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Video || A Catalogue of Obama Foreign Policy Misstatements

Apparently Obama believed his own rhetoric about having a winning foreign policy approach, because a force of 30,000 armed terrorists materialized right under his nose.

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  1. Hardly anyone in the MSM points this out what Keith mentioned regarding the mistakes.
    O is human and he needs to bear up and admit to the screwups he has directed, or ignored. Than get some intelligent people in his office to advise him.
    He wants FIVE BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If he would have been reading and discussing the daily reports he was given things would not be as bad as they are at this point.
    Republicans really need to do some homework, this major error (errors) that O has done cannot be placed upon their shoulders.

  2. And now he wants to arm the “moderate” rebels in Syria which is a bad mistake. So many of the “moderates” have already gone over to ISIS. Mark my words: the weapons will end up in the hands of ISIS just as the weapons we gave to Iraq did. It seems to me that he wants to go after Assad more than he wants he go after ISIS. The Republicans are divided about this, and the MSM is heavily involved in the confusion. One day I read that the GOP does not want to arm the “moderates”, but the next day I read that the Republicans in Congress will go along with that.

    So we knocked out the tyrants in Iraq, Egypt, Libya. Are we any better off or safer because of it?

    • Let’s see if anybody arms the Kurds or the Ukrainians first.

      This has dragged on too long. We have lost ground. And Obama cannot build a coalition — Turkey will not even allow us to use the bases we lease.

      My prediction is nothing — pinprick strikes, with no assist for the airstrikes from American boots on the ground except for loafers, while the US borders remain open for any illegals or terrorists who care to come in, and ebola and diseases from central american illegal crossers spread.

      In the meantime DOJ and DHS refuse to enforce the law. And not one legislators moves to have it enforced.

      So, really. I don’t think it matters one way or another. Until ISIS beheads someone else or hits us at home — . The only thing getting Obama energized to defend this country is if ISIS started sabotaging golf courses.

      • Ukraine is a separate issue which I think not many in the US government are concerned about right now, and neither are the Europeans. Russia is not only the top supplier of energy to Western Europe, but in the case of Germany at least, Russia is their biggest importer of German products.

  3. Obama and the WH’s strategy to deal with the Islamofascists-fascists is to narcotics them with monotonous windbaggery. Good lord, just listening to Obama speak is enough to make me want to jump off a ledge….maybe it will have the same effect on ISIS…..perhaps they will lay down their arms if Obama would STFU! That goes for Harf, Psaki, Earnest, Kerry and Hagel…..just STFU already!