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Bill Clinton Agrees: Netanyahu Not the Guy for Peace

Bill Clinton is starting his Hillary campaign gaffing explosion early, looking to help sink his wife’s campaign before it even gets off the ground.

I have two theories on Bill Clinton, whose mistakes also hurt Hillary in 2008. One, relayed to me personally during a seance by Dr. Sigmund Freud . . .

Sigmund Freud

. . . is that deep in Bill’s subconscious is an insecure little man who just can’t bear the thought of his wife Hillary equaling or even eclipsing him at the thing he things he was born to do – be president. And so he sabotages her.

The other theory is that this already undisciplined man abandons all efforts to control himself when his personal gain is not directly involved. Also he’s older and more prone to mistakes.

Talking to random people at the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa Sunday, Bill got in a discussion with some guy about Palestinian-Israeli peace.

“If we don’t force him to make peace, we will not have peace,” the man said to Clinton, apparently referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“First of all, I agree with that,” Clinton responded, and then launched into remarks about his own efforts as president to get a peace deal.

“But Netanyahu is not the guy,” the guy told Clinton.

“I agree with that,” Clinton responded.


I don’t know if he really agrees. Clinton tends to unctuously try to placate his audience. But either way, it’s a gaffe.

The exchange is within the video below. It’s funny to listen to how, 14 years after the event, Clinton is still peeved that he was unable to broker a peace deal that would cap his presidency. Actually, other than getting impeached, it would have been the only truly historic thing he achieved.

I remember the day he came into the briefing room in 2000 to announce that the effort was being abandoned. He was furious. He didn’t exactly mention him, but the person he was sore at was Yasser Arafat, whom he believed had exhibited bad faith and walked away from a credible peace agreement.

35 Responses to Bill Clinton Agrees: Netanyahu Not the Guy for Peace

  1. One thing which has eluded Bill Clinton is the Nobel Peace Prize. Every year he has someone put his name in nomination. What’s especially painful to him is that the two Democratic loser presidents who bookend him both have won.

  2. Israel will have peace, if she is allowed to battle Hamas without one arm tied behind her back. Western leaders say Israelis have the right to defend themselves. The aggressors, Palestinians in Gaza, cry foul and then these same leaders punish Israel. Clinton and Obama are especially guilty of this.

  3. This is a continuation of the humiliation of his wife. It started with his adultery, his rape(s) and his getting Lewinskied in the Oval Office. However, I have not a whit of sympathy for her because she stuck by him.

  4. How about this for a third theory:

    Clinton is so caught up with himself in the role of “revered elder statesman” that he thinks that people will buy into almost anything that he says.

    From his perspective, he can do no wrong.


    You must have been reading the Paula Jones affidavit concerning the distinguishing characteristics which of course is substantiated by the Jennifer Flowers interview in Penthouse magazine where she too comments on the President’s unimpressive endowment.

  6. After Hilary’s recent comments about Bill (namely, his mother abused him in unspecified but horrible ways, sure to fire imaginations; and Hilary made Bill go through some sort of Mandela confessional, reconciliation program about his mistresses), I think there is another reason for Bill to sabotage her campaign. He is finally, truly pissed off.

  7. Of course he doesn’t want her to be elected POTUS.
    What straight man in his right mind wants to be introduced as the “First Gentleman”, walk behind his wife at official events, and be responsible for the table settings and centerpieces at the next State Dinner?

    • She is a harpy.
      SS agents were assigned to her as a disciplinary action.
      It must have been horrible duty.
      She needs him because of his popularity.
      One last gasp from the Hill to advance her career.