to a bottom line and to a payroll in managing a business—it gives voters the confidence that you have the right skills [to govern]. But it’s 20,000 people versus 9 million. I don’t think candidates get the scale and scope of what governing is. You don’t have the flexibility you imagined. There’s no exact translation.”

        American democracy is not a business (yet) and it shouldn’t be run like one either.

      2. Dr. Carson has the experience needed to delegate responsibly. He has the integrity and he has the morals, which no amount of experience can substitute. His achievements and awards could easily fill this page. They are far more substantial than community organizational tasks. He has a vision, is solution focused, doesn’t participate in political games, is trustworthy, and speaks the truth. He understands foreign policy and fiscally responsible economics. Learn more about him.

  27. I wish that Mr. Romney had won the last two elections and I’m praying that perhaps he will win in 2916.

    Mr. Santorum is my second choice. A Romney/Santorum ticket will be as close to heaven as possible in my opinion.

    1. Santorum is not constitutionally eligibile

      His father was not a citizen when ricky was born. I have his father’s naturalization papers. I’m from PA

  28. Simply – the constitution requires a person

    Be born on American soil
    Mother MUST be citizen at time of birth
    Father MUST be citizen at time of birth.

    Rubio’s father was not a citizen
    Santorum’s father was not a citizen (I have the father’s papers)
    Jindahl – Both parents were not citizens
    Cruz – not born on American Soil, Father not a citizen
    Obama – not born on American soil, and father not a citizen

    6 years ago we ignored the eligibility clause and we have the first muslim President who hates America

    Scott Walker is a proven leader and knows how to govern. He is the only politician to ever win a recall election. Bring Rand Paul to be VP and you bring the millions of paulies and he will be able to acquire some governing experience. No member of congress has any governing experience.

    1. Sorry, but it’s NOT simple. You’ve said it yourself: Precedent has been set – twice – by the Obamanation. How we will come to a definitive determination about Cruz remains to be seen…but a determination there MUST be…

      Walker is a viable choice. Paul is NOT.

      The “millions of Paulies” are irrelevant except that they CAN serve as spoilers. You may not want to accept the truth, but the truth IS…Paul is UNELECTABLE, and WILL kill any ticket he’s on. Period.

  29. These polls REQUIRE a 1st AND a 2nd choice, because many, many folks these days support Ted Cruz, but it may be determined that he cannot run. In such case, I would support a Trey Goudy – Michele Bachmann ticket or a Ben Carson – Trey Goudy ticket.

  30. One person that no one remembers is Mitch Daniels. Former OMB director under Bush, and governor of Indiana for 2 terms. Has a lot experience in managing government, not afraid to slash spending, and there is no questions as to where he was born.

    Not a real flashy guy, but very down to earth, and can explain the complicated in a way that people can understand.

    If not POTUS, then VP.

  31. Obama is waaay out of control and has been on all issues! his stats show that- I am hearing his first lady had lipo surgery- those carrot sticks and celery for school lunches were not for her I guess- on and on it all goes! I have never liked Obama’s strut/bounce on the Airforce One flight steps and followed by a very brisk salute-sometimes while still in mid sprinting jaunt- unbelievable crass! no class either of them- she thinks she is a movie star w/her dress for political occasions- I picture president Reagan, a former movie star himself, with such class all the time- no feet on the desk at the oval office there- his coming off Airforce One was very presidential and saluting the uniform was face to face and crisp-everytime! ugh god, Obama is class-less and cannot even process beheadings as a immeadiate reaction-he waits until more are done and still, we get the “we will not be intimidated by isis”- we have a terrorist in the white house here in America! end of story- sounds very not nice but really- he is not presidential of this great country before him either- people gave him another term-helloooooo- how did that happen??

  32. OT: We need to be given a receipt for our vote. No, not a purple finger a receipt. So if there is ever any doubt in an election. Everyone can go outside with their receipt, hold it up and DEMAND A RECOUNT!

  33. At this point for me, no Republican has stepped out of the mist of politics to stand out as a Presidential candidate I would support. However, these are the characteristics of the candidate I would support.

    1. Profound and successful executive experience, government or political.
    2. Deep understand and respect of the US Constitution.
    3. Student of history, US and Western Civilization
    4.Can create a political climate where all can thrive.
    5.Virtuous behavior–prudence, sense of justice, courage, truth telling, humility, etc.
    6.Has a coherent sense of self. Knows strengths, weaknesses,, Knows what personal weaknesses should be constantly improved.
    7. An ability to bring opposing sides together, not throw more fuel on the fires of opposition.
    8.Well read and interested in history, political philosophy, great literary classics.
    9.Understanding of great leaders and why they behaved the way they did–from Lucius Cincinnatus to Marcus Aurelius, to William the Conqueror, to Churchill to Reagan.
    10.Articulate without a teleprompter
    11.Able to motivate others to greatness.
    12.Have a huge heart, high level of emotional intelligence. Skilled in “reading” people.
    13. Someone who has had at least one catastrophic failure in life, and has risen fro the ashes with lessons learned, and gone on to succeed.
    14. Someone who has true friends, not only political friends.
    15. Someone who has the wisdom to hire people with some of these same characteristics.
    13. Genuine senswe of humor.

  34. Dr. Ben Carson has the ability, vision, wisdom, and every quality needed to make this country secure and strong with faithful adherence to the Constitution. He has morals, integrity and is trustworthy. He is focused on solutions and not political games. He is the individual America needs in the White House STAT !!!

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