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Obama Needs Congressional Approval for his ISIS War

We need to defeat ISIS. But even more than that, we need to be a nation that observes the Constitution.

Of course under President Obama, we will be neither a nation that observes the Constitution nor one that defeats ISIS. But I digress.

Obama is simply not authorized under the War Powers Resolution, as he claims, to launch military action against ISIS. The president is using as his pretext the 2001 Congressional resolution authorizing force against al Qaeda. Here’s what is said:

The President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate forcethose nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons.

But ISIS is not al Qaeda. In fact, it is enemies of al Qaeda. And its main leaders and likely the vast majority of its members, were not part of al Qaeda in 2001. It’s leaders appear to have been mainly whelped on jihad during the resistance to U.S. troops in Iraq during the Bush years.

The administration also cites the 2002 resolution allowing war against Iraq. But that one is specifically targeted at the government of Iraq. It’s meant for Saddam Hussein, not ISIS ten years later.

So what Obama is doing is illegal, as Constitutional experts have noted. The 2001 resolution did not give the president permanent authority to fight wars against terrorists everywhere.

But he’s also morally wrong. Given this is a new war that could cause many casualties as Obama slowly escalates it, it is very important for him to have the approval of the people through Congress, and for the government to be acting in unison, as the Founders intended.

Instead, for THE SECOND TIME – Libya being the first – Obama intends to simply declare war on his own.

Obama may get authorization for bombing Syria, even though he says he doesn’t need it, even though he said he DID need it last year when he wanted to bomb Syria because of it’s chemical weapons.

You can see the lack of principle operating here.

But he also needs authorization to attack ISIS in Iraq. It doesn’t appear there will be any vote before the election. And if Republicans don’t push for it, just because they want ISIS taken care of, then they’d better stop complaining about the unilateral Obama executive actions they oppose.

23 Responses to Obama Needs Congressional Approval for his ISIS War

  1. I am not siding with Obama. He clearly needs the approval of Congress for what is clearly a new war. That said, neither Obama nor Congress as a body, has the moral turpitude to do the right thing by the people of this country or the sons and daughters that they will send, leaderless and without a clearly defined objective or support, into war.

    A pox on all these Politics and Ideology trumps the good of the country and citizens cowards.

  2. Obama brags about decimating ‘core’ A/Q with the killing of OBL. What about the A/Q franchises, i.e. ISI? Will he try to pull a fast one here?


    The Islamic State of Iraq, also known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, was the Iraqi division of al-Qaeda. Al-Baghdadi was announced as leader of the ISI on 16 May 2010, following the death of his predecessor Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.[3]

  3. How about a Declaration of Going to Act Stinky for Awhile. I know this is serious–and even advisor boots can get blown off–but he wants Congress to share the blame–will they?

  4. Bizarre. The President and all the “leaders” of the United States are choking on the word “war”. Not surprising, since we are forbidden to define the”enemy”.

    • There is a law that allows him to go for 90 days. If this situation would not be included in that law. Someone please explain why. I apologize at the moment, I cannot recall the title of that law.
      (Just trimmed 3 huge bushes in high humidity heat!)

  5. The ‘talking points’ reported on the news are that WH staff, congress dems, etc., are not to call the ‘degrading or destroying’ of ISIS a WAR!

    Q: Who are the leaders of the ‘rebels’ that bho will supply with money and military equipment needed to fight against ISIS? Is the rebel army a legitimate opposition group? How many?

    Additionally, some INTEL Agencies are estimating the number of ISIS is much greater than initial reports – now over 30,000 and growing!

    Very disturbing and unsettling info coming from DC! jb

    • When ISIS took Fallujah back in January, I don’t recall Obama saying a word about it. Fallujah was the hardest fought battle of the entire Iraq war and he says zilch. It should have been a clue that ISIS was not exactly the JV!
      Obama has blood all over his hands! This one’s on him!

  6. While yet again the Obama Administration creates a distraction — war/not a war/wordsalad — IS, ISIL, ISIS (I think Obama has landed on ISIL which if true could be interesting ) the yet to be clearly defined enemy rolls on, taking towns, murdering,gathering recruits.

    Someone might want to tell Obama and Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett and Jean Francois that the world does not stop while they muck about in their own crapfantasyland.

  7. Here is a critical article in Foreign Policy about Obama. I am surprised for two reasons — one I think FP as opposed to World Affairs is decidedly liberal and left leaning and secondly this article compares Obama’s failure to change unfavorably to George Bush.

    It is lengthy ( and has chatter over at Hot Air and AOS) but it is worthy. An oh yeah, it also includes some undiplomatic moments with that cow Susan Rice. Pretty much Obama’s FP team not held in regard by others. Quelle Surprize.

  8. Congress should be raising merry old blazes about Obama’s solo decision to go after ISIS for “36 months”. He’s just locked them out of the process and is winging it on his own. Totally illegal. Yet, the Congress will approve the $500,000 he wants and otherwise roll over like a dog. They likely would give him formal approval to go after ISIS, so why doesn’t he seek it? Because he’s the Emperor of Chaos, that’s why.

  9. It is ok for Obama to declare war all by his lonesome, once, soon maybe twice. But, any kind of approval Bush got from Congress or his forming a multi-national coalition, was not legal. So said the Democrats and Obama.