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Obama Denied His Golf

Oh the indignity.

What golf course would have turned away President Barack Obama a couple of years ago? None. But now, in a sign of The One’s fading luster, no less than three New York City-area clubs told the president to take his game elsewhere rather than disrupt their members’ coveted Labor Day Weekend of play.

Obama was in  Rhode Island and Westchester County – a suburb of the city – Friday, August 29, doing some fundraising. He was scheduled to stay overnight, since he had the wedding of White House Cook Sam Kass in Westchester to go to Saturday evening.

But in a strange change of plans that is only being explained now, Obama jetted back to the White House Friday evening and then back to Westchester Saturday afternoon.

According to New York’s local NBC affiliate, here’s why:

President Obama was turned down at several top golf courses in Westchester while he was visiting the area over Labor Day weekend, sources tell NBC 4 New York.

The Trump National Golf Club, the Winged Foot and Willow Ridge were among some of the elite courses that rebuffed the president’s request to tee off there, according to several sources who were told about the president’s advance team’s calls to the club managers.

Club managers apparently did not want to inconvenience their high-powered and high-paying members over Labor Day weekend by shutting down their courses to accommodate the president.

Obama piddled around the White House Saturday before heading back up for the wedding.

But don’t worry, he got in a round of golf at his usual military base course Sunday, since the troops can’t object when the Commander in Chief comes rolling through.

57 thoughts on “Obama Denied His Golf”

  1. Why does he need the entire course closed off when he has 2 dozen agents surrounding him the entire time?
    Good on those clubs for telling him to pound sand.

    But then he redeems himself by wasting our money on another round trip to DC for no reason whatsoever, when he could have stayed up there and rode a bike for an hour. Or visited an ice cream shop. Or book store.

      1. And he most likely called his operatives at the IRS who will now unleash a brutal audit on those racist golf courses ! Maybe even called his lap dog eric holder for a possible violation of dear leader’s civil rights…

    1. Were none of his fat cat donors at his fundraisers that weekend members of a local golf club? No one thought to invite him as a guest?

      The New York Post is spinning this as Team Obama not giving the golf courses enough notice, only a day or two? What? I think it takes more than “a day or two” to set up a fundraiser and/or a wedding, nobody thought to make a tee time?

  2. LOL, I had a feeling something caused that sudden “not spend the night” decision and he SHOULD be billed for that flight back to DC. Probably cost the taxpayers more for that little stompy foot tantrum than the amount of money Bob McDonnell was convicted on corruption charges.

    It’s why he plays on military courses I suppose. He’s the boss of them and can be easily pushed around. Good for those golf courses for putting their members first. Here comes the audits !!!!!

  3. How absurd – he just played a ton of golf on his recently completed and long vacation. Has this man no shame? Horrible role model for the rest of the country!

  4. Another thought while we are on the subject of golfing…

    With all the course time he spends, does anyone know what his handicap is by now? Keith, does anyone in the press pool have access to that data?

      1. Yes true but as Josh explained to us simple people, he got to instead sleep in his own bed, do a little work and spend time with his family!! Ugggg

  5. One of the members of a club like this would be someone like Joe Biden.

    If you can get sponsored for membership the initiation fees start at $250K. That’s a pretty expensive window decal. Before I was a cartoonist I was in golf. It doesn’t get any bigger than Labor Day so while the media will cry the first black prez was discriminated against it’s a lot better than 250 fat guys w/ their pants up over their navel crying.

    And to Rick’s handicap question, anybody who knows anything about the game knows BHO is a 36 hdcp. That’s as high as the USGA allows.

    1. WOOT! Mike Lester! Thanks for your work.
      I especially loved the 9/3 cartoon: the o, standing by/on his desk, hollering at Isis beheading a man outside the window; the caption, “Get off my lawn!”

    2. Fun fact on that ritzy country club Biden was promoting:

      Most recently, the property was owned by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local No. 3, who used the old Sabin mansion as a convalescent home for its members.

      The club will cost about $120 million to build, including $46 million for the 314-acre site, Pascucci said. (from the Bloomberg piece)

      So, in a way, maybe Biden was “down for the cause”.

  6. So rank does not always have its privileges. Did they consult with The Donald before handing him his refusal? Strangely gratifying–except the tons of money it cost to toodle back to DC.

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  8. IRS audits, DOJ racist investigations? The man has control over armed drones, ARMED drones.
    He could make the entire golf course one great big sand trap.

    Oh, what a feel good story from NBC. lol.

  9. Nothing but criminal ………… waste the resources of the Executive Branch so could go back to Washington DC to play golf. Too bad, he couldn’t have convened a war council to come up with a plan to deal with ISIS.

    1. ….unless he needs a free ride back to DC to go to a party in the middle of his vacation. Oh yeah, his excuse was “for a meeting” which was teleconferenced anyhow. How convenient for him, huh?

  10. Well, at least as CinC he can close down the courses of “his” military — unlike the elite, all they had to have to play was the willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

    At this point Obama’s obsession with golf is beneath contempt. It has moved from a form of sport to an In Your Face America It’s my party and I can play when I want to.

    Beggar on Horseback this one.

  11. When Biden plays in Delaware, the course remains open to members. The Secret Service merely cover him front and back for one hole. He roams the club afterwards, mingles, regular Joe. I don’t think Obama NEEDS to have course closed for security reasons, he WANTS it because he’s a smoker, he probably throws his clubs, he swears, and in general, he’s just not a nice person.

  12. As far as I know he’s never made a trip down here to Augusta, GA like Clinton used to do regularly. No member ever invited Clinton to play at the Augusta National, although he apparently thought they would if he were in town. Trust me, O’Bummer would be even less welcome.

    1. My version of I Have A Dream:
      Condi Rice invites Obama to play as her guest at Augusta. She insists the 18 hole match is covered by media. She whoops his butt. :-)

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  14. How much did that short little jaunt between Westchester and DC cost us round trip? Couldn’t he just pout and park his @$$ in AF1, without leaving the tarmac?

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