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No Obama Statement for Joan Rivers

Ah, the pettiness.

President Obama has failed to issue an official presidential statement of sorrow on the passing of comedienne Joan Rivers, a distinct contrast with little elegy he put out for Robin Williams.

You know what I mean, those bulletins that begin, Michelle and I are deeply saddened by the passing of . . . 

Joan RiversBut not for Joan, even though Rivers was arguably a far more significant figure in the world of comedy and U.S. pop culture than Williams. Not only was she at it longer than him, but she was a pioneer, one of the early female standup comedians, paving the way for the many hilarious women that have followed her. She is an important figure in the movement for women’s equality.

But she had two problems with the Obamas. First of all, she was a Republican who had the audacity to complain about Obama’s tax increases. She once singled out estate taxes, which Obama has consistently tried to raise and which has gone up during his presidency. “I can’t wait until he decides to tax me some more on my deathbed,” she said about the estate tax. “I’m really thrilled about that.”

But her real sin was this:

Okay, not very nice. But that was Joan’s schtick. She went after politicians and celebrities in the most acerbic way.

Most of them were big enough to take it.

Here are a few other of her memorable moments.

47 thoughts on “No Obama Statement for Joan Rivers”

  1. All kidding aside, I’ve just been dealing with death taxes, watching close to 50% of my father’s hard earned money from slaving day after day for 60 years owning his own company and watching it go from nothing to a real corporation, GO DOWN THE TOILET TO UNCLE SAM. It’s really disgusting, especially for someone like my father who was a real fiscal conservative like Joan Rivers and hated all the handouts Obama was giving. He, and Joan, would say they earned their money the hard way – WORKING.

    1. They don’t value “work” because they really don’t understand what a hard-days work is. Look at the Obamas. What have they ever done that would compare to what so many hardworking Americans do EVERY day?

      His hard days are made up of being shuttled from place to place to give prepared speeches – NOT having to worry about any details us normies have to deal with (dinner, laundry, shuttling children around,etc) .

      Even before the White house – when Michelle had her pretend job.

      So, when work is so … easy, it only seems fair to give the money you didn’t earn away.

    2. Inheritance taxes are a freekin joke! There is NO reason the gov should take any of that. If you earn it fair and square you should keep it and leave it to your children and grandchildren. I mean it is even biblical to pass on to the other generations. I feel your pain and am sorry you have to deal with that, it truly is robbery.

  2. I am going to miss her terribly on Fashion Police. Utterly outrageous, but funnier than anything.
    Too bad the Obamas are so thin skinned, it makes them look insecure, which they are, of course. They might be a smidgeon more likeable if they didn’t sweat the small stuff. Why should they think they are exempt from a comic’s barbs? Nobody else is.

  3. In a sense, I grew up with her – from the host of the Tonight show to her gig on the Red Carpet. RIP.
    Of course the Os have nothing to say, why would they? Michelle a transgender, Barack a gay, supporter of Israel, a REPUB!!!, and worst of all, her refusal to admit she’s a 1%er who really wants to pay more taxes like all the other lying 1%ers.
    Her death was a big story all over the country. She was known by the old and the young, so that the silence from the WhiteHouse is all the more telling.

  4. I am shocked to find out that Barack and Michelle Obama are so thin skinned and petty. Surely this dismissal of Joan Rivers is an oversight and will be corrected by the Office of Protocol.

    1. Don Rickles is still alive, probably much to your surprise.

      Check out his visit with Jerry Seinfeld on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” on Crackle. Season 2, Episode 4.

      1. Yeah, Don Rickles is still alive because he hasn’t called Michelle a transgender. Even though the GI doctor that performed her procedure lost his job; he will live comfortably from the bounty money he received from the Obamas.

  5. I think the REAL reason The Obama’s didn’t tweet an official remembrance of Joan is that Joan’s entire schtick was being the most critical of herself above all others. She never held herself up as better than anyone. The O’s, on the other hand, don’t understand humor, they don’t get the word self-deprecating, and thus, never understood Joan’s brand of humor. Joan was amazing in every way and led a life of hard work, community service, and family love that will be her legacy. The heck with the O’s.

