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Sotloff Family Spokesman Trashes Obama Administration

A spokesman for the family of Steven Sotloff, who was beheaded by ISIS, sharply criticized the administration for its handling of the hostage crisis, suggesting the Obama administration has lied about the facts of their imprisonment and treated the families of the hostages poorly.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday night, Barak Barfi, who was a close friend of Steven Sotloff, appeared to indicate that the administration was trying to make it seem as if a rescue operation would have been more difficult than it was, asserting that the administration has portrayed the hostages as being “moved frequently” when in fact they were “stationary” for quite some time.

Barfi characterized the relationship between the administration and the Sotloffs as “strained,” saying it didn’t provide the kind of “cooperation” the family needed.

In a statement released in response to Barfi, the White House appeared to subtly suggest the accusations were generated out of emotion:

“We understand the very real pain the Sotloff family is feeling at this time,” said spokeswoman Caitlen Hayden. “Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they grieve Steven’s loss.”

From Barfi’s remarks:

The administration has made a number of inaccurate statements. They’ve said that the families have been consistently and regularly informed. That is not true.

I speak now only from the Sotloff family. I can’t speak for the other families.

They said that these hostages were moved frequently. We know that for most of the beginning of this part of this year they were stationary. We know that the intelligence community and the White House are enmeshed in a larger game of bureaucratic infighting and (murdered journalist) Jim (Foley) and Steve are pawns in that game and that’s not fair.

If there continues to be leaks, the Sotloff family will have to speak out to set the record straight . . .

The relationship between the administration and the Sotloff family was very strained. We do not believe that they gave us the cooperation we need. Once Steve appeared in that video, the Sotloff family made one simple request of the administration and they were rebuffed on that. I can’t say (what it was) because I have to think about protecting the other hostages inside.

When your view into the largest and most powerful government in the world is two FBI agents, that’s simply not enough. The administration could have done more, they could have helped us, they could have seen them through.

These are people of modest means. They’re not cosmopolitan, they don’t have college educations, they don’t understand the larger ramifications in foreign policy. And we just do not believe that they were afforded the opportunities and the respect that they should have by this administration . . .

We believe that these so-called moderate rebels that people want our administration to support, one of them sold him probably for something between $25,000 and $50,000 to ISIS and that was the reason he was captured.

Barfi said the administration needs to better coordinate between its own agencies and with our allies on matters related to the hostages and should appoint a single, senior individual to serve as a point of contact for the families.

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41 Responses to Sotloff Family Spokesman Trashes Obama Administration

  1. Did the Sotloff’s have a twitter hashtag or a social media presence? If not, then it’s their own fault. This administration doesn’t know how to respond to the real world.
    (Not to any libs too dumb to see that as sarcasm: It’s sarcasm.)

  2. Let’s also consider the way the families of the Benghazi victims were ignored and lied to and then contrast all of their deaths with the manner in which Berghdal was saved and his parents were welcomed by Obama.

    • What is sad as well. I thought that someone of authority was keeping in touch with these families. I thought that any discussions were not being televised to prevent the maniacs from getting satisfaction out it. As well to help find them.

  3. Even though this is not surprising, it only continues to expose the obvious: this faux president & minions are seriously incompetent !
    If only the walls could talk in the WH , they would reveal the arrogance,
    ignorance & profanity to a shocking, jaw dropping level.
    Contrary to massive media opinions, dear leader is actually a cruel, profane, & evil enemy of the State… is there any other way to say it?

  4. When the man at the top appears to be void of empathy it affects the entire organization.

    Perhaps had the Sotloff’s been continually sending in their $5.00 to the DNC demands to help the Obamas and sign their birthday cards this would have been handled differently.

      • I can NEVER be as clever as Mr. WHD himself but here’s a lame attempt at fill in:
        Overheard in the Oval this afternoon:
        “Hey Val, have you approved my speech for tomorrow night yet? Time’s running short for teleprompter practice. Me n Reggie got a 5pm one on one scheduled, then Beyonce n JayZ droppin by for some secret down lo, and you know I don’t get up early for anything but fundraisers so best be getting with it or postpone the speech till 10, or 11, or 12, or not at all, or…Allah I hate this job.”
        Note from our attorneys, the above was not overheard, is not a real quote, and there is no vast right wing conspiracy with listening devices planted in the White House.

  5. I was particularly struck by that last paragraph in the blue box: Sotloff was sold to ISIS by so-called moderate rebels in Syria, the ones Obama and McCain were thinking of arming against Assad.

    • Julie , were they just thinking about it ? I believe that they did arm these “moderate rebels” ( curious expression, by the way ) , possibly with Saudi intermediaries. Obamas foreign policy is really a mess.

        • Julie and Swedish Lady — I drug this long comment over. It’s not exclusively Benghazi — includes leading up to it, the issue of moderates and Assad etc. I found it useful, cogent and informed.

          The link below is to Part One of an interview with Ginni Thomas and Clare Lopez, a 30 year undercover ops officer in the CIA and now VP Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.

          She connects all the dots between this Administration’s change in FP to support AQ and MB first in Libya and then Syria. And the role of this switch and the gun running through the Benghazi annex to the failure to secure and protect the annex, Ambassador Stevens and the others.

          It is one of the most cogent interviews I have heard. And forthright, she says both Clinton and Obama failed and were derelict in their duty to protect the US in Benghazi.

          No doubt Gowdy is aware of Lopez and her information which she says is all open source (and of course,her own access which is not revealed).

          It’s 20 minutes well spent.

  6. The Sotloff family has the sympathy of all Americans for their loss, and we are as sickened by the whole incident as they must be.

    We’d like to believe that our “government” cares about each and every one of us, but that’s not how it works. Without any background or real information of this man’s capture we are just looking at the spin by the WhiteHouse, and the pain of his family.
    Why was the man there, who sent him, who was he reporting to, how was he captured, and how did the administraion become aware of his detainment are questions no one has addressed.

    The Obama WhiteHouse has shown that it’s main concern is for the eternal Black victim of White racism, and for the welfare, comfort and living conditions of Mexican citizens living in the US. The fate of White citizens found in peril here, and abroad, are not of high interest, or even any concern of this administration.

  7. I don’t know how many more lies we can take, this administration only cares about “optics”, and this is not a good one. God please help all of us these coming two years, I’m scared.

    • I wonder if it was to compete with FOX’s exclusive on Benghazi. Also, Wolf Blitzer was an important figure in AIPAC at one time, and you have to wonder what he really thinks of Obama’s hatred of Netanyahu and Israel. Divided liberal loyalties there.

  8. That would be good but Obama is a self absorbed narcissistic emotionless a man who lacks any compassion unless it involves him.
    Remember when Gabby Giffords was shot the entire country screeched
    to a halt he gave a moving speech dripping with emotion. Now we’ve
    got a young man brutally beheaded and he yucks it up at golf. I’m thinking when he looks in the mirror there’s no reflection.

  9. Why go on CNN which is a supporter and enabler of Obama? Feeding the enemy simply allowed Obama’s mouthpieces to claim the family is simply emotional and therefore, their spokesman couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.