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Carney Joins CNN Tonight

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney will start tonight as a commentator for CNN, “analyzing” President Obama’s address to the nation on ISIS. I assume they are paying him sick amounts of money.

From the network:

Jay Carney, former press secretary to President Barack Obama, will join CNN as a political commentator, it was announced today by Sam Feist, senior vice president and Washington bureau chief. Carney will contribute to programs across the network as well as special political programming, beginning tonight as the President reveals his ISIS strategy to the nation.

Well, so much for unbiased commentary tonight on CNN. it’s a sign of CNN’s further decline – or journalism’s further decline – that they would put Carney on to talk about the guy who was his boss just a few weeks ago. I mean, maybe ease him into he job with other issues before they let him hold forth on Obama.

Whatever, people will get where he’s coming from.

21 thoughts on “Carney Joins CNN Tonight”

  1. I have it on good authority that the spirits of Joseph Goebbels and Baghdad Bob will be on hand to assist Jay with his objective and impartial commentary.
    Leni Riefenstahl will direct cameras.
    All masters of PROPAGANDA.

  2. For those of you old enough to remember … Creature Features usually aired on Friday or Saturday night, around eight or nine o’clock. Sometimes they billed and aired a “Double Creature Feature” … CNN is picking up the slack from the 1950’s – 60’s and will do it on a Wednesday.

  3. I used to always dvr CNN just for a secondary analysis of how things were perceived. No longer. After the years of watching Carney lie through his teeth for this administration I cannot even stomach the idea of watching him “analyze” what the President said. A new low even for CNN.

    1. Same here. I just ‘unprogrammed’ the dvr for the CNN analysis. They must be suicidal to even consider hiring O-bola’s alter ego. Hope their ratings plummet!

  4. It appears that the management of CNN suffers from the same malady that the administration does.
    They keep hiring boobs.
    The Carney barker on CNN now.
    Is he going to jump out of a clown car ?

  5. Good for him. Are we to assume that Candy Crowley will have an “exclusive interview” with MrO on Sunday now that CNN has rewarded one of his friends?
    Good for him. Take the money and run. I would.

  6. Speaking of commentary on CNN:
    ol’ Newt said that if MrObama is going to go after ISIS wherever they are, then he should start in Minnesota.
    Yes, ISIS warriors are training in Minnesota before they head out to Iraq or elsewhere.
    They’re easy to spot; they’re the only ones in Minnesota not wearing the familiar cheesehead gear.

    1. Exactly.

      Long ago, journalists became more interested in MAKING news rather than REPORTING it.

      Carney is still covering for O with the objectivity of a boar in heat.


  7. Carney was spewing the same crap as always, except now he is sitting down and he has to deal with the someone actively refuting his lies! I’m sure he’s still on some payroll coming out of the Whitehouse/Dem Party.

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