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Sunday Open Thread || September 15, 2014



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  1. Sunday morning:
    -British citizen beheaded by the ISIS savages…British PM holds cabinet meeeting and speaks to the Nation…

    -Obama goes golfing.

  2. (Hi Keith, today’s the 14th !)

    Here’s an article on Obama’s fundraiser and Ft. McHenry tour. Guess the tour was to pay for the chopper/motorcade to the fundraiser ? I saw photos online, they shut down 395 on a Friday afternoon for his travels, must’ve been a mess for people trying to get out of town for the weekend on this major east coast north/south route.

  3. Cameron stated he will hunt down the murderers.
    I do not understand how these evil people are going to be hunted down, and stopped just by airstrikes.
    Are the Kurds going to bang down doors, pull them out of trenches, search for them as they are hiding amoung innocent families?
    Do we have secret service agents roaming around to search for them?

  4. It´s Election Day over here.Oh, I know, our elections do not exactly produce headlines in your media but still, it is a very interesting election this time. For eight years a coalition of four moderate parties ( including the Christian Party ) have ruled the nation and successfully so. Now the Social Democrats along with the Green Party and the Communists are threatening close, according to the polls. And the nationalist, anti-immigration SD is expecting many votes. There is also a new Feminist party with a, in my opinion ( and I can guarantee in yours too ) , absolutely crazy gender-obsessed aqenda. So, it will be a long night for me, I will not rest until the results are known. Will we have a former welder, the head of the Social Democrats, as a PM tomorrow ?
    But I bet you know about that other election next week, when the Scots are to vote about independence. If they vote yes, it will rock the world, at least old Europe. There are many regions here ( Spain, Belgium ) that want independence. I think there is something in the air right now, people have had enough of the political classes, they want more national identity, more real democracy, less anonymous power .

    • Keep us up to date, swedishlady. Your point of view is always interesting. As for Scotland, I sincerely hope they don’t vote for separation. My mother was Scottish, my dad English, and I was born in England. With so much shared history, I think it would be such a shame to break up the UK.

      • Thank you, I´mNoDhimmi. Well, in a way I like that the British establishment is shaken by this referendum, maybe it is the little anarchist in me ( and in some of the Scots ). But I don´t think that you have to worry, I believe that it will be a no in the end, but I hope that the yesvotes will be very, very close. Politicians need to be shaken up now and then, they are the peoples errand-boys and -girls, not any other secret groups or organisations. They need a tough reminder, they need to be humbled.

    • Au contraire, I did hear about the elections. I watch France 24 every few days to keep informed on EU politics. The success of the ‘moderate’ parties has Sweden at 7.8% unemployment rate.
      Further that no party will garner more than 30% which will create parliamentary chaos. Welcome to the new world order.

      • Sadie, “success” is relative but compared to the rest of the EUcountries this government has done a fairly good job. Our minister of finance has reaped a lot of praise throughout Europe. The government got rid of many taxes, another focus on schools, trying to get people off welfare and into work. But of course the opposition describes the situation differently. And you have to remember that Sweden has a very big immigration, ( this government has encouraged it), and that reflects on the unemployment and the results in schools and so on. I agree, it will probably be a difficult parliamentary situation tomorrow. The voting closed half an hour ago and I look forward to an interesting evening when the results start ticking in from various places in this long land.

  5. Watched that scary looking McDonough on Meet the Unimpressed–I don’t think he answered one question even though little Chuckie did seem to try. The panel afterward, surprisingly, seemed gloomy.

  6. Change of subject. I was watching a comedian on (I think it was) Nuvo–anyoneheard of this channel. Anyhow the commercial came on in Spanish and the next one was in English–they alternated. Are we learning full immersion Spanish soon? (Kidding–I know people get worked up over this.) Has anyone else seen this? Or am I tripping?

