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Kerry: We are Not at War With ISIS

Out-Orwelling Orwell, Secretary of State John Kerry today said we are not at war with ISIS, merely engaged in “a major counterterrorism operation.”

Well. That’s a bit like calling a bank robbery “a very aggressive withdrawal of funds.”

We are dropping tons of bombs on their heads, aren’t we? And we’ve got more than a thousand troops in the arena. Might be mistaken by some people – those more inclined toward honesty – as a war.

Jake Tapper, who has a pretty finely tuned BS meter, sounds a bit skeptical . . .

Asked today whether what we are doing to ISIS is “preemption,” the egregious Marie Harf, the State Department spokeswoman, said no, absolutely not:

Our goal is to be able to prevent terrorist organizations from being able to attack the United States or our interests.

That is, preemption. But of course, that’s a Bush presidency term, and we don’t use those in the Obama administration.

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  1. Great lies:
    1. No, it’s not war, we’re just trying to discourage their bad behavior.
    2. I was not hitting on that woman, I was curious about her earrings.
    3. I’m not gambling, I only put some money in the pool because it’s a good charity.
    4. I didn’t buy new shoes, I’ve had these for ages.
    5. Jobs are being created at a high level.
    6. The economy is booming.
    7. I quit smoking years ago, I only try one now and then to remind myself of how terrible a habit it is.

  2. Interesting, that you present the bank robbery analogy. In 1981, the Weather Underground called their $1.5 million NY Brinks Heist [and accompanying triple homicide] “appropriation”.

    FBI Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist a.k.a. Elizabeth Ann[a] Duke, co-founder of May 19th Communist Organization, is wanted in connection with this crime. In 2009, a.k.a. Obama’s DOJ surreptitiously, illegally quashed Duke’s indictment:

  3. ♫ A horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to a horse, of course, unless you’re talking to a jackass …after that you’re just go “hoarse” trying to make sense of it all.

    • He should have made that comment today in front of the families of 911 and the rest of the American citizens who actually listened to him.
      Good afternoon: Wanted to remind everyone that I think there is no War on Terror.

  4. Jean Francois Kerree thinks the greatest threat to our national security is climate change. I think that has something to do with his concern over ideal climates for sailing and windsurfing.

    He cannot be bothered by videos of two Americans being beheaded by savage terrorists whose leader has said when released– See You In New York.

    Kerree must take that to mean an invitation to yet another Democrat fundraiser .

  5. In June 1950 troops from North Korea invaded South Korea. President Truman intervened with air support and shortly after with ground forces in order to stop the North’s agression. But for a considerable period of time this wasn’t called a “War.” Instead, it was referred to as a “Police Action.”

        • O likes to say ‘ISI” ..because it whistles through his teeth. Very annoying……..My God! He is an annoying politician( I’m using the word annoying because it has more than 4 letters)…
          America!! …prepare for the next two years. It is going to be a ‘bumpier ride than the last 6 years” ..Thank You Betty Davis.
          God Save America
          God Bless Our Military

    • Sheesh, how could she NOT. You know, like when Obama speaks and favorite sitcom is “preempted”??? You’d think even that random confluence of ganglions could figure it out.

      But you’re probably right. Unless she’s told what preemptive means, it’s beyond her.

      And just so she doesn’t have a hissy fit about MY War On Women, the foregoing would also apply if she were a manly-man. ‘course then, she’d be the only one in the administration.

    • The man who asked th questioned seemed to be talented at this job and intelligent. I do not know how these people can keep themself from standing up and saying enough is enough.
      They are playing a major word game with American citizens.

  6. How out of touch with reality can they be? They even brought Susan Rice in on this.

    War /wôr/ noun: war; plural noun: wars 1. a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.

    ISIS / noun: Islamic STATE in Iraq and Syria

    It’s not hard folks. Just simple English and logic. They are starting to look like a ship of fools sans the ship…

  7. Seriously, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I may have to check myself into the Home for the Politically Exasperated for a few days.

  8. No Pretty Much we are at War with the Obama Administration and Mexico.

    Jeff Sessions on Immigration.

    Takes on that punk Zuckerberg and Carlos Slim. Between Obama and Zuckerberg the Mexico probably thinks it’s the United States of America and Mexico. Guess that’s why Tahmoressi is in jail and no one does jack about it.

    Good for Sessions.

  9. This is all a ridiculous setup to ensure (he thinks) that Obama is never going to be accused of “starting a war”.

    Remember Alfred Kahn of the Carter administration who said something like, “instead of the word inflation, you can call it a banana”.

    By that logic, isn’t our war against ISIS (not ISIL), really just a “banana”?

  10. I can’t imagine our founders ever considered the dumbest people in human history would ever be elevated to a high position in the U.S. government, otherwise they would have included a test that would rule out the insane, the imbecile, the braindead, and the chance that a John Kerry would ever have any kind of position in the federal government, including janitor.