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The Obama Morning News || September 9, 2014

Majority of Americans alarmed by ISIS . . . CNN
Americans are increasingly concerned that ISIS represents a direct terror threat, fearful that ISIS agents are living in the United States, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll. Most now support military action against the terrorist group.

Obama can’t sway Arabs . . . Associated Press
Key Sunni Arab states wanted the U.S. to do more to provide robust support to mainstream Syrian rebels. The result is hesitation to answer President Obama’s call for a regional front against the Islamic State group, even though it is widely reviled.

Obama wants $5 billion to fight ISIS . . . The Hill
Approving the fund could allow the White House and congressional leaders to escape a tougher vote on authorizing or funding military action before the midterm elections but still achieve the “buy in” the president has said he wants from Congress.

Administration denies mission creep . . . Fox News
As the unnamed U.S. air campaign over Iraq turned one month old on Monday, the Pentagon and White House continued to deny the fight against the Islamic State has grown into something larger than originally intended. 

Obama losing propaganda war to ISIS . . . Politico
An essential part of fighting ISIS, Al Qaeda and similar groups is undercutting their propaganda on social media and elsewhere, while identifying and dissuading Americans and foreigners who might be considering travel to join up with such groups or trying to emulate them at home.

DHS not ready for pandemic . . . Associated Press
The Homeland Security Department’s internal watchdog says the agency is ill prepared to respond to a pandemic and has a stockpile of expired or soon-to-expire medicine and supplies on hand.

Obama’s brain drain . . . Politico
Obama has a big to-do list for his final two-plus years in office. But he doesn’t have all the key people in place to pull it all off.

Perry races against indictment clock . . . Politico
The legal process could drag on for months, possibly stretching into next year, according to legal experts, who say there are many opportunities for both sides to appeal decisions along the way.

The unemployed go shopping instead . . . CNS News
On the average day, an unemployed American is more likely to be shopping—for things other than groceries and gas—than to be looking for a new job, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

17 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 9, 2014

  1. Is America alarmed?
    I just read an article regarding Buttressing.
    The British proposal reportedly has been greeted warily by U.S. counter terrorism officials who, say that any move to confiscate passports could prevent people who have traveled to Syria and Iraq from speaking to authorities and providing intelligence abouth what is happening there.
    Now we are going to risk bringing people back, why not pull them on the side over there and discuss intelligence. Why risk our homeland.
    Now if anyone who disagrees with me, please explain why this would be a good idea.
    By the way the other article regarding 5 BILLION DOLLARS! That needs to be broken down to the last penny.

  2. So, the majority of Americans are alarmed by ISIS? Butt not to worry, Keith Ellison tells us the only thing islamic about ISIL is it’s name, and their actions are antithetical to islam. (Note that Ellison, like Barry, uses the Israel-hating term ISIL).

    Do shills for islam actually believe that if they parrot “islam is a peaceful religion” enough we will actually come to believe it? I am so, so sick of this BS!

    • I use the word: Maniac.
      Giving them the satisfaction the “official title” they chose is feeding their ego.
      If they chose the word doodle bugs. Yes cute, but I would still call them maniacs.

    • I also do not like IS, Islamic State. They should not be recognized as being a state. They should be given no legitimacy. What’s wrong with us giving them a different name? Why should we recognize what they want to be called?

      • Because we recognize Hamas, and negotiate with the Taliban. Because we are part of the great transnational and who are we to stand in the way of self determination.

      • Thats right. Right away, Obama calls them a State? Thats how deep it goes with him and Muslims, he actually believes they are a state. This guy is soooo dangerous and no one stops him. $5 billion? You can’t trust him with any money? It won’t go to the right place, it will go for racism that exists in his mind and other crackpot investments like wind tunnels.

  3. LEAKED! Obama’s 3 year strategy speech for defeating ISIS. 2 more years of him giving speeches and threatening action he will never follow through on with the last year saved for his replacement to clean up the mess.
    Film at 11.

  4. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, but with all this depressing news, I thought I’d share something a bit more inspirational. A friend of mine is a composer and wrote a patriotic song for America after 9/11. She is looking for photo submissions for a video that she is making to accompany it.

    Please check it out and share! Deadline for submissions is tomorrow, 9/10 5 PM eastern. You can visit the facebook page to see what’s been submitted so far.

    • I was startled by that piece of news, and I don’t like it. The US military are not health workers, and talk about putting them in harm’s way!

      • I agree — if it was an outbreak here and we used the national guard to do something that is one thing, but to do so in a country where we have nothing but volunteer Americans doing what they chose to do…..

        They are definitely in harm’s way. And since this Administration is ofttimes opposed to even permitting live ammo for military in the field it is highly unlikely they will be protected on even the most basic level. Crazy Obama.

  5. The CNN poll on ISIS is suspect and confusing. How is it that a majority of Americans are alarmed at this group when they don’t even know who Joe Biden is or have heard about the erased e-mails on the IRS’s computers?
    The “majority” of Americans must have put aside their Netflix, computer games, taking selfies, and following the Kardashians, et al.

    IMO, CNN needs news, big news, mean, ugly news to get their image out of the ratings cellar. This poll is just a new form of yellow journalism,.

    • Great observation.
      Occurred to me today that we would be dumbstruck if we knew how many world events have been orchestrated to impact elections…and how much information is manipulated to wield the same influence.
      Sickening thought…

  6. Five billion for ISIS, can’t remember how many billion for S Am kids, now we are suppposed to heave over the dough to fix problems this admin caused or let happen. Maddening. I am sure the confab today will be another grinning Socratic thing where he blabs at a table for a while and leaves. The man has no idea how to horsetrade or woo.

  7. $5 billion? I wouldn’t trust Obama with any money. He’s such a deceiver and a liar, that money will NEVER be used to fight ISIS. Once again Obama is using a crisis to get money from us taxpayers. I repeat, you cannot trust him. If they give him $5 billion that money will never be accounted for and will be used for Obama’s pet projects and THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and other muslim terrorist groups. We have no President now, just a swindler in chief.