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The Obama Morning News || September 10. 2014

Obama to OK airstrikes in Syria . . . Associated Press
In his address to the nation, President Obama will outline an expanded military and political effort to combat militants in Syria and Iraq, and urge Congress to quickly give him authority to arm moderate Syrian opposition forces fighting President Bashar Assad.

Obama to Congress: I don’t need approval . . . Examiner
Obama told congressional leaders in a meeting Tuesday that he has the authority to launch broader attacks against ISIS, downplaying the prospect of a Capitol Hill vote on his military plan.

Justice stonewalling internal watchdog . . . Daily Caller
The head investigator charged with overseeing the Department of Justice testified Tuesday that various government agencies have repeatedly stymied his investigation efforts, and have done so in direct violation of federal law.

Breitbart says it was targeted by IRS . . . Fox News
The company that runs the conservative news site says the IRS has selected the network for an audit, in a move company executives suggest is politically motivated.

ISSA: DOJ tried to coordinate with Dems . . . Daily Caller
A press official at the Department of Justice attempted to coordinate the leak of documents concerning the IRS targeting scandal with Democratic staffers, but accidentally called the wrong office.

Dems join GOP on Bergdal vote . . . The Blaze
The House voted Tuesday to condemn the Obama administration for swapping five Taliban soldiers for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl without giving Congress enough notice, and approved the measure with the help of 22 Democrats.

Benghazi Committee ready for prime time . . . The Hill
The rising threat from Islamic extremists has set the stage for Republicans to make a splash with the launch of their Benghazi investigation next week.

Poll: Public backs GOP on immigration . . . Newsmax
The survey found that 35 percent of Americans believe the Republican Party is better positioned to address immigration, as against 27 percent who think Democrats would do a better job. 

Obama politicizing policies . . . National Journal
On foreign policy and immigration, the president has prioritized short-term politics over sound policy. And it’s costing him badly in his final years in office.

Clinton sits out the issues . . . Washington Times
With no obvious, viable threat to her party’s nomination, Mrs. Clinton is able to straddle the fence on any number of controversial topics with little consequence, analysts say.

Lawmaker seeks end to bake sale ban . . . The Blaze
Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) proposed legislation Tuesday that would strike down a federal rule that puts limits on the sale of baked goods, sweets and other non-healthy foods during the school day to raise money for sports, band and other activities.

32 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || September 10. 2014”

  1. So Obama’s going to cut into prime time programming to tell us why the United States, the strongest military power on the planet is going to need 3 years to kick the JV’s a$$?
    I’ll pass.
    Note to the military: I always have and always will give all of you my full and complete support and know YOU could do it in 30 days if allowed to run the war as we did in WWII. It’s the Clown in Chief that has it all mucked up.

    1. I’ll take a pass too Geoff.
      First, Obama simply lies about anything and everything when it’s politically convenient and serves his purpose.
      When he’s not lying, Obama is blaming.
      I think I’ll clean my cat’s litter box instead.
      Cat s**t or BB, Barry’s b*****t.
      I prefer cat s**t.

      1. I already sussed out why the three-year gambit–to shut everyone up for three yrs. Honestly, I don’t know which scares me more–some more trademarked puss puss tonite or the demonic mad face, Braveheart routine. I bet we won’t be seeing the second–or if genuine feeling is attempted, it will be “nuanced” to death.

    1. The word “justice” under Eric Holder is an oxymoron. I lead my J Globe column today with that very thought:
      He and Obama hide behind their race, Hillary, Harf and Wasserman-Schultz hide behind their sex. I’m going to take a lot of flak from the left today but well worth it to finally start calling out these hypocrites for what they are: Misrepresentations of the history that came before them and embarrassments to the cause of true equality.

      1. Wonderful George Caldwell. Everyone pull it up and read.
        Wonderful comparing evil and good.
        Food prices caught my eye as well. That doesn’t get mentioned because of all the other major things going on.