    Joan was a dedicated philanthropist, a quiet one, rarely taking credit for her good deeds. UNLIKE Mr. and Mrs. Service Day, he holding a ratchet for the first time and she wow, she really went out of her way to stuff backpacks. Where were her “rich kids” on service day? Apparently service day is not for their two. La-di-dah.

        1. It was actually an outside doc who did the biopsy…not the NY Clinic. She brought her entourage, including another doctor, with her on the morning of the procedure. She also only signed a release for the endoscopy – not the biopsy. Someone is in a boatload of (bleep).

    1. That’s it. Nail on head. Dem women are all about shouting that men do them wrong, that men are evil, all the while saying they want it all. Look at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from NY, all she does lately is make her tenure about women – women in the service, women who call her porky.

      Conservative women are DOERS. They dig their heels in, don’t blame others, get the job done, work without looking for special favors. That was Joan in spades.

  6. Why are we surprised? We’re still waiting for him to acknowledge the death of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. I believe Keith wrote about that omission last year. It sure will be nice when we have a president that represents us all and not just his supporters.

  7. Obama is half Muslim by blood. Joan Rivers was a Jew. The way Obama has handled Israel’s leaders says a lot about his attitude to them. His same behavior for a Republican leader will be called racist by MSM.
    Joan Rivers was liked by more people in US than Obama.

  8. The National Enquirer (my reading material while standing in the grocery line this afternoon) is reporting that the first hypocrite in terms of diet and exercise, Michelle, has taken advantage of liposuction to “lose” about 40 pounds. They also identify several areas where “she” has facial surgical and non-surgical enhancements. Gotta give the Enquirer credit for busting John Edwards, and they were right on the money honey.

  9. Joan Rivers…The Best of The Best.
    Laughter and Truth…She did more for Women than
    Rest in Laughter and Peace Ms. Joan Rivers.
    Thank You

  10. The only people with thin skin are the whinny right wingers crying for obamas attention. He doesn’t have to acknowledge this old bitter bigot. Shes dead let her loved ones and fans mourn her.

  11. It couldn’t be because she was a woman?
    And white?
    And stood with Israel?
    And might have been conservative?
    Naww, the Obamas couldn’t be that petty!
    Could they?

  12. Sorry but I find this blog piece a complete piece of Sh^^^t Why would the President issue any statement about the person who insult him and his wife is there anything nice he can say about her? I mean Joan hated paying her taxes but the reality is that, that hated tax increase payment gave her a 5 day reprieve to live. because that money payed in part for the salary of the ambulance and EMT to rushed her to the hospital after she arrested in that clinic, paid for the road to be smooth so that the ambulance can run smoothly and faster. Raising their salaries is a simple way to say thank you for the hard work. I THINK THE PRESIDENT REMAINING MUM ABOUT JOAN RIVERS DEATH IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.

  13. I’ve aways had a problem with people that’s rich taking shots
    at people because they are poor or uneducated. I don’t think they
    chose to be either. Just because you’re funny doesn’t mean you
    don’t have issues & she had a bunch her self esteem was on the
    floor, she was a nice looking lady, but her demons she saw in the
    mirror didn’t think so, which led to all those over the top surgeries,
    left her looking like the monster she became. She saw all the faults
    in everyone else, but not her own deficitionces. She was honest about
    everyone but herself, a very sad person.

  14. Very funny person, at others exspense, very sad at her own.
    She had to have had serious mental issues with all those facial
    surgeries. She was a nice looking lady before she lost her mind.
    Her therapist did a piss poor job with her, & so did her so called
    friends. She had been calling out for help for years, she had a
    serious self esteem problem, but no one seem to notice, no one
    is above criticism especially friends & love ones. I loved her as a
    comedian, as a person not so much.

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