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Obama Dines with Foreign Policy Brain Trust

Okay, at least he’s thinking about things. Looks like a rather like-minded group – centrist to left of center. But the minds involved are mostly pretty good.

From the White House:

Tonight the President and Vice President are having a private dinner with a group of foreign policy experts, including former Administration officials from Republican and Democratic Administrations, academics and think tank experts. The President looks forward to engaging with this group and hearing their views on a range of national security and foreign policy issues.

Administration participants: The President; The Vice President; Secretary of State John Kerry; Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken; Counselor to the President John Podesta; Phil Gordon, White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region; Suzy George, Executive Secretary / Chief of Staff for the National Security Council

External participants: Sandy Berger; Zbigniew Brzezinski; Tom Donilon; Michele Flournoy; Richard Haass; Steve Hadley; Jane Harman; Michael Morell; Strobe Talbott.

30 Responses to Obama Dines with Foreign Policy Brain Trust

  1. The snip below is from a longer article from the NYT regarding ‘think tanks’ and the money they receive from foreign government. Suffice it to say Brzezinski and the Atlantic Council are one in the same.

    “The arrangements involve Washington’s most influential think tanks, including the Brookings Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the Atlantic Council. Each is a major recipient of overseas funds, producing policy papers, hosting forums and organizing private briefings for senior United States government officials that typically align with the foreign governments’ agendas.”

  2. One great big photo op to hide the fact that he doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t have a clue of how to handle the ISIS, and will end like all ad hoc committee meetings – decisions will be made for futher studies.

    Who’s he kidding here, who believes that if all of these people agreed on one plan that he would go along if he disagrees?
    I call this bunk, cheap politics and a waste of time.

    I hope they all enjoy their dinner.

  3. Not impressed with this gang. But then again it is Obama we are talking about — so on that level it might be considered a “brain trust”.

    God help us.

    • I would be more impressed if even Oliver North (kill me) or Col Hunt or Ralph Peters were invited. How about Bolton? This is the usual suspects except for Berger–he is so out of the loop he doesn’t know there is a loop. Strobe Talbott–come on.

  4. So Obummer get’s briefed on ISIS years ago, but does zip, or worse calls them the JV team of extremists. No to be disrespected ISIS rips off chunks of territory, kills a bunch of innocents, and steals anything they can. With admittedly no strategy now he calls in this bunch. His lack of experience and ineptitude is there everyday for the world to see.

  5. Dines with Brain Trust. Can someone point out to me where is the brains in this group of Democrat Party Communist Dolts and how the word Trust can be applied to this group of singularly untrustworthy persons?

  6. seriously, Keith? good minds? who–Sandy Berger? Jane Harmon? Podesta? please. this is just another left-wing circle jerk (can I say that on this site?) so Obama can surround himself with sycophants.

    and don’t worry about ValJar, Grace: you can bet she’ll be there. after all, without her, how would Obama know what to think?