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White House Opens the Barn Door

Several times in my career, I’ve heard the distinct sound of a contemptuous politician, or one of their staffers, mooing.

Yes, mooing.

Because the press are like cattle. When following a story together, they move like a herd in a predictable manner toward whatever object appears to be making news.

You can see that dynamic at work today as the White House yet again summoned the press pool to have a look at President Obama actually working in the Oval Office.

photogs outside Oval

Have we no dignity?

We have not.

BTW, the White House photographers are often less like a bovine herd than a stampede of bulls. Any ambling print reporter in their way when there is a fleeting moment to go get a photograph is considered fair game and likely to be trampled, possibly to death.

Here is some video I shot earlier in the week of the White House press corps waiting on the South Lawn for President Obama to make a speech.

49 thoughts on “White House Opens the Barn Door”

  1. Obama has certainly turned our fine press corps into a pack of rabid trained poodles. Does this not bother them?

    I’m wondering if all the networks are going to give Obama his primetime air tonight? Most of what he’s talking about has already been leaked as political (midterms!) and a nothing burger.

    1. I’ll go with the bovine metaphor. Standard poodles were originally hunting dogs and are still considered a very intelligent breed. I don’t know about tea cup poodles though.

  2. LOL and sad at the same time. I make a prediction for tonight: all six years of Obama’s failures, domestic and foreign, will swiftly and momentarily be forgotten. Expect the polls to say that the Democrats are moving up due to Obama’s forceful stand or some such crap.

    1. On this, we part ways. I predict the MSM panels that will parse and dissect his speech will claim it’s not enough, it’s too ambiguous, and wrong on one level or another.
      They want war!, embedded reporters live on the battlefield, a reason to be on the air 24/7.
      They pummeled the Rice controversy into a farce, Ferguson has devolved into some racist rantings, Israel is regrouping, and they need War! to grab some viewers.
      I know, cynical and awful, but wait and see how many war-hawks appear on the MSM to voice their opinions on how wishy-washy the Pres is on global terrorism. SenPaul or other dovish members of Congress won’t be interviewed.

          1. I’m unequivocally in the bomb-them-to-pieces camp without boots on the ground. I don’t want to imagine what would happen to our brave men and women should the Islamic terrorists capture them.

    2. He will come up with a “strategy” — the sheeples will proclaim mature and thoughtful and wise without all the “senseless waste of war” — and the bovines will promote it as brilliant and oh so, internationally inclusive.

      Although I will be curious srdem65 to see if your suspected course results. I can’t see it, but maybe.

      At this point, unfortunately, I think it will take another terrible terrorist act …to move the country off the dime …. and further, these terrible terrorist acts will be repeated. I don’t know how much we will take — but we seem to have great capacity to stuff reason when King Unicorn rears his head and stands on his haunches,

    3. I do agree. I would love to be more obtimistic, but there is a long list that a lot of msm pushed under the rug.
      I was going to give my best guess of what he is going to ramble about tonight. He must be taking a crash course all day long today.
      How to say this.
      Don’t say that.
      Don’t look like you have an attitude toward the citizens your talking to.
      Speak strong to the maniacs who are listening. (HA!)
      Any other ideas of what he is being taught today?

  3. Disgusting. They hold in contempt the very thing they use as a tool to wield power.

    I would just like to see the press STOP. Stop being a tool of the administration. ga. a picture of obama working? I mean, I know it’s rare and all, but don’t give cover that it’s anything but pure propaganda.

  4. I think it would have been appropriate for President Obama to give his ISIL strategy speech as the opening monologue on the new season of Saturday Night Live.

  5. What? How does an exectutive prove he’s “working”; does he hold the pen just so, is his hand on the phone, is he looking down at a paper on his desk, or what? How silly.
    This is all about the cellar dwelling poll numbers and critics claiming the O to be semi-retired, out of touch.
    Look! he’s at his desk!
    How very silly.

      1. Today’s official WH Schedule:
        10:00 AM Daily Briefing
        11:25 Meet with National Security Council
        9:00 PM Delivers address to the nation.

        How much prep time does he need for a speech?
        Bonus points: Will he be on time?

  6. Obama is determined to break the spirit of America.
    Just like a cowboy attempts to break a wild horse.
    Not gonna work Barry.
    Time to buck the oppressor off and experience the freedom that the founders laid down and this Country was founded upon.
    If the press is that easily coerced, who needs them ?
    It disgusts me to see them follow after the administration and consistently make excuses for them.

  7. I thought Helen Thomas retired. My mistake.

    Seriously, I’m trying to imagine the journalists from 20+ years ago putting up with that, peering into the window and being grateful for the opportunity.

        1. I suggested that they walk out on him. They are all talented people and deserve better.
          There are grade school children 10 and above or so, that can think of proper questions. They also understand that they would deserve to be answered.

  8. Once again We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can THINK OF and ASK BETTER QUESTIONS than the entire, so-called “elite” “WH press corps”…
    And most important WE WOULD DEMAND ANSWERS from the Obama regime until that little creep ‘Propaganda Sec’ Josh Earnest would run off the stage in a nervous breakdown.

        1. lol
          I just heard on the Five the point that O doesn’t need to use such word as EXTROADINARY.
          That is one of his words he uses to much when he speaks.
          I don’t want to hear INVESTIGATION.

  9. I am bemused at the thought of so many of you predicting a real barn burner of a speech out of the king of “er” “uh;” self-referencing – I, me, and his posturing – “Make no mistake” …. Even if he’s yelling to show passion .. dud. Total snore-maker.

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