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The Obama Morning News || September 16, 2014

Obama sending 3,000 troops to fight Ebola . . . Bloomberg
President Obama will announce today that the U.S. will deploy about 3,000 troops to help lead an international effort to stem the deadly Ebola outbreak ravaging parts of western Africa.

Obamacare tax dollars covering abortions . . . Daily Caller
Despite the administration’s pledges to the contrary, a number of Obamacare exchanges appear to be sending taxpayer dollars to cover insurance plans that provide elective abortions, according to a new GAO report. 

Number of uninsured drops . . . Politico
The number of uninsured adults dropped modestly in the first three months of 2014, according to the government’s first report reflecting the Obamacare coverage expansions.

House to let Obama train Syrian rebels . . . Examiner
The House appears likely to give Obama the authority he sought to arm and train Syrian rebels this week, but without the $500 million he sought to pay for it and with strict controls designed to prevent it from being used to introduce U.S. combat troops to the fight.

Expert: Obama tipped off ISIS . . . Newsmax
Obama’s speech on Wednesday detailing the battle plan against ISIS was a “gift” to the the violent Islamists, who have already taken defensive measures in response to the president’s disclosures, an Iraqi expert on jihadist movements tells CNN. 

Islamist sympathizer booted from DHS . . . PowerLine
In 2010, the Obama administration appointed Mohamed Elibiary to DHS’ Homeland Security Advisory Council. It reappointed him in 2013 with the upgraded title of senior fellow. Now, finally, he’s gone.

Obama withdraws civil rights nominee . . . Associated Press
Obama tapped Debo Adegbile for the Justice Department job last year. But a bipartisan group of senators blocked his nomination earlier this year because he had sought to get the sentence of a convicted cop killer overturned.

U.S. to retaliate if Syria interferes . . . Reuters
The Syrian military’s air defenses would face retaliation if Syria attempted to respond to U.S. airstrikes that are expected against ISIS targets in Syria, senior U.S. officials said on Monday.

EPA collusion with enviros . . . Washington Times
The EPA and environmental groups are exceptionally close for a government agency and lobby groups, with a revolving door and pressure from the groups often shaping EPA’s policies, according to a new report.

WH favors cops wearing cameras . . . The Hill
The White House signaled its support for requiring law enforcement to wear body-mounted cameras after the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager last month in Ferguson, Missouri led to mass protests.

Huckabee looks read to jump in . . . Byron York
Few frontrunners choose not to run. And when Mike Huckabee invited a group of reporters to meet with him at a hotel outside Washington Monday, he certainly looked like a man preparing to jump into the race.

Clinton groups gear up for Benghazi . . . Politico
As a select House committee probing the 2012 attacks in Benghazi convenes Wednesday, three Democratic outside groups are mobilizing to protect Hillary Clinton from any fallout.

26 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 16, 2014

  1. I just read the article regarding the 3,000 being sent to fight Ebola.
    The State Dept. plans to pay Phoenix Air Group of Cartersville, GA. as much as 49 million over six months to evacuate any U.S. workers who become infected, according to the document.
    Is O going to take on another title such as: Dr. O.?

    • Our men and women in the military have been neutered by Obama and by sending them to Africa, it’s O’s special way of telling them how little he thinks of their capabilities. In O’s mind, only deserters like Bergdahl get Rose Garden treatment. Awful.

  2. Boots on the ground to fight disease? More boots on the ground than to fight the Muslim terrorists?

    Great use of our stretched military don’tyathink?

        • Well, Hagel doesn’t know if that “cancer” is called “eyesil” or “Is”il.

          Watching Dempsey and Hagel appeal for funding for the Syrian “moderates” (AQ– to defeat Assad really) is just insulting.

          • There is a great article on NRO by Andrew McCarthy on “moderate Islamism”. Have you seen it? To put it in a five second soundbite, he says “moderate Islamist” is an oxymoron. Yet it appears, Grace, that the House (meaning many Republicans) will give Obama approval to back the “moderates”.

            I turned off Hannity last night while McCain was fulminating against Rand Paul for not supporting the “moderates”, but apparently he made a gaffe and said that Paul, unlike himself, had never been in Syria and met with ISIS!

          • I haven’t read the McCarthy article, but thanks for pointing it out. I will.

            This is a big mess — even if such a thing as a “moderate” rebel force still existed — and we did fund them — they would be fighting both Assad and ISIL. Untenuous.

            It’s hard to consider committing anything when these clowns are unclear about what the objective is — defeat Assad, “degrade and destroy” ISIL — a campaign that is “generational” (33 years).

            As for the House I called my Rep. yesterday and again today — about funding “moderates” — I get a big waffle — from an office that generally is pretty clear about his stand. I take the waffle as “yes”. So, I am not counting on the House.

            We are leaderless. Just listen for 10 minutes and you can see how truly screwed we are.

          • Julie — Finally did read it. Of course it was excellent. But no one will listen. In a country where people cannot tell you the difference between the Democrats or the Republicans, who don’t know their history and where way too many people would stare at you blindly if you asked them what is sunni and shia and what is sharia– this summary would certainly pull the nightshade down.

            By appearing with leaders of Dar al-Hijrah, ISNA, MPAC, and CAIR, the Obama administration and its allies are telling us that these purportedly “moderate Islamists” are the allies America needs to defeat the Islamic State.

          • About that master plan. 3,000 troops to Ebola infected W. Africa will return to the US. That should insure that we have an outbreak here as well, overload the medical system and jack up the Obamacare sign-ups for the next two quarters.


    Europe, the Middle East and Africa are all capable of sending troops and doctors to help those in Liberia, et. al, of this disease. They are RIGHT THERE. They are more likely to have the disease spread there and we are here.
    SO how come, they are sitting back, AGAIN, making the U.S. do everything??

    • It’s beyond the pale – the last straw. We have US border agents changing diapers and mixing formulas for thousands of illegal invaders on our border….and now he wants our military to don hazmat suits and minister to thousands of infected E-bola victims.

      We need to put our 3000 troops on the border to keep ISIS out…and send Michelle, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice to the Congo to go door-to-door with the safety instruction kits. There is no shortage of hazmat suits at the WH.

    • Actually that would be Obama the great healer who thinks this is just the most splendid use of “his military” (think demented European princeling playing with his toy soldiers in the palace).

    • My theory is that Obama’s assigned task is to introduce massive degrees of chaos into our institutions (medical delivery systems, border control, energy production, school curricula, international affairs, etc etc etc) as possible. Sending 3,000 of our men and women in uniform into an Ebola infested area is just another device to achieve that goal of utter chaos.

      So follow this: Institutional chaos leads to a collapse of our coherence as a functional society and thus to emergency conditions. Now remember, one of the core elements of Executive Directive 51: the President can suspend the United States Constitution and declare martial law for any development he or she declares is a national emergency. This is includes civil unrest, a medical emergency, i.e. Ebola spreading through the country like a wildfire, and a long list of “emergencies”.

      Obama is more than willing to create such social and political chaos. And that is what he and his cronies are doing.

  4. Is this a real coalition? What if they bring this crap back here? Are they specially trained epidemiology troops or something? What will this cost? Do people volunteer for this? Get hazard pay or something? What other countries are sending people?

      • By all means, the blue helmets (not a good rep in places in Africa) or docs without borders, etc. Troops–I don’t get it–are roads closed to supplies getting in or something? Are potentates stealing medicine? And all of a sudden–hey let’s send a bunch of Americans… cool, who could question that.