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Obama Blames Bush for ISIS!

I can’t believe it. That George W. Bush is still screwing up Obama’s presidency! The nerve of that fellow. Here he is out of office five and half years and you’d think he’d cut it out by now so Obama could go ahead and become like Abraham Lincoln or something but no Bush is still messing up everything.

Still at it
Still at it

It’s like, remember when Reagan used to say things would be great with his presidency if it weren’t for Jimmy Carter?

Oh, wait, Reagan didn’t say that. Just forget about that one.

Speaking to the troops today at MacDill Air Force Base, Obama seemed to accidentally admit that his decision to withdraw all of our forces from Iraq had something to do with the resurgence of our enemies there. But of course, it was actually Bush’s fault:

And the one thing we have learned is, is that when we do things alone and the countries — the people of those countries aren’t doing it for themselves, as soon as we leave we start getting into the same problems.

Way way wait wha?

So the reason Obama’s plan didn’t work is that Bush did things “alone” in Iraq. Except Bush went into Iraq with 48 nations contributing actual troops – a far sturdier multilateral force than Obama seems to be assembling against ISIS. In fact, Obama’s remarks today showed just how pitiful the effort is shaping up to be:

So we’ve got to do things differently. This is why we’ve spent the past several weeks building a coalition to aid in these efforts.

And because we’re leading in the right way, more nations are joining us. Overall, more than 40 countries so far have offered assistance to the broad campaign against ISIL. Some nations will assist from the air — and already France and the United Kingdom are flying with us over Iraq, with others committed to join this effort.

Some nations will help us support the forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. And already Saudi Arabia has agreed to host our efforts to train and equip Syrian opposition forces.

Australia and Canada will send military advisors to Iraq. German paratroopers will offer training. Other nations have helped resupply arms and equipment to forces in Iraq, including the Kurdish Pershmerga.

Saudi Arabia is giving us . . . real estate? The Germans, whose safety our troops ensure every day in Europe, is training people to jump out of airplanes? That’s it?

What does “flying with us” mean? Is the UK going to drop any bombs, or are they just looking out for flocks of migrating birds?

The Bush administration did its best to stand up some kind of Iraqi army, providing endless training and letting the Iraqis work with our troops. What’s more, Obama had four years to complete the process before he took us out of there.

Instead of leaving a force of several thousand behind, as his military advisors suggested and as we have done in other places where we won wars, Obama decided to withdraw all our troops and then campaigned on it in 2012. The day after our troops departed former Prime Minister Maliki started rounding up his opponents. Because that’s how people over their roll.

Today, other than failing to step up to the fight with U.S. troops – and giving ISIS years to attack the United States instead of ending this quickly – Obama isn’t doing anything novel here.

Except rewriting history.

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  1. John Kerry (whom James Taranto refers to as a haughty looking Frenchman, who also, by the way, served in Vietnam) is testifying before the senate. he referred to his own protesting days. what a loser that man is.

    1. I just took notes and tried to submit what he rambled, and my notes would not print.
      Keith, I appreciate the article. This is not Bush’s fault!
      They pulled out of Iraq. This is on O’s shoulder’s…..

  2. The same people who harrangued Bush are doing the same to this administration right now on live television. Code Pink has signs behind Lurch as he’s testifying before Congress.



      There’s a third sign but it’s behind the one about “BAIT” and is moving too much.

  3. Question: Does the United States have the military capability to, on its own, destroy ISIS within 6 months?
    Answer: Yes

    Question: So why aren’t we doing what we have to in order to destroy ISIS with haste?
    Answer: No troops allowed.

    1. The Air Force and the Navy could destroy them in one month.
      The men and the women that maintain the aircraft do not have to be in Iraq.
      No boots on the ground,…pilots in the sky.

        1. What would our ground troops do if that happens? The government should at least degrade/destroy them as much as possible from the air first. Substituting “moderate rebels” for American boots on the ground is a shirty idear as if the mod rebs are willing to be OUR boots on the ground. I never heard of anything so stupid, but, watch, the House will pass it.

          I just feel this is going to be ten times worse than anything we’ve ever got into before.

          1. Obama is a drama queen. Has to create a crisis all the time instead of going in and DOING IT IMMEDIATELY! Freaking drama queen, he has to go, he’s a sickie.

          2. A section of me consulting with my Congressman and thanking him for his service.

            Support the Kurds and others who are opposed to ISIS. Congress and Obama’s response to ISIS — is weak and disconcerting. Rudderless and leaderless. Elections, if uncorrupted, can fix that. Thank you for your service.

          3. This is me again. Preparing to eat crow and call my Congressman tomorrow. My Congressman is Tom Rooney and here is a little Politico report from the Morning News that isolates Rooney’s position.

            I should read the Morning News in the Morning!
            Opponents of the Obama plan include members of the House and Senate intelligence committees like Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.), a former lawyer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, who told GOP leaders he would vote “no” because Congress is being suckered into a losing strategy

          4. There are a couple of Reps (men) representing the Kurds in the audience, while Kerry is being questioned. I was unable to note their names and titles when they were introduced. At least they took the time to be there.

