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Quote of the Day || September 10, 2014

“What? Obama’s going to undress the nation?? Oh . . . he’s going to address the nation. Okay, well, I’ll probably tune in.”

– Joe Biden

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 Responses to Quote of the Day || September 10, 2014

  1. I just won’t be able to listen to him lecturing us again. I will go to Fox after its over and find out about the $5 billion that I hope he doesn’t get because he cannot be trusted with that money and anyway, why should he get $5 billion, for what? for his democrats and racist agenda If he gets that money he will not use that money for protecting the American people by closing the border and fighting Isis.

  2. I would hope that politicians in DC would think in the line of, my real enemies enemy is my friend even if we used to call him our enemy ( it is tangled to say the least ), that is, support Assad, let his tough, ruthless troops do the fighting along with the tough, ruthless peshmergas , the Kurdish fighters. They know how to do it in this region. But I realize that this will not happen, Russia allies with Assad and so on, and this government seems to think that Putin is worse than these beheading maniacs.
    By the way, we all know that the Saudis play a big role here by supporting terrorists all over the globe. Why can not the civilized world unite and contain and isolate this country even if it is stinking rich and therefor influential. I mean , here, some utterly foolish western politicians ( Obama included ) unite in order to isolate Russia ( extremely foolish , dangerous and economical disastrous according to me ) why not take on a much, much, much, bigger menace, a real menace ? How many Saudis were involved in 9/11 ?

  3. If this idiot had left troops there this would not be happening he is a Muslim lover and has done all he can do to help these monsters while we suffer no good scum bag POTUS

  4. You know what is starting to bug me (I know, grow up, Star)–the media concentration on some brute who clocked his wife to be and she still married him. Throw him out of the game and forget it. He can work in a car dealership as well as the next person.