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The Obama Morning News || September 15, 2015

Obama to deploy troops against ebola . . . Newsmax
President Obama plans to announce a major offensive this week against the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, including U.S. military involvement.

Obama ISIS coalition lacks teeth . . . CNS News
Arab and European countries have yet to state publicly what military contributions they may make to the coalition against ISIS; Australia first to offer troops.

WH claims Arabs will join strikes . . . New York Times
The Obama administration said Sunday that “several” Arab nations had offered to join in airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but any sustained military campaign does not appear imminent.

White House pressures for Syria vote . . . Fox News
The White House Sunday put pressure on Congress to vote this week in favor of training and arming Syrian rebels as part of Obama’s plan to destroy ISIS, making clear that sending U.S. combat troops is not an option.

Hayden: 5,000 troops by end of year . . . Newsmax
Despite pledges from the White House that no American ground troops will be sent to fight ISIS, Gen. Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and NSA, thinks that up to 5,000 Americans will be on the ground by the end of the year.

Graham: Administration “delusional” . . . Politico
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said the administration’s approach to destroying the ISIL, with a focus on airstrikes and opposition to American ground troops in the Middle East, is “delusional.”

Half think race relations worse under Obama . . . Politico
A survey of voters in the most competitive states found that 46 percent say race relations have worsened since Obama took office, while 48 percent say they have remained the same and only 6 percent say the dynamic has improved.

Poll: GOP has edge on immigration . . . Politico
Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in battleground races this fall disapprove of Obama’s handling of immigration.

Obama reshapes appellate bench . . . New York Times
Democrats have reversed the partisan imbalance on the federal appeals courts that long favored conservatives, a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences for the law and President Obama’s legacy.

Hurdles for Obamacare in second signup . . . Fox News
Potential complications await consumers as Obama’s health care law approaches its second open enrollment season, just two months away.

Clinton takes a big step toward 2016 . . . Reuters
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stoked speculation on Sunday that she was moving closer to announcing a bid for the White House in 2016 as she visited the early-voting state of Iowa

31 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || September 15, 2015”

  1. Lacking teeth! Kerry stated it is not appropriate to start announcing what each Country will do.
    Now I will try……to think positive, and guess that maybe everyone is working on a major surprise attack on these maniacs.
    In other words if the enemy does not know who is involved, where they are coming from, they would not know which way to run to establish their next move.
    On the other hand: They do not know what the blank they are doing are going to do.
    Now lets talk border. Lock down the border!!!

  2. If any of the US military sent to fight ebola in Africa ends up contracting the disease and dying, Obama will have blood on his hands, US blood.

    1. The military is expected to use coordinating expertise to direct supplies, put up tent hospitals, pull together medical personnel from across the world as well as train health care workers.
      Offshore ships have been ruled out over fears that the virus could spread rapidly though the vessels.
      Now I know darn well our military know how to put up tents for hospitals, and pull things together. Are our military going to be constantly protected with all of the white protection gear?
      They are concerned about the vessels, what about our military men and women? I know our military have training in terrible emergency situations, however what rank, how much experience will each have when it comes to something like Ebola? The eight military that have been sent are: Doctors, logisticians, and medical specialist.
      The article also states there are currently no major concerns the virus could spread to the U.S., but some virologists fear a major mutation could change the way it is transmitted, causing serious concern.
      I am concerned with the question of securing our borders.
      The welcome matt they placed for people to walk on over was very irresponsible for many reasons, this issue of transmitting sickness is one of them.

      1. The UN — which we practically fund single handedly — is more than equipped. It oozes “humanitarian” assistance from every pore of that building in NY. Not to mention the Red Cross and other organizations. FEMA comes to mind.

        I am not positive but the entire AIDS/Africa assistance was done without troops, although there was admin, information and probably behind the scenes coordination with DOD.

        But no “boots on the ground”.

    2. I am seething that Obama has decided to send $88m and troops to fight ebola. The Gates Foundation, as well as both the Clinton and Bush Foundations, not to mention other organizations, have said they will fund much of what is needed to help ebola patients. That’s what private money does best. How about using that $88m to help kids starving in Appalachia whose family livelihoods from coal are now gone? I can think of a zillion ways that huge amount of money could e spent here, in the good old USofA.

