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Carney Ripped Apart by McCain

Starting his gig as a CNN commentator, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday ran up against something he’s not used to – an aggressive challenge, free of the protocols of a White House briefing, in which a knowledgable adversary tolerates none of his spin.

Carney, who hasn’t figured out yet that he has to make real arguments now instead of offering up preprogrammed propaganda, found his sophistry violently debunked by Sen. John McCain. McCain, who was the chief proponent the the Iraq surge strategy that pacified the country, was having none of Carney’s nonsensical Obama White House storyline about how U.S. force levels in the country didn’t matter.

Carney and McCain go way back, from Carney’s many years as a Washington reporter for Time magazine. McCain was one of Carney’s fiercest critics when the mainstream reporter he had known morphed into an unapologetic Obama apologist.

Have a look. It’s pretty compelling.

22 Responses to Carney Ripped Apart by McCain

  1. I must say I rather enjoyed watching Carney get knocked down a peg. He was always able to shut the discussion down when he was done – but not anymore. I also think it was interesting that all the other men wore ties and Carney was dressed casual – “I’m so cool – they are lucky to have me..” He shouldn’t believe his own press.

  2. I’m waiting for the day that a Democratic Senator rips into Carney. That would be compelling. This, while any day is a good day to watch Carney get cut down, is a no-contest; McCain knows about war. Carney only reads about it in mash notes from ValJar. Biiiiiggggg difference.

    I don’t usually agree with McCain but last night, he was spot on.

  3. That condescending phrase “We’ll have to agree to disagree” is not going to serve Carney very well. It didn’t shut down the argument like he thought it would! He tried multiple times with no results. Looks like he’ll have to get another stock answer from the drawer.

    • I didn’t see it, but with “I guess we have to agree to disagree”, Carney was putting himself on the same level as McCain, a US Senator with expertise in defense, which would be a no-no in journalism I would think. The journalist’s job is to ask questions, to investigate, not to express his own opinions overtly. Not in an interview at least. CNN has bought itself a pig in a poke.

    • I always told my kids that means “One thinks they are right, you are wrong, so shut up” so it’s best not to use it. It is condescending and lost any use a long time ago.

  4. CNN must be having buyer’s remorse this morning. Heard one of the anchors mention that McCain and Carney go way back together and are/were the best of friends. This is what happens when you sell your soul. What a loser!

  5. What is telling is when Anderson Cooper asked Carney “What the President thinks” and then attempted to correct himself by saying “What do you think”…

  6. Carney got what he deserved. And I hope he gets more.

    It’s strange when you sell your soul,and then think you can come back and undo that. Jay Carney is a permanent member of the Baghdad Bob Club.

  7. I am surprised Carney didn’t say…….I will have to refer you to we have to agree to disagree. Carney had no one to deflect the hard questions and statements.

  8. I left DC almost 20 yrs ago and out here have been shocked at the lack of respect given members (of Congress). There are 535 running around DC–a lot–but they get a certain deference. Or used to. Now, people like Jay Jay and Greogory and others hector them, lecture them, ask they the same question five ways as if they were so stupid they won’t notice. I dunno–it guess I can still be shocked. Go, Sen McCain–you may not always be right, but you have fought the good fight.

    • 99% of todays members of Congress do not deserve respect. They are idiots, criminals & liars, who can not and will not answer simple questions. Hell, most of them will not even talk to the lowly citizens who ‘voted’ for them.
      Today’s US Congress is a cesspool of stupidity, greed & arrogance.

  9. Ok. McCain is generally useless, but he does understand war a bit. He made good solid points & countered JJ’s idiocy.
    Little, ‘Nobel peace’ 0 does not have a clue about politics, law, our constitution, war or continuum post war. Possibly if the US had not fled, per 0’s “promise”, this turn of events may have played out differently.
    However, now it is there. It would be ideal if any Mid East opposition took out this IS, leaving our troops off the ground, out of harms way….
    But. There is no real strategy, degrade? Come on, garbage degrades in the dump.