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Live Stream || Obama Observes a Moment of Silence

The event has concluded.

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  1. Oh c’mon, who is Obama kidding? A moment of silence to contemplate why Westchester golf courses rejected him? Or to contemplate what he’s going to talk to Joe about at lunch again? Obama doesn’t OBSERVE a thing unless it centers around him. He’s as cold as ice.

  2. I usually don’t tune in to these events, but felt compelled today. Why does this look so much like the subjects waiting for the king to arrive?

    I’m not trying to detract from the solemnity of the day, just saying.


    • Great idea Lee! I was just sitting here with my heart breaking, trying to wipe away those specks of sand in my eyes.
      I’m not to good on Scripture, so Cisco is asking for a little help here. References please. Aileen, anything ?

  3. It was a truly schizophrenic “strategy” he introduced yesterday. ” Let´s arm the good rebels to fight the bad rebels ( and let´s hope the good rebels don´t all of a sudden turn bad ). Small detail only, how do we recognize the good rebels ? Anyone ? Well. let´s deal with that later. Also, the Islamic State is not at all Islamic , I decide that even if they themselves are of another opinion. The name must be a mistake. What are they then, you ask, well, I am not sure, but absolutely not Islamic, do not use that term when I ( very reluctantly) decide to do something about these folks” .
    Zero Hedge had a brilliant summary of his speech: “We´ll be bombing a sovereign nation. We´ll be arming terrorist groups while fighting them. Economy is great.” And I am sure that Russia is very interested in this new definition of international law.

      • Dr. Krauthammer had a good remark on this, “Pharmacists in tanks.” He was quoting from Obama last year saying the rebels were farmers, doctors, and pharmacists.
        I tried to visualize my pharmacist, a small man who might weigh
        125 pounds.
        But I would rather have him in the tank protecting me than sissy Obama. He is a real Christian man.

    • I live in the Baltimore area. This morning, the mayor of Baltimore appeared on my favorite local AM radio station. The first topic of discussion was, or course, the Ray Rice situation. Next was a rundown of local events this weekend, many of which are centered around the bicentennial of the National Anthem and the battle of Fort McHenry. Added to that is a weekend baseball series between the red-hot Orioles and the Yankees. The mayor said 0bama will be in town for the Star Spangled Spectacular, as it is being called. (Hang in there, folks, I know this is a lot of detail.) She also said 0bama will take a tour of Fort McHenry. When the radio host asked if he would also attend one of the Orioles games, the mayor said, without a smidgen of irony, no, but he will appear at a Democratic fundraiser. Gee, I’m SO glad he could work in that Fort McHenry tour.

  4. How is this any different than any other moment. He’s been silent for the past 6 years when it comes to attacks on the US, its citizens or its diplomats.