    • Oh that is soo irritating. Some times our HD antenna stations will blitz mexican commercials on American/English programs. Local Tucson ION & ME TV (Memorable Entertainment Television)
      They show Andy Griffith to MASH to Columbo & Rockford. Great old shows, but why the mexican commercials?

      • I am still irritated when I call a Company and the recording tells me to press 1 for Englies and 2 fo Spanish.
        I am even more irritated when sent to an operater stationed out of this Country.
        We are not saving any money paying less for a product, when at the same time they are saving money on the payroll.
        I also do not like the idea for the last several years boxes on detergent, and food are getting smaller and smaller. The cookie itself is getting smaller and smaller, however we are paying more for less.
        I also would rather by my vegetables and fruit from a farm in America instead of it being shipped from another Country.
        They are paying less for that fruit, and charging us more for the item.
        All of us just keep going back to the store and picking up these items, paying for them and walking out displeased.
        Oh one last thing getting to the register and getting looked at like I am from Mars by the cashier. Rude, and cannot count without the register’s help.

          • Sis and I were thinking of learning Spanish, A few yrs ago, we bought a computer course we had tried–some free assn technique. I could never get her to try it an hour a week–she hit on the idea that is was South American Spanish. I wrote the company–they said they would exchange it even six yrs later–but did not have Mexican Spanish. Then recently sis bought another course–supposed to tap into your eager brain or something–but she won’t try it. So here we are–barely half-functional in German–really really useful in AZ.

        • OK, here’s the deal on the smaller packages of stuff. I am not making this up, I read an article about this a couple of years ago. According to “industry sources” when the price of materials goes up, rather than increase the price of the product industry decreases the size of the package so the consumer will not be inconvenienced. And if you believe that I’ve got some nice waterfront property in Outer Mongolia I’d be willing to let you have for a nice discount!!!

          • My pet peeve is toilet paper and tissues. Tilt a box of kleenex side to side and listen to the much shorter stack of tissues slide side to side. Lots of empty space in there, but the box is the same size.

            Toilet paper for years has gotten narrower and narrower from side to side. As a kid, I remember struggling to get a new roll on the spindle because it was such a tight fit. Now, however, notice how much space is between one side of the roll and the end of the spindle. The rolls must be a full third smaller. And if that is not bad enough, I just bought a new pack of my regular brand, and it shouts on the package that it is x% bigger… Upon inspection, the only thing bigger is the cardboard roll. The “hole” in the middle of the roll is so big, an empty cardboard tube from the old roll fits inside the giant new hole!

            I know, I know… all the stuff going on in the world today, and this what I blather on about… but, hey, it is open topic day…

          • I started the fussing over products. I got my mind off of the major problems for a moment.
            I will now type something happy.
            Beautiful, cool (for the south) day today. Sunshine. Just fried homemade fries and hamburger, dressed with mayo, mustard, pickles, onion, tamatoe, pickle and cheese.
            Everyone is fine in the family. :)

          • Costco has the best toilet paper on the market. That’s according to my husband, who is a toilet paper expert. We have an embarrassing huge supply in our garage so we’ll never run out. ;)

        • I was just over in a 7-Eleven the other night, and saw them selling A&W Root Bear in 8-ounce cans.

          Get the Obamas out of Washington, please! By 2017, we may all be paying $1 for a shot-glass sized serving of Mountain Dew.

        • My wife ran in a local store for a few quick items and came home with a 10oz pack of bacon. 10 frigging OZ.

          What happened to grab a “pound of bacon”?

          • My fridge has to be almost empty before I go grocery shopping these days, just mind boggling what they try to pull off and hope we don’t notice or care.

  7. Don’t know how many of you saw Judge Jenine Pirro’s opening statement last night but she was spot on! Mr President, why are you so afraid of words?? Breitbart has it posted today and the comment section is quite interesting also.

      • In sports news–bear with me!–Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals walloped one into the upper deck at Citi Field last night. 5.9 seconds of hang time, in the rain. Yeah…he got all of that one.