      1. AFVet when you have a chance to watch this questioning of Kerry. I would sure appreciate your thoughts.
        This is sad, but his answers could have been on SNL.
        This interview, needs to be watched by every citizen.

  4. Exactly!
    Kerry is speaking on Capital Hill.
    Stated Isis has to be destroyed! Also rambled about building their Govt. If we would not have pulled out, they would possibly working on that Govt.
    As far as O, he sounds like a four old blaming his 2 year old brother for things he did himself!
    Also Kerry said: 1. US strikes in Iraq have been presise.
    2.Broad intl international coalition is essential.
    3 Stategy on a global coliation. He said a few mins later we mean it.
    Everyone (Countries) he has spoken with, spoke strong support to help in some way.
    4. This is not Gulf War, and this is not Iraq War.
    5. Ground troops will not be sent.
    6. It is enabling local forces to do for themselves.
    Support Iraq forces on ground.
    Keith thanks for the article. This is not Bush’s fault. O pulled out, and this is what we have to deal: ISIS.
    He also just said.
    7. We must continue to repudiate the gross distortion on ISIS, brainwashing people to follow them.
    8. We have a plan. Later this week we will have more to say.
    9. Pleased with John Allen who is overseeing this effort. Laying out campaign from a diplomatic point of view.
    10. If we do this right this can become a model.

    1. He just said lawyers work hard, regarding the AUMF agreement. Kerry said, the working in it does make it legal.
      I do apologize I did not get the exact words he used.
      What Arab sunni govt is going to put boots on ground?
      Kerry said: NONE

      He was told do your understand how unrealistic this plan is.
      (Didn’t type that word for word)
      Your asking us to approve something that makes no sense.
      This don’t seem serious. Hope you will lay out a way to pay for it.
      Kerry responded: I am surprised for you to suggest after a week of serious stuff, and for you to say this is not serious.

      1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bush spoke up?
        Lay it on the line, (not that pink one 0 uses).
        Show baby 0 what world politics are about & the mess baby 0 has created with his bs peace not war. No ‘feet’ on the ground will only bring about the sinking quick sand sooner.
        0 is so ill prepared to lead, we know our own pets would ensure a brighter future, if they were in baby 0’s place.

        1. He is smart to stay out of the fray. Obama will not listen. And it will only allow the attention to be shifted back onto Bush and not where it belongs — squarely on the incompetence of this President and his administration.

          1. Not only is Bush too smart, he has more class and dignity than to insert himself into this mess. He hasn’t ever publicly said one word against Barry, despite all the blaming and shaming Barry tries to heap on Bush’s head.

    2. Drudge has a great pix of Jean Francois who looks like he is crying and a big ole’ headline Kerry Mocked on Hill.

      Mocked, I say. Mocked! As well he should be.

  5. Here’s the thing: suppose it is all GWBush’s fault, everything from a poor economy to our diminished standing in the world, all the way to the ebola epidemic in Africa.
    So what? It’s been up to MrObama to fix it, to make things right, not to just stand at a podium and complain about it.
    He has had six years to make a turnaround and put things back to where he thinks they should be. This is all on him now, all of it.
    His complaints or blame about the previous administration only make him appear to be the whiny, poor excuse for a President that he really is.

    1. I think he much prefers the Community Organizer role. He is the perpetual victim. “Woe is me” “Look at all the bad stuff I have had to deal with because of all the incompetence before me.” And those in the community he is organizing complete the bobble-head effect. Uh…yep….uh….yep.

  6. Those men and women, standing behind him as ordered, and applauding as expected out of respect for the office, know their history.

    He can fool the FSA and the Obamobots but not the men and women who serve and defend.

    He made an ass out of himself with this.

  7. “Obama isn’t doing anything novel here. Except rewriting history.”

    Exactly the way he ‘rewrote’ his personal history, presenting America with a fake mother and fake father.

    One of these days, God willing, the Media will wake up to the core lie: aka Obama isn’t who he told us he is. It’s called IDENTITY FRAUD – in service to ELECTION THEFT.

    1. The establishment media is lost. The progressives infiltrated that and it is in service now — not of the people . The internet revolution — the citizen “journo”, the independent bloggers, the twitter, and FB will be on the move. It will reform and hopefully there will be glimmers of truth and some decent reportage coming out of that as well.

      As long as we can keep the 1st amendment alive and well out of reach of the proggies and Eric Holder and his courts — there is hope.

      Not enough hope that Sharyl Attkisson will be recognized and rewarded as she should be, but hope.

      As long as Keith hangs in!

    2. What were the odds that anyone, anyone with the moniker Barack Hussein Obama could have a ghost of a chance at the American presidency? It begged some sense of credulity, and still does.

  8. Keith, another great column. Just to show you how closely I read it…
    try “Over THERE” (instead of their) Sure am glad I never have more than one of those every few days!
    Keep ’em flying.

