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Todd: Obama Could Do “Jimmy Carter-Like Damage” to Democrats

NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd today suggested President Obama is on the cusp of throwing Democrats right back in the foreign policy disaster zone where they existed for at least a dozen years following Jimmy Carter’s feckless presidency.

“He’s on the precipice of doing Jimmy Carter-like damage to the Democratic brand on foreign policy – if he’s not careful,” Todd said.

Todd indicated though that he thinks Obama’s damaging effects are probably temporary.

Todd was talking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe about a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that puts Republican up by 38 points over Democrats on on the question of which Party will ensure a strong national defense. The poll shows strong support for aggressive action against ISIS.

A few other points from Todd’s conversation with Joe Scarborough:

  • Obama isn’t trying to rally the nation on ISIS. The nation is trying to rally Obama.
  • The single most followed story of the last five years is the beheading by ISIS of Americans Steven Sotloff and James Foley.
  • Democrats’ internal polls showed their candidates dropping 6-9 percentage points when Obama went golfing after speaking about Foley’s murder.

28 thoughts on “Todd: Obama Could Do “Jimmy Carter-Like Damage” to Democrats”

    1. Well, he’s sitting on 195 rounds as First Duffer right now.

      So unless Sir Golfsalot puts away his clubs, and decides he can wait until Christmas for his next round of golf, he’ll hit 200 rounds at some point in October.

      By then, the wheels will likely be falling off overseas, people will have gotten their health insurance bills, and there could be several re-enactments of Howard Beale’s speech from “Network” in the public square.

  1. Warning. This could be a setup. Tomorrow Chuck Todd might gleefully announce what a terrific job Oboutme did in his speech. The accusation today thereby giving credibility to the accolades tomorrow. Just a thought… No chance of coordination between the media and OBoutme!

      1. Pretty much it’s a set up. Obama’s media toady in chief sets it up and Obama knocks it out of the park. Whether he does or not that is how the media will report it and they will once again try to drag the people across the line. Maybe this time there will be more laggards. Who knows.

  2. Look! I swear two pigs just flew past my window!

    War! they want war. Americans don’t want mamby-pamby treatment of the hated Islamists here and abroad. When our people, military or civilian, return from the land of Islam in body bags or maimed, we haven’t won anything and Americans want to win.
    ISIS. These people don’t belong in the world today.

    1. Yep, that’s what I told srdem on the last post or one before. That’s what the media will say, and I suspect the Democrats number will rise because of the speech of the century.

  3. Off Topic:

    ~Is it ‘that time of the month’ for Shep Smith? because he is really cranky & obnoxious today talking about US action against ISIS. (i.e. US use of force bad! Blame Bush! Iraq war bad!)
    Yet Shep “liberal panties” Smith will not say anything bad about Obama…?

      1. He actually laughed about Bush. How funny was it when Shep
        hit a woman saving a parking space in the Florida recount Fox
        paid for that literally. Shep is obnoxious.

  4. This coming from the slobbering, butt kissing conductor of the shameless, fawning interview he had with his Dear Leader, Dictator Obama on Sunday’s Meet the Sorry Press. Chuck Todd is a revolting propaganda toady.

  5. OT: State Department official admits O Administation suffered from “over optimism” in arming Libyan Rebels.
    A top State Dept. official told Congress on Wednesday that the administration did not have a handle on the consequences of the 2011 intervention in Libya.
    I hope O reads this before his speech tonight.

  6. Obama runs risk of doing “Jimmy Carter-like damage” to the Democrat brand. Michael Moore calls Obama a “huge disappointment.” Eric Holder is the most personally unlikable figure in any polling data. Jeh Johnson urges retailers to “say something when they see something” when it comes to the deadly and dreaded pressure cooker (“they’re not just for making good chicken stock anymore.”) All the headlines boil down to one thing: Obama is a yutz, who has surrounded himself with self-impressed underachievers. Our nation has paid a great price for this.

    This administration is only capable of beclowning itself at nearly every turn. That’s all they’ve got.

  7. Obama’s speeches are not worth the paper they’re written on. He has a record now – the worst record on foreign policy in the history of this country.
    Before tonight’s media circus, every news outlet should play George Bush’s 2007 predictions of dire consequences in Iraq if the de-escalation was not handled properly. Obama fulfilled Bush’s worst nightmares.

    Worse yet, Obama tried to sweep ISIS and A/Q under the table after he single-handedly killed OBL! He claimed that the war on terror was over! He took victory laps in front of the WTC.

    Listening to Obama read a teleprompter speech has no more credibility or plausability if it was the WH janitor reading the speech. They are basically interchangeable. (My apologies to the WH janitors)

    1. He should grab Trump’s offer immediately…..he will be banned for life at all private golf clubs after he leaves office. Most members are Repubs.

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