        The Judge hit her argument so hard that it not only didn’t stay in Citi Field–it landed in the East River somewhere.

          • I WAS a US Govt worker for 20 years (USAF), so here’s a phrase you’ll find Indispensable, “I’m with the government and I’m here to help”. Almost ALWAYS followed by the ever-popular, “Trust me”!! But good luck to you. And don’t worry about that AL thing. I’m old enough to have seen the Washington SENATORS play and they WERE in the AL!! And anyway, baseball only matters if the SF Giants make the playoffs!!

          • Quite honestly, I live just outside DC, and I’m trying to get the heck OUT of this town.

            Nothing against DC itself–great city, lots of nifty architecture, really good transportation system, a whole bunch of airports (read that: cheap flights), history, monuments, sports teams all starting to get good all of a sudden…and then, there’s National Cathedral. Wow.

            But I can’t stay here until 2017. No way. The towelheads know that they won’t have Obama to take advantage of for much longer, and that American voters are probably going to elect a hawk, if not a jingoist, come 2016. So if they’re going to strike DC, they’ll have to do it soon.

            I want to make sure I’m nowhere near this town when the mushroom cloud goes up.

  8. This is local about a US Congresswoman, democrat Anne Kirkpatrick, but you help pay her salary. Yesterday she attended a parade in a small town in AZ. What flag do you suppose they flew on her float? Why, the flag of Mexico of course! No USA flag, No AZ flag. Just Mexico. It’s appalling that someone in her position would be so disrespectful to Americans and especially our Veterans.

      • I have been to many wonderful N.O. parades. They floats are decorated with all different type of things. However to the best of my knowledge I can’t ever remember a float decorated with a Russian Flag, Mexican Flag, etc.

    • That should tell you right there where her priorities lie.
      She’s trying for the Spanish vote.
      She could never get away with that in a parade in Ohio.

        • I am going to stay on the lookout. She deserves to be splashed all over.

          Oh, the politically correct thing. Yeah, I never really got the hang of that. It’s pretty laughable to see the words and things that people take offense at and I especially enjoy it when they have to explain themselves. Lots of contortion.

          But this woman — pretty simple. American Congresswoman, paid by the American people to uphold the law, flies the flag of Mexico on her float during a celebration of the Star Spangled Banner and the flag of the United States.

          A little rant — apologies.

          • I overlooked that Fred Duval, running for Governor of AZ, also displayed his campaign sign on the same float. Not the same, as he’s not paid by taxpayers, but disturbing that his allegiance is to Mexico instead of America.

      • I hope this gets covered too and have sent the link to local media. I’m afraid though, that an idiotic AZ Republican’s comments about sterilizing people on welfare will take precedent in reports…

  9. “There’s a lot that we’ve been putting toward this, but it is not sufficient,” Lisa Monaco, Mr. Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, said in an interview Sunday. “So the president has directed a more scaled-up response and that’s what you’re going to hear more about on Tuesday.”

    This is what Obama’s counter terrorism people focus on — Ebola and Africa. He is asking for an additional $88 million and intends to commit the US military as well.

    Put your life on the line to combat disease in Africa, but not to defend America from a threat of crazy murderous jihadi Islamists.

    What a crock. To say nothing of misappropriation and misallocation of US funds and priorities. I am not saying not to help, but this is over the top.

    And where the heck is the UN to help all these doctors without borders?

    • I heard that Obama is sending the military to help with Ebola? What? So they can get sick and die? I don’t know much about what I heard but the first thing I thought of was, why send the military there to get hurt? Let Obama go there himself? The military should go to the White House instead and arrest him for treason.

  10. John Kerry is a fool and he always sounds nasty– he and Obama have to constantly parse words, like its not a war with ISIS? can’t stand these 1960’s anti-Americans like Kerry, Obama, Piglosi, Hillary Clinton, (by the way how can she run for President if her husband was impeached?), smellyReid, etc. These people gotta get over Viet Nam already? They just love to hate America.