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Reporter: Why Watch Obama at All?

Everyone knows President Obama’s speech Wednesday night will include few if any details about how we are going to go about defeating ISIS. Because President Obama has few if any details himself.

CBS reporter Major Garrett asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today why, then, anyone should tune in:

GARRETT: If I’ve listened to you correctly today, you said the president will tell the country that there’ll be no ground troops involved, there’ll be no tactical operational details, no timeline for victory, no cost associated with the pursuit of victory. Why should anyone watch?

Well, it’s a good question, but people should watch, if only because it is the job of the president of the United States to at least explain the danger America faces and why he is committing the U.S. military to action, however hesitantly he is doing it.

It would be nice if he could also explain how we are going to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, as he’s been saying, but that’s too much to expect of Obama. He has some kind of insufferably protracted three-year plan in his head, which is of course no plan at all, since in over the course of three years Martians could land and establish a separate Martian Caliphate in Manitoba.

Notice how Josh sounds a little freaked out by the question, knowing he’d better come up with a good answer quick about why the nation needs to watch Obama instead of Bachelorettes of Boston, or whatever.

Weird that I’ve known Josh for years and never realized he was a marionette. Notice the string that is pulling his left arm up and down as he talks. Probably controlled directly from the ceiling by ValJar.

29 thoughts on “Reporter: Why Watch Obama at All?”

  1. >He has some kind of insufferably protracted three-year plan in his head, which is of course no plan at all,

    Exactly. He wants to do the absolute minimum and hope the problem goes away, at least enough so that he can get thru the balance of his presidency in peace, dammit.

    Right now, I believe 0bama’s eye is on the REAL prize: his post-presidency. The speeches, the honoraria, the travel, the celebrity, the golf, the multi-million dollar book deals, a permanent cohort of sycophants burnishing his image at every turn…

    If you’re sick of 0bama now, wait til he leaves the White House.

    1. OK, you tell me about it afterwards. Someone suggested earlier that the drinking game be based on I, me, myself, my, mine so I’ll be curious about how quickly inebriated everyone gets.

  2. I have no idea what he’s going to say tomorrow night. If it mirrors anything he has said in the past, I fully expect it to be:

    1. vague and non-committal unless and but ….and few uhhs, thrown in.
    2. he’ll promise to provide all Americans with a red line and a phone.
    3. issue a sternly worded warning and give us the opportunity to co-sign it sometime after the mid-terms.
    4. once again, promises no boots on the ground, but has advised Chuck Hagel to issue tutus and ballet shoes to the troops.
    5. if all else fails, Michelle and Barack will make ISIS master Common Core and insist that they follow her school lunch program.

  3. I remember the days when the President addressed the Nation, all channels prempted regular programing and the viewers were glued to their sets.

    It just meant something then. Now I’m just surprised he didn’t fly to a remote base, surrounded by the troops he loves (yeah, right), deliver his remarks, then head out to a long weekend of golf and fundraising. This new format, speaking from the WH, is new to me ;)

    Ok, so will the networks give up their primetime new season programming for his speech?

    1. Do you think he will wear a suit? A shirt and tie? A shirt with a collar? Sleeves rolled up or down? Khakis? Mom jeans. Surely not Mom jeans. Maybe. Then there’s always camo — that might be appropriate.

      The guy is becoming a caricature.

  4. I can’t listen to his I will opt out.
    Liars are not welcome into my positive energy field.
    He has nothing to say that I would want to hear……..except
    I resign.!

  5. Never watch obama, never look at celebrity porn, and never watch Islamofascist beheading videos.

    If we stopped doing this, maybe our culture would begin to heal.

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  7. Obama does not want to make this speech. He is being pressured by Democrats, Republicans, the media, etc. Therefore, he will display his best pouty face, his eyes will dart angrily from side to side, he’ll take a shot at Republicans, he’ll lie throughout the speech about what he did and what he said in previous speeches. He has painted himself into a corner from which he can never escape. I just cannot watch this display of arrogance and incompetence. So I’ve scheduled a toothache at 9 PM.

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