      1. Why don’t you go yourself and catch the Ebola virus Mr. “President”. Words can’t describe what a coward you are and how viscious you are..

  3. If you go to Fox Nation at the left, there is a bombshell story on Benghazi. Fox will probably cover this story which comes from Sheryl Attkisson extensively tonight so I’m not going to go into details here. Read it on Fox Nation or watch Fox TV tonight. I hope they finally nail Hillary Clinton.

    1. I just read the article. I did not see a date on this after hour session. The video that was provided would not start.
      I have stated before regarding the big shredder they must have on hand!

      1. I did see that it was on a Sunday in the basement of Foggy Bottom and they entered through the “joggers’ door.”
        Watch the Democrats demonize Mr. Maxwell the same way they do all honest black men.
        He has had a very distinguished career as a diplomat and at one time was an Obama support who “saw the light.”

        1. Jason Chavvetz (sp) just said on Fox that Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s Chief of Staff and devout supporter, was in charge of the “sorting” process.

  4. Just caught a short clip of HRC in Iowa. That clip alone scares me to death. She starts out with Obama’s annoying trademark greeting: “HELLO… IOWA”. She then proceeds to turn on that phony smile and throws her arms out, Eva Peron style. She makes a corny joke…”I’m back”, and says she is ‘thinking about running, but she is just in Iowa for the steaks”. She then picks up a BBQ spatula and poses with a smile that is phonier than Obama’s flashbulb smile!
    Meanwhile, hubby Bill is sucking up all the air in the place simply b/c he there. He overshadows his wife by a country mile. She looks like the second fiddle, he looks fit as a fiddle in his red check shirt. The crowd goes crazy!

    HRC’s (not so) secret weapon is the ubiquitous Bill Clinton. A chill is running down my spine thinking about 2016. If things remain status quo and the R’s have no frontrunner, HRC will be back – in the driver’s seat. We might scrape though with the Senate, but the thought of HRC in the WH is enough to make my head explode. It’s inherently obscene that these two get another 4-8 years on Pennsylvania Ave. This is not democratic – it’s kleptocractic. It’s also an assault on America! They both have had two terms – enough is enough!

    1. Drudge is so good at putting up unflattering pics of HRC. There’s one there now with the headline. She looks as if she’s wearing one of those rubber masks you could rip off in a sec. Check out the article by Sharyl Attkisson on the Benghazi cover-up. Someone, please, unmask her!

    2. Girly1 wasn’t there a scary movie with the words: I’m back.
      Also I googled the word Kleptocractic. I learn what it means,
      Greek. kleptes, “theif” kratos, “power, rule”,
      “rule by thieves.
      Also I do not appreciate a spouse serving as Pres.
      Even if they were each dandy, honest, god fearing people. I do not want a spouse having a turn at the job.

      1. dandy, god fearing people? You mean baby killing rotten God hating people with no shame for the deaths in Benghazi and who knows how many dead people they are responsible for in their quest for all consuming power of the people. Why don’t the Clinton’s just retire at their age like normal people do, because they are not normal and do we want the crazy liar wife now to tell us what to do? And don’t forget that if Hillary Clinton wins, there will be MORE Muslim Brotherhood in the White House including her Muslim Brotherhood Assistant.

  5. You should have heard Scarborough railing against the cloying coyness of Hillary–basically…you know what or get off the pot! He was ranting! He also roped in Jeb and anyone else in a “dynasty” saying basically look how great we are after Clintons and Bushes. He was on a tear.

  6. My Congressman, usually a good guy and a supporter of the military who sits on the House Intell and Appropriations Cmtes , has no position on –still studying — arming the Syrian rebels or sending US troops to Africa to “fight” Ebola.

    It is not a good sign that he is not responding more clearly. As a weather vane I would say Republicans unwilling to make stands and in CYA position and holding. I guess until someone tells them what to do.

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