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It’s Only Kinda Gonna Maybe Be Combat

Poor President Obama. He’s trying so hard not to have a war. War is so George W. Bush. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He learned all about Republican warmongers in college and, over bong hits with his poli sci professor, discussed how he was so much better than nutjobs like Ronald Reagan who would invade Granada and finance the Contras and so forth.

But now there are these bad guys in Iraq WHO WON’T LISTEN TO REASON and who want to hurt Americans. And the Iraqi army is too pitiful to defeat them. And so Obama had to send over American troops. But, goodness, they’re only going to offer “advice,” like, Hey, you point the barrel of the gun away from you. Stuff like that. But no combat! That’s for people like Bush and Reagan.

But, whoa, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey today told the Senate Armed Services Committee that maybe these advisors are going . . . into battle! Now they’ll have to offer other advice, like Look out! and Duck!

Or maybe even . . . I got this . . . 

Said Dempsey:

If we reach the point where I believe our advisors should accompany Iraq troops on attack against specific ISIL targets I’ll recommend that to the president.

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  1. Beckel says why do we have to worry so much about semantics “war”, “not a war”. And the US military thanks you for that clear objective.

    • Normally I would recommend issuing neck braces for those paying attention. But in this case . . . turning down the TV volume and not reading the news (oreditorials) would only mask the long-term effects.

      • Remember when FCMABBHO said recently that the problem is that the world always has been messy but that we’re just now finding out because we listen to too much social media?

  2. This is all pretty obvious. Obama needs to get through the mid-terms in a few weeks. He has been waiting to use his pen for six years now. After that, he could care less what happens in Iraq, Syria or anywhere else. He already has one foot out the door. In six weeks both of his feet will be out the door. He doesn’t want the Clintons back in the WH. Who knows, maybe he will support the GOP nominee. Nothing would surprise me.

    Btw, Drudge has a headline about the DEMS leading the Senate race by 52%. No surprise here.

      • My Absolute Favorite “reason” for the LACK of warming for quite a long time now is that the “warm” water is somehow “migrating” (probably illegally) to the bottom while “colder water is rising to the top. Now, there is NO data to support this supposition, but, Goldang-it, it MUST be true or else, GASP, warming IS NOT occurring the way we WANT it to!! (Hmmmm, it just occurred to me that, at least in this instance, the common link between supposition and suppository is “Settled Science”)!!

        • Veddy interesting. I need some time to digest this new theory, so I will get back to you later. hmm.

          The old theory was that moving all of the illegal aliens from Mexico helped. Figure 98degrees. per person x 10 million people and the heat index is averaged instead of concentrated south of our border. This migration allowed the rising heat to disperse into California, causing the drought they now have to deal with, but easing the overall median temperatures around the world.
          Now that California is the hot spot, cold air from Canada can move freely down the Rockies, through the now less populated South America and stop at Antartica to increase the ice pack.
          I like your theory better. Occam’s Razor kind of thing.

      • That’s why BO’s sending in groundtroops to Ebola, the UN and World Health Organization are TOO BUSY with global warming freak outs than humanity today!

        Other suggested Ebola replacements have been IRS and VA employees, fine with me! :D

    • ! I still have a doll sized one hanging on my front door and of course, nicely arranged in a garden hanging. Wouldn’t want to offend my neighbors MUCH. It’s not coming down until he’s gone.

  3. I think that O is all of a sudden scrambling to help with Ebloa to get the threat of ISIS of everyone’s mind. These advisors would really do this Country a lot of good if they could think up things for the better of the Country, instead thinking up new things to cover their *^*!

    • Yeah, and he’s talking Ebola to get it off HIS MIND too! This is what he does, start, stop, play golf — escape and get high, thats what he does. His eyes looked stoned giving the ISIS speech where he told us nothing. Now its Ebola, he’s gotta get off ISIS. This is what he does all the time, he enjoys upsetting people, he’s simply sadistic, wet-brained, lazy, stubborn and stupid.

      • Ah, great minds. I WAS going to mention that I WOULD have said something about Hashtags, except I don’t know what they are. I know, I know. Sounds as if somebody has bombed me back into the Stone Age!! Or, in the case of Our Dear Leader, The Stoner Age. (Now THAT was just TOO easy)!

  4. If we’re going to put boots on the ground in the not-a-war, I suggest that the transgendered rainbow flag brigade lead the charge.
    They could use this not-a-war action to prove their worthiness to wear the uniform worn so proudly for generations.
    A fun revue or a swishy parade through Bagdad might confuse the terrorists and give our people the edge.
    We could ask CNN to imbed the Anderson guy and FOX’s Shep fellow into the not-a-war zone.
    The possiblilities are endless. If it’s not-a-war, then la vida loca!

  5. Krauthammer supports sending military to West Africa like we did in tsunami. America at its best.

    Yeah, well everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • No one believes in a receipt regarding U.S. showing citizens where every dime is spent with our taxes on a weekly, mthly, or yearly basis. As well no one request a receipt for money that we hand out to the world.

      • Africa has always been the black hole of funding. Their infrastructure is racked with corruption and it is tribal and perhaps moreso than anywhere else proportionately speaking very little reaches those who are in need.

        And now AQ and various factions have found a home on the continent so it will make it just so much worse. And , of course, the desperation of Ebola.

  6. I’m glad that I exited the military before the Pentagon become the lair of idiots and leftists and leftist enablers. Dempsey personifies why we can no longer win a war.

  7. Keith,
    I am praying that the ‘rules of engagement’ will change from ‘Wait until you are shot AT before returning Fire!’

    I’ve many unanswered questions from some reliable sources who, like me, cannot ‘believe’ that bho has managed to get Congress to agree to arming rebels who can ‘change their allegiance in a heartbeat’ and use those weapons against American Advisers or Israel!

    Where is the reliable INTEL? Confusion is deliberately being stirred-up by the WH Adm & CO!

    WHO are the leaders of the rebels? How many rebels are there? Where are they? Where will military arms be sent? Is there a remote chance that even ‘one’ city will be liberated from the dozens in ISIS/ISIL held cities – which is almost the ENTIRE country?

    Very serious discrepancies and conflicting info from friends in DC STILL this evening! jb

    • Oh, you mean, “What’s the plan?” I think by now it’s clear that there is a plan to make a plan. As long as the plan doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Huh? They behead, we’re polite. Sounds good to me!!! What? Oh alright, I’ll take my meds!!

  8. Obama seems to believe troops can vote “Present” from 40,000 feet.

    Out in the Real World, you can’t have it both ways like a gutless politician with a good PR Department can.

    Gen Dempsey is only speaking the truth. And the contrast with Obama is startling.

  9. Peace prize in his first year, based upon what–his “hope and change” for America–which has proven to be “I hope that Americans do not realize I hope America goes down!”