As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama’s Been So Wrong in the Past . . .

The Washington Free Beacon asks the question our allies, and our enemies, are pondering:

Why should we believe him now?

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40 Responses to Obama’s Been So Wrong in the Past . . .

    • OT, Grace, I recommend to you a book to called The Red Prince by Timothy Snyder. The Red Prince was a Hapsburg who wanted to create a Ukrainian state under himself but loyal to the Austrian empire. It gives an interesting history of the Ukrainians and their region. Don’t be misled by the title: the prince was not a Communist. In fact, both he and his brother were killed by the Russians after WWII. Just a recommendation because you are so interested in the current conflict.

      • Thanks Julie. I appreciate it. I’ll check it out. It would be great if I could get it on Kindle.

        The small Slovak village where my Dad is from in Slovakia is within spitting distance of the Western Ukraine border — lots of interaction —

        It’s funny about these border things. When I was in Kyrgyzstan which is rugged — there was so much interaction and trading between them and the Chinese — despite the mountain range and treacherous travel.

  1. I saw a comment — Obama said he was going to hit ISIS where they are — lets hope he means Dearborn Michigan, NOVA, and Minnesota as well.

    Oh what the heck, if he means it at all.

      • SL, I read an unsettling article that in the upcoming Swedish elections, the Swedes are going to end their “fling” with private economy. Any opinions?

    • Thats great! Thats where he should hit them also, B but he’s too much of a Muslim, too stubborn and too dim-witted to do the right thing like that. If he was intelligent, he would close the border immediately now but we know he is far from a good intelligent president, actually the scary part is, we don’t have a president now, just a stubborn, miserable, dangerous teenage boy in charge.

  2. It has been said that Obama is in over his head.
    I don’t believe that.
    He is accomplishing exactly what he set out to do, take America down a few notches on the world stage.
    The problem though is the fact that many people in the world looked up to America as a model and they see Obama systematically destroying it.

    Obama’s main problem is credibility.
    He has contradicted himself so many times on record that no-one really believes him anymore.
    That is a serious predicament for a sitting president.

    • You do make great points, but he IS in over his head. There have been other Presidents out of their depth,in over their heads before, but they have been smart and humble enough to ask for advice and then act on it. The first one that comes to mind is Gerald Ford, a congressman from flyover country who found himself sitting in the Oval Office by a series of unprecedented events. He did OK, not great, not enough to make himself memorable, but calmed the political frenzy.
      He had to have taken advice from those more savvy than he.

      The job is unique in all regards, and there’s no college course to prepare someone, so it’s all on-the-job-training.

      • Obama is a lifelong academic, with tenure. On-the-job performance is of little consequence. He gets a paycheck, regardless.

        Once he was POTUS, the actual responsibilities of being POTUS were unappealing to him. He figured he’d leave it to those whom he had surrounded himself with. Problem being, the folks he surrounded himself with weren’t all that bright, by design. Had he surrounded himself with brighter people, he would have been exposed. This is precisely why he golfs with junior staffers and self-trained chefs.

        And, in Obama’s world, Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

        • I don’t think that is correct that Obama was a life-long academic with tenure. All I know of is a part-time instructor or lecturer at the University of Chicago.

          • I don’t see him as an academic period. But the stories of him at the whole Italian “salon” type evening — cigars and brandy and talky talky about culture etc — that’s more the style by which he views himself.

          • Quite a step up from a lifetime of associating with drug dealers and Chicago thugs. He now views himself as an elite, effete, fop. The Emperor has no clothes.

          • You are right Julie.
            That is what the MSM would want us to believe.
            Both of their law licenses no longer exist, (Choom and Mooch.)
            That’s why their records are locked down.

          • I’ve read repeated claims that they were forced to turn in their law licenses, yet have found absolutely no facts to back this.
            Have any details?

          • The closest I’ve gotten to this mystery is that the official form they used to declare they no longer wanted to be licensed lawyers, is the form often used to allow lawyers to voluntarily hand in their license–no questions asked– or be subject to an investigation. It’s the quiet, easy way out after you’ve created a legal mess for yourself. One of my brothers is a lawyer and that’s what he told me. Other than that, I don’t know. It doesn’t necessarily mean they broke the law or violated an ethical standard, but who knows what they did or didn’t do.

            Here’s more on the topic–


          • You are correct, Julie. He was nothing but a run-of-the-mill part-time adjunct lecturer. According to the ‘Obama
            File’, Beckwith alleges that he was even advised by a colleague not to seek faculty advancement b/c he would never qualify for a higher position. He is a PHONY!

          • The impotent potentate is only looking ahead to his final hurdle on Nov. 4, 2014. He will officially become a free-lancer with a pen and a phone. Everything for the past six years – ObamaCare, the ME wars, immigration – has been kicked down the road to coincide with his departure. The damage he has done is incalculable and what a mess he will leave his successor. Who in their right mind would want to clean up after Obama??? Ugh!

        • Spot on JED. Obama has always been the professor in the classroom, concocting answers and strategies based upon his ideology. He scribbles it on the blackboard, grabs his pointer, and spews on and on about his theory. Then the bell rings, class over, wipe the board clean.

          Wait for the next class, start again….

          But the difference is that is a hypothetical world, and now he finds himself staring at reality, one that is not filled with What Ifs, but more likely What BE.


      • I agree with you to an extent.
        Obama has a huge ego and an arrogance that does not allow him to take advice from people that have experience.
        He has surrounded himself with advisers that spent their whole lives in academia.
        I think that he is intimidated by Admirals and Generals that disagree with him and his tactics, therefore, he removes them.
        A classroom is fine but actual experience is the best teacher.
        Obama lacks the latter.

  3. I ended up watching–he looked “funny”–not normal–that dark blue gravitas suit maybe? Same staring eyes, lack of affect. Wondered if it was a double, then decided that would make ME the nutty one. I have no idea what this will amt to–will the Syrian shopkeepers rise to the occasion–will he–will we?

  4. The FBI looking into the Ray Rice football domestic violence thing.

    The FBI sure is busy chasing weird things these days — I wonder if they do much anymore with other crimes — like jihadis in the US — that kind of thing — or it just a social service and social justice agency these days.

  5. Who could believe him? lI don’t think he looked good at all last night. he looked like a cross between Frankenstein and a mortician with a drug problem in that dark suit with those crazy staring eyes. Besides that, he didn’t say anything of substance or clarity of how we could beat his muslim brothers and he thinks he is so special because him and Kerry won’t say the word “war” , 1960’s reject, Kerry and racist Obama who made sure he has the Muslim Brotherhood and who knows who else in his administration. We should be ashamed of having him as our president. He should be booted out and soon before he finishes the job on us.