  9. look: Iraq was probably a mistake. some of us thought so at the time; many of us didn’t. among the many who didn’t were most of the Democrats in Congress. can we let it go now?

    Bush’s responsibility officially ended in 2011, when the Obama Regime announced that they had won the Iraq war, and that that would go down as one of the “great accomplishments” of the Obama administration.

    to now go back and try to retroactively blame Bush after taking credit for the win is really classless.

  10. Six years into the worst presidency in my lifetime (and probably the history of the world) and this guy is still attempting to turn his abject failures into victories. Why the rousing reception from the troops at MacDill today? He left Iraq in shambles and Af/Ghan has suffered 3x the casualties since Bush left. He just emerged from his 3 year stupor on the JV players and he has the audacity to blame it on Bush? I don’t get it!

    Obama has been resting on his laurels ever since our brave Seals stormed OBL’s not-so-secret compound and dragged the dirty, bearded old reprobate out of his hovel and threw his bullet-ridden body overboard in the middle of a dark blue sea.
    Obama even blew that mission by exposing the identity of the Seals – resulting in a helicoptor massacre of over 20 Seals. Whata guy!

  11. I knew there was something “hinky” about John Allen. I do not know why he agreed to come out of “retirement” to help Obama when he was somehow mysteriously tainted after the Petraeus affair with his own “relationship” with Jill Kelley . As a result he was passed over as Commander of EURCOM. Cleared at the misconduct inquiry Allen retired.

    So, when I hear John Allen I think John Roberts. Which somehow leads me to scenes of a horsehead in a bed. But that is another story.

    For those who need a refresher her is the wiki link for general information — not academic citation.

  12. God I miss Bush I even miss Cheney. Obama is a clues inept fool. He’s
    now I think become dangerous as a CIC. Bush as you said had 48 in
    his coalition his father even more. Bush the elder had the French
    Foreign Legion, Desert Rats. Big Red One and the list goes on and on.
    Obama has a coalition of the unwilling and not so stupid as to follow a fool into whatever ‘war’ is to Obama nobody knows.

  13. Totally OT. On Greta — interview with Brendan Tevlin’s parents. RIP Brendan. Not casting stones, but for a brief moment I considered their response in light of the Ferguson MO response.

    No misplaced blame. No judgements. Leaving it up to the authorities to investigate. They know this man murdered their son — they don’t know if he is a terrorist or a punk. Their son is dead. And they are mourning and remembering him for the life he lived.

  14. At dinner I thought of how we had also “trained” and “supplied” many Afghan soldiers and police who turned their weapons on their trainers. This will happen in Syria too. You cannot tell to whom these “moderates” will show their loyalty.

  15. WOW. O Reilly and crew — chose self delusion. Fair and balanced. We have no hard evidence that ISIS is here. Take a trip to ISISland in Minnesota Bill.

    1. I’m done with O’Reilly…and pretty much done with Megyn, too – she’s become overly loud recently and it’s just too much. She’s also hit a goofy streak (laughing at her own jokes, etc.) that’s very annoying. The Five is about all I watch anymore.

  16. The House agreed to fund and train 5000 “Moderates”? Repubs are just as bad as Obama? Guaranteed these guys will kill Americans along with ISIS, mark my words, can’t trust any of them, and that means “moderates”. How could the House pass that??? TRAIN 5000 “MODERATES” AND GIVE THEM MONEY TOO! TOO MUCH CRAZINESS AND STUPIDITY. Bad enough we have a criminal Justice Department along with a low I.Q. President who plays golf when he should be calling and conferring and working with people, but now the House goes along with him? I give up! No way are we going to beat these bloodthirsty animals with the politicians in Washington now.

      1. Yep. Republicans blew this one. Voting to fund a group we cannot define or vet to overthrow a government who has not attacked us.

        Stupid. I think there is some vetting of the rebels to be done. But it will probably be by McCain or some other rebel supporter and they will check that box in heartbeat.

        Obama wants Assad gone. Congress is going to oblige. The rebels will fight against Assad (who is supported by Iran and Russia) and ISIS — well, they’ll just continue beheading, taking territory, establishing their caliphate.

        When this goes south, and it will, and Obama blames the Republicans, and he will, and the media blames the Republicans, and they will — I don’t want to hear one peep out of anyone who voted for this stupidity. Being Obama’s whipping boy is one thing, volunteering for it — stupid.

        1. I just mentioned that on another thread regarding “we cannot define”.
          Yes I am sure there are some people who want help. There are others that already have been brainwashed, forced or chose to join ISIS. Now how are we going to be sure who the good guys are?
          This should have been handle when ISIS was driving up in that line of trucks, etc. A lot of them were in one spot.
          Now another issue: Is our intelligence looking for all the leaders of this maniac cult? We can catch all the bad guys, all day long. If we do not go after the people who are sucking them into their ugly group, they will just keep brainwashing, and training more.

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