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Obama Shows Up Late for Ebola

Amid all the wasteful, stupid things government does, the one thing it is supposed to do right is protect its citizens. It’s where the focus should be. Not on expanding the welfare state.

But as usual on important matters, President Obama is late. Somehow, a force of 31,500 terrorists materialized under his nose. And now, a major new pandemic that will eventually hit the United States – with results that could range from minimal to catastrophic – has unfolded in Africa amid what critics say is only a token response from the United States.

Someone needs to send Obama some “To Do List” software or the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – I’d recommend it to anyone, BTW – in order to get his thinking organized.

The Ebola crisis is a national security threat to the United States. The virus kills half the people it infects. After incalculable suffering. Scientists have long warned that another great pandemic is coming. If this virus mutates to become more communicable, we’ll be in deep doodoo.

Obama is traveling to the Centers for Disease Control today and launching what appears to be a serious effort to contain the virus where it is. But our vacation and golf-addicted president has lumbered to slowly into action.

According to The Hill:

The White House is facing sharp criticism over its previous actions in the outbreak, which aid workers have lamented as insufficient half-measures given rapidly deteriorating conditions on the ground.

So far, the Obama administration has committed roughly $175 million for multiple agencies specifically to fight Ebola. The CDC has deployed about 100 healthcare workers to the region, USAID has its own teams on the ground, and the Pentagon is working to establish a 25-bed temporary hospital in Liberia to treat ill healthcare workers.

Aid workers saw these actions as token gestures, however, given the need for literally thousands of hospital beds and healthcare workers on the ground.

The 25-bed temporary hospital is a particular sore spot given its small size and the fact that it could take more than one month to arrive in West Africa.

Administration officials say it will also be weeks before U.S. military personnel are fully deployed to the region, although the Pentagon hopes to have a general officer overseeing the coordinated effort in place by the end of this week.

Even now, some experts warn that it may be too little too late.

“The mobilization that is happening is coming late, and it’s coming while exponential growth of the virus itself is just outstripping everyone,” said J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“The collapse of security and flight access, the closure of borders, the regression of the economy, the fear of the people — all of those things create this absolutely formidable environment.”

“I’m very distressed,” said Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations. “I don’t think we’re even close to playing catch up, much less mount a response that will get us ahead of the virus.”

A rapidly spreading virus that kills half the people it infects is a problem. Obama also needs to be banging our allies over the head to get them to pay this effort and contribute their own people too – since, you know, we take care of their defense needs for them – but somehow I doubt Obama’s been on the phone about it.

An aggressive response earlier might have contained outbreak. But whether it’s the Obamacare website catastrophe or the president’s own routine lateness for every appearance he makes, I don’t think this is a White House that is being run with any greater effectiveness than an ant colony.

Actually, ant colonies appear to have some degree of organization.

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  1. Glenn Beck reported on The Blaze that Texas had trouble finding enough prison guards so hired some in from Mexico and Nigeria. The Nigerians travel back and forth from home to Texas. Easy to bring back Ebola.

    The state of things in this country gets worse by the day. Will we even survive?

  2. Our problems are more than just Obama himself.

    Just look at his senior staff. It’s truly Amateur Night at the White House…every night. This is a group that focuses much more on politics than on getting things done. Politics has its place, but not at the expense of security.

    Any wonder that the U.S. is in such deep trouble everywhere?

    1. Michael, see my comments below about calls to my congress critters.

      ISIS could stroll across the border, with some form of distributable mutation of Ebola (I am guessing — or something like that) and we would probably provide them with transporation and resettlement throughout the US. And give them a stipend.

    2. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey said yesterday that the Islamic State is fighting because it has “grievances” over the Sunni/Shia imbalance in Iraq’s government. If we buy that, how does it explain their taking over part of Syria? How does that explain its promise to hit us and our allies?

      1. Gen. Dempsy is a dope. I mean that.
        Todays Generals & Admirals are nothing put political hacks who will do anything (follow Obama orders) to protect their privileges
        Any flag officer (General/Admiral) serving under this Obama regime really needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask why they are letting this “CINC” ruin the US Military and the USA standing as a Superpower.

        1. Any flag officer (General/Admiral) serving under this Obama regime really needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask why they are letting this “CINC” ruin the US Military and the USA standing as a Superpower. SNIP

          You already have given one option.

          Or, maybe they’re trying to alleviate the damage FCMABBHO could do if he were unchecked.

          I’m leaning toward your answer, and that saddens me.

      1. I also suspect golf is involved in this trip… As far as him going to the CDC in Atlanta, that is one trip I don’t mind. Seems there have been some careless accidents at the CDC recently. hmmm,… just sayin…

    1. I have been thinking about it all day and when the military goes to West Africa, I mean, they could bring ebola back here to their own families and 3000 of them could infect thousands of people if some of them get it. I know I’m rambling but its late I can’t get my thoughts out too well. But, the borders being open, 3000 going to Ebola land? I mean, this is all too much now. Can this one idiot Obama send 3000 of our military on just his say-so? Sounds very dangerous and insane to me also that 3000? of the military going to a very dangerous place. I just wish that the military, all of them, would say they won’t go and defy him for once. These guys may not have symptoms right away and then they get killed then they could kill others which could include their families and innocent people. I just wish Obama would not send 3000 of the military to a diseased place like that and I wish and pray every day that Obama and family and friends were gone, we are truly being punished by God with him in the White House.

  3. Just try Vitamin C from any drugstore. 1000mg tablet per day and you are good. More if you are exposed.

    Apparently the virus works by stripping your body of C, which leads to the internal bleeding, thus causing death. C supplements will overcome that effect.

