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Inside the White House: The Medal of Honor

President Obama today awarded the Medal of Honor to two soldiers, Specialist Donald Sloat and Command Sergeant Major Bennie Adkins, for “gallantry above and beyond the call of duty” during their service in Vietnam.

Obama has increased the number of medal of honor recipients for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while continuing to award medals for service in earlier conflicts, which has been a nice feature of his presidency.

I thought you might enjoy this behind-the-scemes video the White House released today about the Medal of Honor, focusing on the award in July to Corporal William “Kyle” Carpenter, a retired United States Marine decorated for his service in Afghanistan.

7 thoughts on “Inside the White House: The Medal of Honor”

  1. Great video. May God bless this courageous, selfless young man in his future endeavors.
    Mrs. Obama exhibits a sincere warmth that should be shown more often in her public appearances
    Then, at approximately 4:23, Corporal Carpenter states, “So I did that and now it’s just looking forward…”
    However, the captioning reads, “So I did that and KNOW it’s just looking forward…”
    Things like this make me realize what in attention to detail we have in our government. The details always matter.

      1. Doesn’t mean I like/admire/want to see her or read about her. Just a comment that her hugs seemed genuine.
        Nothing wrong with being emotionally sympathetic with the sorrows and burdens of others. She should do it more often…there may be a softer side in there somewhere…nurture it.

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