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Obama’s Three Fatal ISIS Delusions

With his address to the nation Wednesday evening, President Obama revealed that he is a leader in deep denial about the threat the United States faces, and about the steps that are necessary to deal with it.

In his remarks, Obama offered up a series of delusions, each of which point to the ultimate defeat of the United States in the war he has embarked upon.

Delusion #1: Obama still thinks ISIS is the JV team.

Here’s how he began his speech:

We can’t erase every trace of evil from the world, and small groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm.

ISIS is not a small group of killers. It is an army of fanatics that has at least 10,000 fighters – and possibly tens of thousands more – with literally billions of dollars in loot to spend and control over a third of Iraq and portions of Syria.

It is more extreme than al Qaeda and will probably present a greater foe than al Qaeda in Iraq, which took years for U.S. military forces on the ground to defeat.

Delusion #2: This is not a war, it’s a counterterrorism operation.

Obama declared:

We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy .  .  .

This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.

What leader tells their people the will “ultimately” win? What kind of campaign is that? Yeah, we’ll get there. 


Why are we pursuing a strategy that gives ISIS time and space to adapt to our tactics, gain more recruits, and send the American citizens among its fighters home to blow things up in the United States?

Why are we modeling this on far more limited operations against terrorists in Yemen and Somalia that – note Obama’s own phrasing – we have pursued for years.

Who gets in a war with the distinct goal of prolonging it??

We hit the beach in Normandy and were finished with the Germans in less than a year. That was back in the days when Democrats knew how to fight wars.

If you want to understand Obama’s lack of seriousness, look at this:

Our technology companies and universities are unmatched.  Our manufacturing and auto industries are thriving.  Energy independence is closer than it’s been in decades.  For all the work that remains, our businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation in our history.

Why is Obama talking about carmakers in a war speech? Why is he bragging about creating jobs in remarks that should be focused on ISIS? Is he hoping to make New York City taxi drivers out of them?

The problem here is not just Obama’s natural tentativeness and his ingrained anti-any-war leftism, but his love of Obama. Because if he acknowledges he is in a war, it would be an admission that his policies have been a failure and his proclamations about war receding a joke.

This effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Message: I’m not George W. Bush. I don’t start wars!

And so this has to be just another bland little serving of counterterrorism, maybe this time with some hot sauce on the side.

Delusion #3: We can win this war with a half-assed effort.

Said Obama:

I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.  This counterterrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground.

No combat troops?

Let me ask Obama this: What happens if the strategy doesn’t work? No escalation? Just bury our dead, admit defeat, and go home?

If destroying ISIS is a national security priority, then destroy ISIS. I believe we can do this without a major ground force commitment. But we will need some combat forces, at least to call the airstrikes in, and others to help the bumbling Iraqi army do things it can’t.


This is not some damn Obamacare website project that you work on for years and then spend more years fixing it if it doesn’t work. THIS IS WAR. Get in and finish it.

And if it becomes clear that the strategy isn’t succeding quickly, then we need a massive influx of ground troops to take care of the problem

I outlined such a military strategy last month.

But think of this. We’ve already told the enemy what they’re going to have to be dealing with. Like the Taliban, we’re telling them, hang in there, you can do this, we’re not going to seriously hurt you.

Obama in fact is already involved in incrementalism of the type that loses wars and gets Americans killed, announcing last night that he was sending 475 more troops to Iraq. Armed with butter knives, I assume, since they aren’t “combat” troops. And now he’s going to bomb Syria, something he has resisted until now.

This man, who became president solely to redistribute wealth and get us fully going with socialism, is annoyed by foreign policy. It’s a distraction from his essential, domestic mission. I guarantee you we’ll hear little more from him about ISIS for months. He’s not into this.

He is operating in a fantasy world. In the real world, the United States is at war. He is a War President, JUST LIKE BUSH. If he doesn’t take it seriously, if he doesn’t wake up, our enemies are going to strike us here and kill many Americans.

That’s why I genuinely want him to succeed with this. He sounded and looked good last night – quite presidential. I’d be happy if his words matched his delivery.

I want him, for the sake of the country, to understand what’s at stake.

But I know him. And he won’t.

64 thoughts on “Obama’s Three Fatal ISIS Delusions”

  1. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  2. Agree, he made a campaign speech, intermingled with some palaver about being mean to a small group of , of, bad guys.
    This wasn’t a serious, we’re in the fight of our time war with a rabid, intense Islamic offshoot who desire to kill us all.

    Without mentioning, by name, our “partners” in this air-strike only action, we’re led to believe that the nations he refers to don’t want to be identified. There is news that GBriton is not going to join us, so who is he talking about – Moravia, Belize, who?