      2. I read it — its fantastic George Caldwell. I hope that Hillary Clinton, I call her Miss Piggy lookalike, and that horrible Debbie Wasserman Schultz read it

    2. The litmus test should begin if/when the GOP takes back the Senate. In fact, I consider it a defining moment for the nation – the check and balance system.

      1. Yes. And IF they do, they MUST do what was done in the Clinton years. Keep passing the bills, keep sending them to the White House and put the focus on Obama as to WHY he keeps vetoing. Harry Reid has given him cover these past 4 years. If that ends, and with the 2016 election around the corner, even the press will find itself exposing Obama for the petulant child that he his.

    3. If the GOP pulls the sweep in 2016, then a lot of the feds who’ve made rank by licking this administration’s boots need to get a very serious review of their actions since 2009.

      One or two high-profile corruption convictions of some mid-level career feds–i.e., non-political positions–and all of a sudden, every civil servant will start sweating, wondering if they’re next. The dam would break, the stoolies would start singing, and eventually, a lot of names at the top of the Obama administration will have no one to hide behind.

        1. Good ideas all, but then, why not go multi-agency? If anyone, in any agency, can get hit with hard time for falling on their sword for this bunch, then it’s more likely that EVERYONE in DC will want to squeal.

  2. I’m still against arming Assad’s “moderate” opposition. Washington is just so wrong all the time about whom to support. Look what has happened in Iraq and Libya, and the same thing happened in Egypt but for the military kicking out the “moderates” who took over after Mubarak.

    1. “If you want a job done right, do it yourself” applies in this instance. ISIS is a threat to us, bring in the B-52’s and B2’s and pound em back into the sand from which they emerged. Do NOT arm anyone in Syria right now. Kurds, yes, they’ve been our allies since WWII.

        1. x2 for you both. Arm the Kurds. And for God’s sake give the Ukrainians something to fight with — we and all of Europe should be roundly ashamed of that invasion.

    2. Didn’t the “moderate” ones turn Sokoloff and James Foley into ISIS? To have their heads cut off? You can’t trust so-called moderates or any of them, they’re all evil killers. So Obama must be a true Muslim or he would not want to arm any of them. It is so scary that he is the President, We have to pray every day that we don’t get hit again and lose another 3,000 or more people because of Obama and Holder and our open borders.

  3. Interesting that they are targeting Breitbart LLC for an audit. If they do business like most any other business, they already have internal and external auditors hired for that purpose, no? If so, what does the IRS hope to glean from that?

    1. Just read the article (Thanks Keith) regarding the BENGHAZI Committe. Long Face will not be showing up, and we don’t know if HIlla Face will be there as well. This has to be tended to, finding out who/what the error was. We have thousands of military citizens and other American citizens that need to be assured this won’t happen again. If there is any type of emergency you jump in to help first!

      1. Yikes! I totally missed that article and it’s one of my greatest interests. The timing of the book (13 Hours) and the FOX special couldn’t have been better. I wish Trey Gowdy and Company the best success at getting at the truth. The book brought out that Stevens was on a special mission to secure weapons for the Syrian opposition but it blew up. ISIS already involved? Anyway, since the mission failed, could Obama and Clinton have cared any less if Stevens was not around to talk about it?

        1. My greatest interest as well, besides keeping our freedom.
          I have mentioned before fine military people don’t leave people behind. They risk their lives to save fallen soliders, people.

  4. Apparently the grand scheme for student debt is that if you go to work for the government or a non profit a portion of your debt will be forgiven by the Feds courtesy of King Obama and the rest of it will be paid by his subject serfs, the American taxpayer.

    Not only is this wrong on every level, I can’t imagine paying for someone who got a BA in LGBT AA Illegal Immigrant Navel Gazing on an Multinational Level and also paying their salary and funding their pension if they are employed by the government.

    If Obama looks like a dithering worthless incompetent I can’t imagine what this next generation of government non profit “workers” is going to be incapable of as well.

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