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Live Stream || Obama Commemorates 9/11 at the Pentagon

The event has concluded.

14 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Commemorates 9/11 at the Pentagon

  1. I will not watch or listen.
    I am still so angry over his statement that “ISIL” is not Islamic last night. I read this morning that CAIR insisted that he say it in the speech.

  2. He can party, date night, attend high dollar fundraisers probably golf but
    can’t bring himself to go to NYC on 9-11 anniversary. I too refuse to
    watch or listen both he and Michelle are devoid of true emotion it seems.
    You can’t fake that especially on this occassion.

    • I bet he wanted to go to NYC and turn it into an extended date night/fundraising/party weekend. You know MO would have liked that.

      I bet they were discouraged from attending citing security concerns ….. from the families of the victims /sarc.

      • He’s a coward, his staff probably told him that it wouldn’t be as safe as the Pentagon, so, of course, the coward stayed away from New York. Shame on him for everything, including that speech which said nothing. I also believe Obama is more interested in getting rid of Assad than beating ISIS. Getting rid of Assad will only make Syria worse like Libya, etc.