    Not a proven strategy, but a cheap experiment.

  4. Ebola? Ebola where?

    True story — interny type person in Rubio’s office gets asked this question — What is the Senator’s position on sending American troops to fight Ebola? Intern– Sending American troops where?

    Moving on — even worse on ISIS and support for the rebels. After a few minutes it boiled down to we think they are threat and we should yad yad yad but not destroy them.

    This, coupled with my recent phone calls to my normally forthcoming Represenative’s office, pretty much indicates that the Congress is “yellow” , runnning scared, not up the job. What a team — Obama and Congress.

    1. Your “Representative’s office” answers the phone?
      I call my useless Rep. and it always goes to voicemail, and I never hear back from them.

      1. Usually my Rep has someone answer and depending on the day and level of energy and how much I push I may or may not get past the intern. Used to be that I couldn’t get through to my Senator’s office ever — but I think there were so many complaints that now from time to time it is answered. But then again, my Senator is Rubio – so that Presidential track probably dictates his office practices.

        I do call them. I ask questions, sometimes I get answers, sometimes not. But I always leave them with my position on how the vote should go.

  5. In the end it’s an impotent gesture unless you get the entire world on board on containing and stamping out ebola (as was done with smallpox). Sending US troops there will not stop it but only give it to our soldiers and bringi it home to us. Quarantine, quarantine, quarantine.

    1. After reading your comment I pulled up the
      It states the UN calls for $1billion tp fight virus.
      It mentions O going to announce sending 3,000 American troops to Liberia. Officials say the troops will build 17 health care centes, each with 100 beds, deliver health care kits to hundreds of thousands of homes and help train 500 health workers a week.
      Medical charity Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF) called on other countries to follow the US lead as the response to outbreak continued to fall “dangerously behind”.
      However at the bottom of the page, it states:
      Earlier on Tuesday, the WHO welcomed China’s pledge to send a mobile laboratory to Sierra Leone, which will include epidemiologists, clinicians and nurses.

      1. Best Prevention — first line of defense — personal hygiene.

        We send troops.

        Some doctor suggested 21 day quarantine of all folks exposed — before being allowed to fly or come to this country.

        Not going to happen. We are open borders — Ebola coming to a neighborhood near you. Courtesy of Barack Obama who is more concerned about being on the world stage than securing his county.

    2. Obama just left stage. I had it on mute. But it occurs to me that he is in his element. I had cc on — meet with the UN, gather all the international community together, mothers and children in need, — the grand world stage. Commit “his” military.

      Personally I think we should be attending to keeping our country safe from Ebola, ISIS, and illegals– but that is small potatoes to his greatness.

  6. Rather than belatedly deploy 1,000s of US military personnel to Africa where they will be at extreme risk of becoming infected and bringing Ebola to the US, Obama should deploy troops to the US southern border to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants who are at extreme risk of being infected.

  7. “Thank you to the the entire team that is doing this work and please know your Presdent and Commander In Chief is behind you”

    What a joke! Like he is personally cutting the check. Gag me with a spoon! The American People and the Government pay and borrow from China for this missions.

    I loved the the gut wrenching narrative about a family whose father died, mother with a sick with listless child sitting outside the clinic with no one to help her children. It sounds like a SPCA Commercial. I was waiting for Sara. McLachlin song to break out.

    How many different missions must our military carry out that has nothing to do with protecting this nation. I would rather have our troops on the Southern Border. Let the UN take care of Liberia. Plus, no more medical personnel with Ebola should be allowed to return to U.S. Airlift them to a hospital ship. When they are healed then they can come back. We have no business bringing Ebola here.

    1. You are so right. Nothing Obama does is right. Everything he does is insane and sadistic. Sending 3000 troops to West Africa to catch their death is the work of the Devil Obama. Let him be gone. Every day another horror story about Obama.

  8. One of the deadliest natural disasters in human history. January 1918-December 1919 was the Spanish Flu pandemic. Killing most of its victims within 9 months. According to Wikipedia facts, 50-100 million died from the virus ..World wide.
    My Maternal Grandmother and Grandfather , who lived in South Dakota, contracted and survived the Spanish Flu, three of their children did not.
    I agree with you Keith..”We may be in deep doodoo.” Soon!.

    1. Thank you for that reminder of the Spanish Flu. I listened to part of his speech this afternoon. I assume he did not state anything about the border.

  9. This is an administration that still does not have a functioning h/c website. God help America if this turns into a pandemic. We have two deadly contagions ready to storm our porous borders…and a lazy imposter in the WH who hasn’t spent one full day on the job in the last six years.

    Today he claimed E-bola has been at the top of his agenda for months. That was it! Not one detail. Oh, they all talked about it at the G-8 last month! Would love to know what or who pulled him out of his stupor and what they know that we don’t. There’s always a cover-up in progress with these incompetents. A scandal a day.

    1. If they had talked about at that time. They would have done something at an earlier date.
      That is like someone saying I discussed paying bills last month, and I did not pay them on time, so now I am past due.

  10. Keith, this is my very first post to this sight but I read you and MOB’S Mirror consistently for the facts and the fun. As a second grade teacher I must disagree with your degree of organization of the ant colony being less than this regime. Have you ever heard of Army Ants? Google it if you are interested. Organization is their speciality, for good, not evil!

  11. I thought stuff like this is why we fund the United Nations. All of a sudden, the UN is feckless and it is somehow the responsibility and fault of the United States to make everything better. Leftists are idiots. They want it both ways…they don’t want us to be a global police force, but when we don’t intervene in other countries, it is *still* our collective fault.

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