    I’m against this action he proposes, only because the fight, the war, should start right here in the US. We need to root out the radical Islamists in our midst, we need to secure our border and do it now.
    The cancer he hopes to eradicate is already growing in our country. These Islamist Sharia-loving anti-Americans are demanding a voice in our government, demanding that we observe their laws, and we must stand against them.
    IMO, anyway.

    1. srdem65 ,

      If you want to start rooting out the Islamist in the US, start with our prisons. “Imams” are allowed to preach pretty much whatever they want, and work to convert and radicalize as many prisoners as they can. When these guys get out, they are hooked up with other radicalized Muslims, and the hate continues. Prisoners and parolees hear over and over how the “man” has kept them down, and the only way to change that is to change the way the government works. Bring in Sharia and all will be good for your brother.

      Our prisons are nothing more than recruitment centers for radicals, and training houses on how to become even more violent.

      Shut down the radicals from coming into facilities, and follow up closely with the prisoners that are released to make sure they are not getting further radicalized.

      Won’t happen though. Not a politician in the world has the backbone to call this what it is. A holy war of Islam vs. the world.

    2. Start with exposing the WH Adm’s czars, advisers, dep’t heads, and the many other ‘muslim employees’ imbedded within every bureau, plus the DOJ, the Homeland Security sub-committees, etc., etc. who have ‘high level security’ access! jb

  3. I guess if we’re doing it–surgical and shock and awe! Precise! Effective. And quick. This would be ideal. You can tell his heart wasn’t in it–his body barely moved, he had that weird dark suit, those staring eyes. The quick surgical thing was his speech. Now, I bet he thinks all he has left to do is blame Repubs if they don’t appropriate money and when this comes up again, remind us he said three yrs.

  4. I just heard Boehner say that he agrees with the president, that there should be boots on the ground.
    NO NO NO.
    No more boots on the ground.
    Why send our troops into that damn meat grinder again when we have a Navy and an Air Force that can turn that place into glass ?

    Obama dithered when they were traveling to Iraq, when we could have wiped the bastards off the map.
    This is not like Nam, where the enemy could hide in the jungle.
    They’re right there, target practice for the jets.

    Now, they are sending more ground troops over there to that hell hole.

    We need to go over there and kick their ass and then get out.
    I am sick of playing patty cakes with these heathens.

    Rant off.

          1. I think he sent 400 some over there again.
            How many is that now, 2000 ?
            Are they armed ?
            Are the ROE rules in play ?
            One bullet Barney in your pocket type rules ?

            Get them all out of there.
            The pissant in the White House doesn’t give a damn about them.

    1. Why Obama didn’t take them out during their long, tedious trek from Syria to Iraq is beyond comprehension. A single line caravan traveling on an old open desert road. Guess he figured they were on their way to soccer practice.

    2. I am not wishing it, but I would guess the maniacs have already picked up everything and are setting up their offices, (meeting spot) within civilian homes, etc.

  5. Delusion #1: Obama still thinks ISIS is the JV team.

    Of course he does. Did you expect him to become something different just because the players have changed? He’s a community organizer. He baffles those around him with BS and it has worked for years. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, they are all the same. They are like the yapping dog nipping at your ankles. You either hang tight to every word uttered, you eventually walk away in irritation or you kick the crud out of them.

    Delusion #2: This is not a war, it’s a counterterrorism operation.

    “Why are we pursuing a strategy that gives ISIS time and space to adapt to our tactics, gain more recruits, and send the American citizens among its fighters home to blow things up in the United States? Who gets in a war with the distinct goal of prolonging it??”

    Again, think community organizer. He has no military background, no leadership capabilities. He is an agitator, period. He rallies his supporters with pom-poms and parade candy while threatening those who don’t do his bidding. He doesn’t understand any type of war save that of words and threats. Hence red lines that move like the scrimmage line, sternly worded rebuffs, dithering on decision making, racial and class warfare, etc. He’s got no clue how to engage in a physical fight. It is beyond him.

    Delusion #3: We can win this war with a half-assed effort.

    “This counterterrorism campaign” – This is Obama’s modus operandi. He is on the perpetual campaign. The only way he can engage in a war is to talk them to death. Again, baffle them with BS and maybe they will go away.

    “We hit the beach in Normandy and were finished with the Germans in less than a year. That was back in the days when Democrats knew how to fight wars.” – Yes, but we have had many years to become very sissified. Too many just don’t have the stomach for war. Too many think if we just talk nice they will eventually like and respect us. I don’t particularly care for war either. However, when someone brings the fight you better be prepared with a response. And a “please, can’t we just get along” does not appease everyone.

