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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9:15 am || Meets with Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL General John Allen
12:20 pm || Departs Joint Base Andrews
1:55 pm || Arrives Atlanta, Georgia
2:35 pm || Participates in a briefing on Ebola at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention; Atlanta
3:25 pm || Meets with Emory University doctors and healthcare professionals; CDC, Atlanta
4:05 pm || Delivers remarks; CDC, Atlanta
5:35 pm || Departs Atlanta
6:50 pm || Arrives Tampa, Florida

All times Eastern

19 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 16, 2014”

  1. Ebola requires him hands on. The Great Healer.

    ISIL — catch and grab Gen. Allen — potential scapegoat if that Global Coalition doesn’t shape up.

        1. Barack Obama is attending a briefing at CENTCOM — why?

          Should he be meeting with AFRICOM since we are sending the military there to defeat Ebola.

          1. According to our Tampa Tribune Obama is flying in to Tampa this afternoon during rush hour (what’s new?) and will be attending Central Command at MacDill AFB probably tomorrow. He is staying in downtown Tampa tonight.

            Residents are being advised that there will be parking garage closures, extra security, traffic tie-ups etc. Residents are also being told to go into work late and leave early if possible to avoid long delays in traffic today and tomorrow.

            He could fly into MacDill but instead is flying into Tampa just to cause us worker bees lots of problems and to spend every tax dollar he can on his worthless self.

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  3. Any word on whether he’s flying in/out of Hartsfield or Dobbins ARB in Atlanta? Awfully nice of him to schedule a motorcade through Atlanta between 5:00-5:30pm. Jerk…

  4. OT: People in Arizona. Pick up your pictures albums off bottom shelf.
    Don’t drive on the road, even if the water looks real low.
    Get your flashlight out, in case the electricity gets knocked off.

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