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Obama Saved by the Rain

President Obama dodged some nightmarish PR this weekend when rain in the Washington area apparently washed out his usual Saturday golf – a round he would have been playing at about the same time news emerged that British hostage David Haines had been beheaded by ISIS.

Obama rainObama golfed instead on Sunday. He stayed in on Saturday and released a written statement in the evening condemning the murder.

Obama incurred heaps of outrage for his decision last month to head out to the golf course only minutes after making a statement about the killing of American hostage James Foley.

Obama Sunday played for the 39th time this year and the 196th occasion of his presidency.

After freshening up at the White House, it was then time for a Sunday evening visit to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, where Obama, the first lady, and daughter Malia caught some paintings.

All of which gives me an excuse to play this video, which I like.

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  1. Off topic, but a little report from our election. Yes, it ended in turmoil and a state of confusion. The moderate coalition lost, the socialdemocrats won if and when they decide to govern with the Greens and the Communists, which they did not want to ( dare to ) say anything about before the elections. But the real and clear winner was SD, the anti-immigration party that no politician dare to cooperate with ( afraid of the wrath of the PC mainstreammedia ??? ).If our PM had not been so unwilling to listen to SD, if he had not given that speech in which he said that we need to open our hearts and wallets for the immigrants, that we cannot afford welfare reforms because of the costs for the immigration ( he was finally being honest here ), he would still be a PM, I believe, because analysis shows that voters went from his party to SD. I think that many voters also were furious about how SD was treated by media and the establishment. Well, now we have a new , diverse crowd of politicians led by this former welder and union-man. He lacks experience of real politics. An interesting mess. By the way, that feminist party didn´t even get enough votes to enter the Riksdag, thank heavens for that. But, the meteoric rise of SD means that politicians must take voters worries about immigration, the problems and the enormous costs involved ,seriously. I believe that´s the lesson of this election. We will see similar elections across Europe.

      1. If it’s that close, I hope they will just maintain the status quo. If it were overwhelming in favor of secession, it would be different.

        1. I can’t think it will happen. Too many little details like, what will their currency be, what will back it? Where will they get their start-up money? Nice try, Scotland.

    1. Looks like Sweden got a ‘pig in a poke’ similar to what happened to us in 2008. Hope things work out better for you, SL.
      Unfortunately, our ‘dark horse’ has a pen and a phone and will not hesitate to use them to grant amnesty after the mid-terms in a few weeks. He doesn’t have to worry about re-election anymore.

      1. Girly, ” pig in a poke”, never heard that expression before but I can guess what it means and yes, that´s the situation we are in. And mostly because the problems and costs involved with immigration cannot be discussed properly. I don´t think that most voters wanted to go left but they wanted to force the politicians to bring up immigration on the table. And now the politicians decided to isolate SD and make immigration a non-issue again. Well, it will only last for a while.

    2. A conservative journalist here, John Fund, said that the left did not quite capture the election, fell short. I’m trying to fit it to what you’re saying. Do you mean there will be a leftist government if SD forms a coalition with the communists and greens? How would it think about Sweden’s participation in the EU?

      It’s interesting how the immigration issue is so important in western countries.

      1. Julie, the biggest of the leftists, the Social Democrats, are far from a big majority party. They have to form coalitions with others to govern , and that would be the Greens and, if they really, really have to and hold their noses, the Communists. They are all willing. But right now they are trying to negotiate and “steal” some of the small parties that formed the rightist coalition, I don´t think they will succeed, it would be a death knell to these parties. And the big winner, SD, is to be isolated by all the parties. They are labeled “racists” by mainstreammedia and fellow politicians , although they mainlyy want to limit immigration and the costs herefor. And the voters are furious about it. They can see how things are with their own eyes. And the EU ? Seems impossible to leave that Behemoth although many of us want to.

        1. Thanks for the information SW. I did a little reading about your elections yesterday, but still lacking.

          EU. My sympathies. That was an ill advised venture.

          1. It’s an odd time in world history — and kinda’ disturbing.

            Of course, Sweden for you and the US (a country some of us barely recognize right now with serious border challenges) but there is a lot of movement and change all around. Scotland and the possible overflow of separatism elsewhere, the ME in general, and country specific — Africa, with disease and terrorists, Putin trying to re establish a Russia of Old, an increasingly aggressive in the region China etc etc. Lots of resettling. Probably bringing with it — forms of nationalism that historically quickly turns ugly.

            For us at least, a very bad time to be leaderless.

          2. Agree Grace, I too believe nationalism is on the rise. Could be good, could be bad, it depends.
            For example, the Exit EU movement is understandable and in my opinion good. The ideal would be a Swiss style government. The people say: ” Stop, no minarets here. ” Politicians say: ” OK, as you wish”. In the rest of the west you get a lesson on racism and multiculturalism and is then shown the door.

  2. This video and song are … well, for me, symbolic of of the current administration: I hear what they are saying, but I question why on earth would anyone think in that way.
    It’s all about appearance…”All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players:” (William Shakespeare)
    I don’t like either this performance or this administration. Not that it makes a difference to either.

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