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Remembering Obama’s Undercooked Steak Fry

Hillary Clinton’s unremarkable appearance Sunday at Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry in Iowa brings back memories of a more memorable appearance in 2007 by Mrs. Clinton and her rivals for the nomination.

You may remember that one of her rivals, who eventually became president of the United States, demonstrated that despite his aspiration to lead the nation, he was somehow unversed in the commonplace expressions of patriotism that usually come naturally to those with a penchant for American exceptionalism, or who just occasionally attend baseball games.

Note the photograph below, in which Hillary, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and what looks like some kind of host for the event appropriately have their hands over their hearts during the singing of the national anthem. Obama has his hand over his . . . well, his hands are clasped.

Obama harkin steak fry

Here’s some video of the event.

Obama has since gotten a real good learning about the things patriotic, figuring out to wear an American flag pin and say “God bless America” while sounding like he thought it was a good idea.

And his wife, the first lady, even seems somewhat proud to be an American.

H/T to Anne Lieberman, one of our readers, for the reminder.

22 thoughts on “Remembering Obama’s Undercooked Steak Fry”

  1. Obama’s problem was not that he was unversed in the rituals of patriotism.

    His problem was the need to conceal the fact that there is no bulge in his mom-jeans.

    Now the entire country is finally learning that Obama’s cranium s just as empty as his scrotum.

  2. Another anti-American, Commie puke, New York City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, refused to put her hand over her heart during last week’s 9-11 ceremony.

  3. When he insisted that he was a ‘citizen of the world’, it was a pretty good clue. Good grief…the guy spent his entire life with subversives and communists. His anti-Americanism is also one of the reasons he isolates himself from Congress and Washngton insiders. He never ‘taught’ the Constitution – he spent all of his time looking to subvert it. That’s why he hangs out on college campuses. Recruiting. Sorta like ISIS. Recruiting.

  4. The Os have not experienced the Americana that most of us have enjoyed over the years. MrO spent his youth in Indonesia as a Muslim child, then on to Hawaii where Americana traditions are new and probably foreign. MrsO spent her formative years deep in the Black ghetto of Chicago where American meant “White”.

    There were no 4th of July picnics held for little Barry in Hawaii, he doesn’t remember going to Friday night football games at the local highschool, and his adult immersion into the liberal halls of Ivy League schools didn’t offer any insight into why NASCAR is so popular around the country.
    MrsO wears her Af-Am background like a mantle or a yoke, depending on what she sees or hears. The Os catapult into the world of the rich and famous only made her more angry and resentful of her middleclass upbringing.
    It’s sad, and vexing that America elected a man who doesn’t understand why we believe our country is the only hope of civilization.

    1. I spent most of childhood, until I was 17, outside this country — in Asia and Europe as the child of a legal immigrant from Slovkia who became a citizen and made a career proudly serving in the US Army and later working for the State Department.

      Most of my career was spent overseas — working in the field.

      Never once did I have a conflict about being an American citizen. And never once have I not been proud of or defended my country.

      Barack Obama has no valid excuse.

  5. OT: I listened to Jim Foley’s parents on Greta.
    God Bless their strength in discussing their son.
    They stated that when the Pope called he had was dealing with grief, regarding family members of his that were injured, and had died in an accident.

  6. I must have missed that second in time beyond her husband’s being elected when Michelle Obama “even seems somewhat proud to be an American”.

  7. Isn’t it a little too late to be reporting this?

    Looks like a Clinton promo to make her look better than Obama.

    It’s timing YEARS earlier could have saved America. ABC.

    1. What struck me was that we heard so much in the “mainstream” media about Hillary being ‘Baaaack’ in Iowa – for the first time in 7 years! – but none of the reports bothered to note what that last occasion was, which would have been the obvious thing to do, no? To me, the glaring omission was evidence of the media’s loathsome lingering loyalty to The Won.

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