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Live Stream || Benghazi Committee Hearing

22 thoughts on “Live Stream || Benghazi Committee Hearing”

  1. Department of State not listening to recommendations and implementing them. Little has been done.
    This was just stated by:Todd Keil/ Former Homeland Security Dept Asst. Secretary.
    Mark Sullivan / Former Secret Service Director said we provided 40 recommendations. Sorry he spoke fast unable to jot down stat on those recommendations.

      1. Tks for CSPAN reminder.
        I agree Julie, I need to come up with a better phrase than:
        &^$# hitting the fan!
        That was what I think/thought with the Long List. I suggested that they thought if we throw everything at one time or often, people would not be able to keep up with it.

      2. A real possibility. Also haven’t some Dems or DNC or someone come out with a “fact sheet” on Benghazi — attempting to deflect from Hillary’s role in Benghazi.

        The Dems are on the defense. Works for me.

      1. For the first time, I can get mine to spill his guts on which way he will go. Guess I’ll find out when the votes come. I did make my position clear.

        With Cantor gone — the House is having to use McCarthy and Scalise to get the votes. I hear there is opposition to the new military action and to the spending bill.

        In the end, I suspect they will be all in. Unfortunately. That makes them as culpable as Obama in this folly.

  2. The reason for this new committee hearing is to find out whether or not Hillary and Obama and others conspired to cover up after a terrorist attack on Benghazi prior to the election as it didn’t fit the Democrats narrative that “BinLaden is dead and GM is alive” i.e. there is no war on terror any longer. But the reality is that there is a war on terror and it has only gotten worse since his reelection as he governs with his head in the sand or sandtrap. If he doesn’t look, it isn’t happening sort of mentality. What is really sad is most of the media is reporting with their heads in the sand. Where are the Woodward and Bernstein types when we need really them?

    That’s what’s really going on.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson, but she doesn’t have a really big backer as Woodward and Bernstein did with the WaPo. And how has that mighty giant fallen!

      1. I just walked past the TV as O was stating to the military personnel: “Because of you Bin Laden is no more”
        He should have stated, I am human as you are, and I screwed up. No were going to work getting rid of ISIS.

        1. I don’t believe that, nor does Barack Obama. It always has been a nationally recognized “truth” that it was Barack Obama who got OBL.

          So,he must be desperate to actually recognize the military in any fashion beyond awarding medals, pink slipping service people in the field , thinning the top and the active with his politically correct shreader, and trading terrorists for questionable deserters etc etc

          1. OblameBush fails to mention that intelligence help from I believe, a Pakistani doctor helped get Bin Laden. Now what do you think has happened to that person?

  3. So it is only newsworthy when it is a Republican scandal and when it is a Democratic scandal being reported on you get fired. That is why the media is so afraid to report the truth of what is really going on. That is why FOX news is the only news one should watch. They aren’t afraid.

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