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Guess What? We’re at War!

It’s a war!

I knew it. I mean, it looked like a war, it walked like a war, and it quacked like a war. And now, after a couple of days of pretending it was some kind of super-duper counterterrorism operation, the Obama administration has decided to take a break from absurdity and acknowledge that yes, we are at war with ISIS.

I mean, dude, that not-in-a-war stuff was like two hours ago. Get with it.

In a coordinated effort to reclaim a sliver of integrity for themselves and their bosses, spokespeople at the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon all said today that we are at war.

Of course, this makes them all – including Secretary of State John Kerry, who said specifically we are not in a war – both more and less credible. More credible because they are telling the truth. Less credible in that they had to switch from not telling the truth.

But, of course, this is an Obama war. And therefore, it’s a special kind of war.

According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

This is not a situation where it’s the United States against ISIL. The fact is, ISIL has indicated that they’re ready to go to war against the world.

So even though none of our allies will help us bomb the caliphate, it’s not the United States against ISIS. Well I got news for the president, IT IS THE UNITED STATES AGAINST ISIS. And he’s responsible for winning this, not Belgium.

Earnest continued:

This president, as is expected of American presidents, is stepping up to lead an international coalition to confront that threat and to deny ISIL a safe haven. And ultimately, this international coalition will be responsible for degrading and destroying ISIL . . . 

In the same way that we are at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates around the globe, we are at war with ISIL.

The comparison to the war against al Qaeda, which was repeated by Earnest and press secretaries at the Pentagon and State, has important meaning for Obama.

It means, as we discussed in the previous post, that Obama has legal authority to fight ISIS under the 2001 resolution authorizing force against al Qaeda. Which of course he doesn’t.

But it also gives him the green light to go ahead and fight this war antiseptically from the air, picking off leaders and, as he has repeatedly said, “degrading” ISIS by, I gather, killing ISIS fighters and letting the air out of the tires of their pickup trucks.

Unfortunately, the CIA has determined that there may now be up to 31,500 ISIS fighters. And they have an organized military force that controls land, resources,  and cities.

And that’s a very different kind of war than incinerating terrorists cowering in caves. The White House now begs the question: If we are fighting a war, why aren’t we fighting like we’re in a war?

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  1. So right now it’s their 31,500 with automatic rifles versus our 750 or so with butter knives and the occasional FA-18 strike. Gotta love those odds. At least we won’t offend them.

  2. Keith: One little question…

    “Are the talking heads speaking from a stationary bike?”

    I am asking because they tend to back peddle from a sitting position, only to switch gears and throw the Friday news dump switch into forward gear, while still sitting and shouting, “Look Mom, No Hands”

  3. Obama and his ship of fools treat this like alternate parking spots one
    side one day the other the next. Doomed (sound of ominous music in background) and not Lady Bey! I imagine this will require more golf due to stress.

  4. He just does not know how to bring this Country together on anything. In other words: If it he had announced that he had to reschedule the fundraiser that he went today, because he had things more important to deal with. A lot of people would possibly feel a little better that he was going to take the time to review what as transpired this week.
    Another issue that was just discussed on Greta, was the fact that a retired military person was brought in to handle this ISIS war. Now my hat is off to anyone who has the dedication to come back to work for a just cause, but as mentioned on Greta, Why a retired person? Why not someone is in in the military now?

    • Yes, what mental line does the Obama administration think it is preserving by having a retired military man run this war? Or is this Obama’s usual personal pissiness — he won’t work with any of the current commanders because some offended him by speaking directly to the public and making it known that ISIS is dangerous?

    • Someone smart told 0 that General ‘X’ had the experience Butt you retired him…so in the interest of trying to be smart 0 contacted General X…?

  5. The big concern here is Obama’s leadership. We know, after six years, that Obama tends to screw up everything he touches. We know DoD can do the job. The question is the soundness of Obama’s judgement and decision-making.

    • Leadership? Please. I’m starting to think Obama is such a sucky leader that he couldn’t even run a Turkish whorehouse.

      I mean, it’s kind of obvious that he couldn’t do anything worthwhile inside of one, so he probably couldn’t run one, either.

  6. We? who’s this ‘we’; the suited, coifed Sec of State, the primped spokespersons who keep parsing and finding new defininitons of words?
    No, it’s not. We in this case are our overworked, over deployed, unhappy but still patriotic men and women in our decimated military.
    Or, those who are left after all the firings.

    Where are we supposed to get fresh troops? There can’t be many young people in the US who haven’t seen how our government treats it’s veterans, how the handicapped are left to rely on charity to find treatment or who actually want to be part of the rainbow, transgendered troops.
    We? huh.

