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Obama to Put ISIS War on . . . a Credit Card!

Oh no. I knew this would happen. We’re going to have to go, as President Obama once put it, to “the Bank of China” in order to finance our next war.

Obama once angrily complained that George W. Bush “put two wars on a credit card.” I wonder what the credit limit was, because now it’s going to be three.

Writing in Roll Call, veteran Washington reporter Steven Dennis has figured out that Obama will employ for his ISIS offensive the very same funding mechanism Bush used for his wars! The money, ultimately, is borrowed.

The White House doesn’t know yet how much the new war with ISIS will cost, but it knows how it will pay for it: the all-purpose war funding credit card.

Officially known as Overseas Contingency Operations, it’s the catchall account used to fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that is now funding the war against the group also known as the Islamic State or ISIL.

The White House is counting on OCO money in the pending continuing resolution to pay for President Barack Obama’s plan to go on offense against the group . . .

Obama had requested a sharp cut in the OCO — from $85 billion to $58.6 billion in the upcoming fiscal year starting Oct. 1 — to reflect the drawdown in Afghanistan, but the CR funds OCO at the $85 billion level. Bottom line: It makes billions available for the new war.

Dennis quotes a former OMB national security budget geek as saying total costs for bludgeoning ISIS could reach $1.5 billion a month.

Given all the debt Obama has run up, we’re probably going to need get a new credit card through the OCO. I hope this one doesn’t have annual fees. Maybe Obama could say something like, “We’re going to eat ISIS’s lunch” and get Diner’s Club to finance this.

Here’s Obama during the 2012 campaign railing against the use of credit cards for wars.

I mean, it’s unpatriotic . . .

23 Responses to Obama to Put ISIS War on . . . a Credit Card!

  1. Aw, can’t they jawbone some sheiks into anteing–maybe throw the shrimp of the treadmill and let the obese lesbians remain a mystery–anything…This gives me a headache. Shock and oh naw.

    • When I heard that I was outraged.
      3000 troops over to a disease ridden area, a disease that has no cure.
      These troops didn’t sign up for this.
      Obama is out of his freaking mind.
      Hopefully, those of us that are paying attention will never repeat the disaster of ever electing an imbecile on the level of Obama ever again.
      Their arrogance is unsurpassed.
      Hillary in 2016 ???
      The cheering you hear at her speeches is the noise of idiots.

      Problem is,….idiots vote.

    • Umm, Denise, the 3000 troops will shoot the Ebola virus particles out of the air. Don’t be so cynical.

      All those hollow-point rounds at Homeland Security will be used for this purpose.

  2. I don’t want to hear what he said in the past…or the present…or the future. I don’t want to hear him or see him or know anything about him.
    But that is just my personal, freedom-loving preference.

  3. OT: Breaking news: Joint Cheifs chairman opens door to.. US Boots
    America’s Top Military Leader, Joint chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, tells Congress he will recommend the use of ‘US Military ground forces’ if the international coalition to fight the Islamic State proves ineffective—though O last week vowed he wouldn’t get dragged into another ground war in Iraq.

  4. By the way, not to be Debbie Downer, but has anyone noticed–pestilence, war, beheadings, flooding, weird leaders who may not be on the up and up–signs of End Times? Today, tho, I contend we could have End Times and hardly notice–we wuold just tweet them away.

    • They evidentally joined their leader, Baghdadi, who was released from GITMO in 2009. Crickets from the LSM.

      Heard just a snippet few days ago about how difficult it is for families in the region to control their young teenage sons. They are leaving home en masse to join up with ISIS

      We have the same problem on a smaller scale with all the ‘missing’ young sons of Somali refugees who have left the US for jihad. It has been going on for years – and is probably escalating since ISIS appeared on the scene. Very troubling, to say the least.

  5. The ‘Bank of ISIS’ is raking in $3M/day from extortion and taking over oil fields….they must be enjoying the Obama circus.
    BTW, has anyone ever recovered the $6B missing from HRC’s Pentagon account?

  6. President Srdem: remove all Americans from Africa, north, south, east and west.
    Deploy our military at our border to prevent an invasion of any suspected terrorist, criminal, or just the casual border jumper. Stop all airplanes, ships, trains, anything and everything from entering our country.
    Let the savages and the diseases play out as they will in the rest of the world.

    • Too difficult though. When I worked in Africa, I flew to Paris and hopped on Air France to points south. Unless AF stops flights to the continent, anyone with a valid passport and visa (if needed) can easily blend in at CDG and connect to JFK in New York or other east coast destinations.
      I don’t see AF (or Lufthansa or BA) cutting off that gravy train of cash until far too late.

    • Speaking of that idea. We have our grandmothers in America having to take off their shoes, and to be grouped at airports.
      We have cameras looking down at us at red lights.
      Question: Is there any way we can put 3,000 military along the border to stop anyone from walking over? The same time can we have everyone getting off of an international flight checked for Ebloa? Final question: How soon are doctors able to determine if someone has it?
      With all of these compounding issues, Is O scheduled for another vacation soon?

  7. OT:
    ~When did Shep Smith become such an obnoxious b#tch on ISIS…? (Shep is always cutting in on ME political-military experts/guests who REALLY know what they are talking about)

    Why the hell does Shep Smith care so much about sending US troops-forces to fight ISIS…?

  8. Holy crap! I only hope our Social Security deposits keep coming. We paid into the system all our working lives, built up retirement savings, and paid our final mortgage payment last year. And we’re scared. What’s this country coming to?