As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 12, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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      • Somewhere I read about IS, ISIS, ISIL and how choosing one over the other is purposeful. I can’t recall where. If you have something Lee would you link it please.

        • Here you go, grace.

          “Why does Barry still insist on using the term “ISIL”, when no-one else does?

          “ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.
          Now, to us Westerners we don’t really make much of a distinction, do we? No, honestly from our perspective its all about the same. But how would a Muslim living in the Middle East view it? Just what is the Levant anyway? Let’s take a look.

          The geographical term LEVANT refers to a multi-nation region in the Middle East. It’s a land bridge between Turkey to the north and Egypt to the south. If you look on a map, however, in the near exact middle of the nations that comprise the Levant, guess what you see? Come on, guess!

          It’s Israel.”


  1. Great… Shep Smith is back on and he’s going to whine like a b#tch about the US “fighting” ISIS.
    Shep crying = “boots on the ground! boots on ground!”