      • I read the other day that the sociologists in Obama’s army have determined we have too many white commanders. So I can imagine commanders selected by race — affirmative action politically correct commanders — will really help us pinpoint ISIS and defeat our enemies so much better than education, training, experience,

        Shaping up to be quite the fierce and dedicated fighting machine.

        Everything Obama touches turns to sh*t.

  7. In the same way that we are at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates around the globe, we are at war with ISIL.

    So, it’s not really war, in the classic, traditional sense with victors and vanquished. It is rather “in the same way that we are at war with Al Qaeda….”

  8. Where are those have insisted that Islam is a Religion of Peace? That they know this becasue they know some Muslims?

    I grew tired and disgusted with that nonsense.

    • Well, yes, I do know Muslims. The Muslims I know are quite peaceful…and the country of Oman has been a staunch US ally. Please,…don’t believe everything the ignoramuses in the Media tell you. Educate yourself. I am a Christian by the way and I live peacefully with my Omani neighbors.

        • Is your reply sarcasm? Sorry…cannot tell.
          I can only state the truth of my life here:
          I have a church to attend in this country.
          A Rabbi has been here to “bless” an industrial facility. I know this for a fact.
          A National Geographic sponsored group has toured this country – a group that included American Jews. I met them.
          Just as there are radicals in every religion, there are radicals in Islam. Just as there are many different kinds of Christian religion, there are many different belief systems in Islam.
          Don’t just accept the reports of people who cannot even use
          correct vernacular.

          • You mean my comment–yes, Sarcasm in response to Mandy. There are plenty of peaceful loving people of the Muslim faith–prob about 99%. And yes, like Aileen, I know some personally–and while a small sample, I am asserting this.

        • Oh shut up. You are a moron.
          Have YOU ever been to Oman? Have YOU ever even read what this country has done for the US – and it’s citizens?
          The sultan is a wise leader. He has literally brought this country from darkness into light.
          He would be polite to President Obama in their official capacities only.
          How have our citizens become so inexpressively ignorant?

  9. “At war with ISIS”, well, it sounds good and tough but it is just smoke and mirrors in my humble opinion. To start bombing a sovereign nation is a serious matter and I do not think Obama will find any coalition partners in the west for this. Germany, for example, said a loud and clear no. It is obvious that the overriding goal is to attack Assad , otherwise they would have found ways to cooperate with him as Assad wants to get rid of these monsters himself. The White House has tried everything, They have claimed that Assad is gassing his own people ( false flag ), the poor people on the mountain ( what really happened to them ??? ) and now, the beheadings, awful as they are , but you do not go to war because of it. It makes no sense. To me it looks like The White House. with their buddies in the Mideast, unleashed a pack of monsters for various reasons ( dethrone Assad, build their pipelines through Syria ) and it failed. Obamas foreign policy is a sad mess.

    • Obama’s foreign policy is a sad mess I agree.

      The beheading of two innocent Americans publicly distributed — I have no problems taking ISIS out

      I don’t understand your attachment to Assad and preference to rally around Putin. But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • Grace, I am not “attached” to any of them but I think that Obamas policies bring destabilization, unrest and even more violence. There will be no more Christians left if Assad goes. Look at the mess in Egypt and Libya after the “Arab spring”. Islamism, a far greater threat than any secular dictator, is taking over. My country have accepted many Syrian refugees already and we are expecting many, many thousands.
        As for the crisis in the Ukraine, I, and many more, blame it almost entirely on Washington and some EUpoliticians. We had no problems with Putin, the Russian energy served Europe well, Russia invited the world to a friendly Winter Olympics and then, bang, the whole ugly orchestrated thing exploded. First it was about the Russian gay laws and then it escalated to that dubious Malaysian plane crash. Do you know that at least 2 600 people have died in these East Ukrainan cities now laid in ruins ? And it hurts the European economy. By the way, you know that Bidens son, Hunter, is involved in Ukraines biggest gas-company ? Says a lot. I think that the Ukraine is being used and abused in the most disgusting way. Europe do not want them as members but they are led to believe that. They have disgusting leaders and the Ukrainans are pawns in a very ugly play.

        • Thank you Swedish Lady. I would concur that Islamists are not preferable to secular leaders especially in regard to Christians everywhere.

          I am also aware of the Biden son’s interest in Ukraine. And I am equally aware of Europe’s dependency on energy resources as well.

          On the rest, Assad and Putin we will have to agree to disagree.

        • He has ignored quite a bit for quite some time. I do not understand how he is going to advance on the maniacs after so much announcement, and discussion has been done. In other words now I fear that they have had the chance to hide themselves within the innocent people. So
          where should the “strikes” be? They had a long line of them advancing a couple of months ago while we all sat back.

          • Here is another example: Remember the game has kids, TAG your IT?
            Well in order to win, you had to know who was the person who was currently “your it”.
            If we all sat around trying to find out another titile for IT, we would not be able to play.