    1. I concur.
      Very well said.
      We have a timid little girl in charge of the finest military in the world and the Soldiers in that military are straining at the harness to defend their Country.

      1. Remember, he voted “present” 160 + times during his short stint as a junior senator for the state of Illinois and a position where he didn’t have to run against anyone. Before that, he was a community organizer. What did the country expect when they elected him and how could they have elected him to a second term.

  6. There were 3 other elements to Obama’s campaign to marginalize ISIS

    1. Unfriend them on Facebook
    2. Start a Hash-tag (#) campaign against them
    3. Have the IRS begin an audit of their books

    Only then will peace be at hand………..

      1. I tried typing an umlauted u in Word and then copied & pasted (Kübler). The way to do it in Word is control+colon (i.e. contol+shift+colon key), then type the letter you want umlauted.

  7. A little off topic. The hubbster and I were laughing last night at Obama’s sudden last ditch attempt to sound presidential and ‘in command’. He usually runs the gamut of emotions from “A” to “B” ….but last night he stepped it up a few notches. Since he honors the Muslim law of abstaining from coffee, we were wondering if he energized himself with No-Doze or pep pills before his dramatic teleprompter reading. He must be exhausted this morning, lol. But what the heck, it’s the beginning of his four day week-end.

      1. He was over-rehearsed, especially the ridiculous little flourish at the end. Unfortunately, he can’t do anything about those cold, soul-less eyes.

    1. Barry energizes himself with coke. Cocaine gives the user a feeling of being in control, in charge, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It makes you feel powerful, and would account for the glassy eyes, too. A short-lived high, but it lasts long enough for a speech.

  8. That’s one of the best things I’ve read by you ever! I wonder how you feel about arming the Syrian “moderate” rebels. That I am against. I think many of them have already gone over to ISIS, but I agree with Geoff Caldwell on arming the Kurds.

    I don’t give a fig for his rhetoric last night, but I see many pols and pundits afraid to speak out or were schmoozed by him. Drip, drip, drip for three years. One would hope this was to mislead the ISLAMIC terrorists and that he is going to smack them hard quickly and suddenly, but with Obama I know not to hope.

  9. “Does he want to make taxi drivers out of them?” Racist pug. Yeah, a pug. You know the little snoveling rats people have as dogs? That’s you, you lazy pug. The president was merely engaging our psyche and inspiring us to move forward with our lives. If we followed your lead, we would all be snoveling gromits and the economy would faulter. I think it was an excellent speech.

    1. I’m sorry. I definitely sank to 3rd grade on that one. I just want to fight and quite frankly I’m disappointed that he didn’t leave that window open for me. My heart is heavy today and I used to be a chauffeur and know how those guys react to such things…Anyway, I wrote Mr. President a letter today asking him to let me fight. I want to drive the tyrants back into Syria and protect the sand my brothers and sisters bled and died upon. I’m truly sorry about the pug comment too.. Ex girlfriend issues…man I loved those pugs.

      1. Why isn’t delete an option on this thing? now my name is engraved with thoughts of calling a complete stranger a “lazy pug” seriously man, I owe you a beer.

  10. Check the maps –cities and towns held by ISIS–Map 1. Countries with large numbers responding to ISIS recruitment. Recruitment in schools, prisons, and mosques. And let’s not forget our own open borders policy courtesy of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

    Maybe the Bear does actually have to get out into the US more and open his eyes. But, as Keith says, he won’t.

    He is starry eyed at the thought of multi culturalism and internationalism.

  11. Well, first either Obama or his sidekick Jean Francois Kerree needs to be able to aloud the word War.

    Two Americans were beheaded — Obama and Kerree need to get their heads out of sand, their hands out of everybody’s pockets, and worry less about their own political futures and start giving a damn about the future of this country.

    1. The delusional and/or ignorant part of the country had high hopes for him. The thinking part of the country knew he was grossly ill-suited to the job.

  12. You said it Keith! Why is Obama leaving the borders open now? Is he punishing America because the Republicans won’t pass immigration? Thats his style, vengeful and childish, he would do something like that, put us all at risk because he thinks he is royalty now and can’t get his way, only a stupid jerk would leave the borders open now with ISIS ready to throw bombs at us. He should be strung up.

  13. The great irony is that here, finally, is his opportunity to do something worthy of his Nobel Peace Prize, by leading a campaign to bring peace to a troubled part of the world by defeating those who are the most warlike of all. But yes, this is not the speech one gives heralding the start of that campaign. This is the speech one gives when one is attempting to appease the concerns of multiple interests in the room.

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