          • He does not have any type of proper relationship with any foreign leaders. Yes stating strike the line of trucks at that spur of the moment maybe considered over the top. No one fears doing anything anymore due to O.

    • I might not understand you correctly, but are you equating ISIS with a sovereign nation? The territory they occupy, perhaps. Please explain. I do agree with your assesment of bhp’s sad mess failed foreign policy.

      • Noma, I mean Syria here. It is a sovereign nation even if the White House would prefer that it wasn´t, and it is presently invaded and overrun by this murderous terrororganisation, hiding here and there. It is Syrias government that should be dealing with them, and if the White House is serious in their “war against ISIL” rethoric they should be offering help. That´s the way these things are dealt with according to international law, I believe. To start bombing Syria without permission is a declaration of war towards Syria. How will it´s allies ( Russia, Iran ) respond to that ? The dogs of war will be unleashed. I am sure that Russia will be very interested in Obamas new interpretation of international law. Could be useful in the Ukraine…..

        • Two Americans were killed in Syria. As for international law, with all due respect, I don’t think Putin gives a fig for international law beyond the trappings.

          • Syria is a recognized sovereign nation. The so-called Caliphate recognizes itself and is looking for people to agree. Will it ever fit the idea of a nation–you know, government, sewage systems, buses, crops, etc? No, but it has money and can get things. So it’s an entity. We have to face facts on the ground.

  10. “If we are fighting in a war, why arent we fighting like we’re in a war?”


    • Maybe just maybe they are playing with the title of this for a undisclosed reason. In other words if it “appears” they are trying to figure out what the blank they are doing, maybe they are hoping the maniacs are doing the same thing.
      Yes that is wishful thinking on my part.

  11. Keith — can you explain why the Prez keeps calling ISIS, “ISIL?”

    What teachable moment thingy am I failing to benefit from here?

    Does this somehow preserve his illusion that ISIS terrorists aren’t muslim? Or is it some other Big Lie or Trifling Distinction that I have failed to grasp?

      • Type in Levant. It shows the map of the individual Countries, as Sportsinlife10 mentioned Israel as well. That is not pointed out on the MSM. I have seen big maps, screens on the sets though the years, they need to put the map I just mentioned so everyone knows what it means.

          • I WISH it was a question of “snooty and different”. Changing the title to subvert and ignore Israel has been this administration’s course from the beginning.
            It is very deliberate, and when I read the newspapers, I see for the most part it’s ISIL.

          • Sure–their “leader” says that. I don’t think this is a slap at Israel–if so, it’s subtle. Way more subtle than they usually are. I think it’s stubornness and trying to be “superior.” Like POCK-i-stahn. Oh who knows…I say ISIS–it imprinted on me.

  12. I’d like to point out that the Quisling in the (formerly) White House) wants to send American troops to Africa to fight the Ebola virus. I have to wonder if the de-militarized Military will also be fighting the new obamavirus brought to us by the invasion of 50-60000 unvetted illegal “children” (well, some of them). That virus was supposedly eradicated in the U.S. in the 60’s, but is epidemic in Central and South America.
    Who is he going to send to fight the new “war”? Homeland Security?
    And besides his gutting of the Military, the young Americans are being taught to despise and ridicule the Military as a career option. And is anyone in the PINO’s administration a veteran? And don’t even mention Hagel, that stooge.

    • There is a movement afoot to promote more blacks to field leadership combat duty in the Army.
      In other words, someone has determined that not enough blacks are in charge of combat units.
      Affirmative action on steroids.

      • I saw that yesterday. Pretty soon after the Obama military is completely in place — “soldiers” will join for the benefits which will be more than munificient — and will have a voice in whether they chose to fight or not.

    • Perhaps we could have a battalion or two of the healthy Central American “children” — you know the “children” who look like young male adults — go help out with the Ebola virus.

  13. Correct me if my faulty memory is failing me again. I remember the chosen one campaigning on ending wars, not starting them. Maybe it doesn’t count if you slowly go to war, not jump in over your head. Everyone wants an end to the fighting. These ppl, extremeists, no matter who they are, doesn’t want peace. Just because one side says the war is over, doesn’t mean the other side wants to quit. Such a pie in the sky attitude will kill us all someday.

  14. The Dept of Homeland (In)Security has decided to slow deportations down to the 2007 level. The DOJ refuses to prosecute or deport criminal illegal aliens while Americans are locked up for the same crimes. Sick illegals are allowed into our country while sick legal immigrants are refused entry. Border Patrol agents are babysitting and baking birthday cakes for illegal kids. Now we’re at war with ISIS, who has 30,000 members and we’re sending a few hundred noncombat troops. I wonder if Obama’s planning to have our troops bake birthday cakes for ISIS… End of rant…