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A Lobster in Every Pot

If President Obama is really focused on helping the middle class, why would he want to deny them a chance at cheap lobster?

michelle obama lobsterWhy, if he really cares, would he consign us to forever purchasing the Louis Kemp lobster-flavored processed fish meat? No doubt he and Michelle feast ceaselessly on lobster and other unfortunate crustaceans while sojourning on Martha’s Vineyard every summer.

But it’s not for us.

Because, you see, Obama wants to stop global warming. And global warming IS REDUCING THE PRICE OF LOBSTER.

Oh God, everyone, please raise the AC and rev up your SUVs!

According to the Associated Press, warming water in the Gulf of Maine has got lobsters in a sexy mood!

From the piece:

Ironically, the warmer water has created ideal conditions for lobsters and contributed to an overabundance in recent years, causing prices to tumble to their lowest point in nearly two decades in Maine.

I don’t know about you, but this is the best news I’ve had since about 2004.

I love lobster, but I mostly have to dream about it. If I had a Bucket List, consuming a six-pound lobster stuffed with crabmeat – with a pitcher of drawn butter, a stack of french fries and a hillock of cole slaw on the side – would be on it. And now, thanks to global warming, it could happen.

But the party poopers in the White House and the EPA want to rain all over my clam bake.

They’re just a bunch of Lobster Deniers.


NOTE: The receipt pictured above isn’t real, but it is funny.

H/T  to James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal.

43 thoughts on “A Lobster in Every Pot”

  1. The royals dine on lobster and caviar while gulping bubbly, but we should eat “sustainable” veggies and free range foul. Do as we say, not as we do is the only safe content term that comes to mind. The politicians continue to get their pillows fluffed while we labor for their supper.

  2. Holy $#!t that is more than I spend in a month on groceries and consumables for a me, and the wife, kid, and two dogs. Not just do I not want to donate to the Dems/OFA, but I don’t want to pay income tax anymore.

    1. I cringe when we celebrate our anniversary – we choose a nice local restaurant where we don’t normally go. The bill is at least $100. Maybe a bit more, but this is ONCE a year!

  3. You finally got me to look up what a bucket list is. It’s a before-I-kick-the-bucket list taken from a 2007 Rob Reiner play for anyone else who is wondering.

  4. Just because lobster is rare-ish and pricey doesn’t make it good – it’s bland, dry (hence the butter) and chewy. Worse, a whole lobster on a plate looks like a monster bug with beady eyes.
    Crab legs are even worse, the giant spider of the ocean.
    Caviar, oh please, greasy slimy gunk.

    Now a nice fresh trout, pan fried, that’s good fish. NorEastern cod is divine. Just IMO.

    1. We went to New Orleans once and bought a pile of crawfish, mud-bugs as they’re known down there, and I don’t think it was worth the effort.

    2. Boiled crawfish, boiled crabs, boiled shrimp, (raw oysters if you like them)!
      If you don’t want them boiled, have them fried and have a po-boy!
      Not in the move for the above stick them all in a pot with seasoning for a wonder gumbo.
      I will take all the above over lobster, and caviar.
      All of these wonderful meals us to be eaten with family and friends. Lots of beer and or Barq’s rootbeer. So all the peeling was not minded at all with all the talk and laughter.
      Sorry everyone, I am a bit hungry!

    3. Well, I have tried all kinds of shellfish but nothing beats fresh shrimps, fished and cooked salty in the Northern seas ( that is, they are cooked on the boat ). Eaten with some real mayonnaise, lemon, dark rye bread and a cold beer. Mmmmmm,
      Or a toast Skagen : buttered bread with a sliced boiled egg, mayonnaise with lots of dill, a mountain of shrimps, a dollop of whitefish roe, lemon. Try it .

    4. Nova Scotia lobster isn’t dry and tasteless, and fresh caught crab (my fave) is to die for! Perhaps it’s all in the way it’s prepared.

      1. It could be the “fresh caught” that makes the difference. We don’t have anything except lizards that can be “fresh caught” her in AZ.

      2. The best trip ever was a long weekend in Maine. We’d go out to the docks and watch the lobster boats parallel park along the pier. They’d unload and the lobsters would go straight into a boiling pot of water and onto a plate. That is the only way I’ll eat lobster now.

  5. O/T
    Drudge has flooded Phoenix pictures.
    We were scheduled to go through there this am but postponed due to the coming storm. Good call!

  6. Love lobster! Every year we visted our daughter in New England
    and she lives very close to Maine. So every time we visited them,
    we drove up to Maine and stopped at this big ship (forgot the name)
    and ordered Lazy Lobster. We always said the
    best lobster was the two pounder or less. More flavorable.

    We do not fly there anymore because the
    airports became intolerable, especially LAX. Fond Memories.

  7. Ah, lobster. Three or four times a summer we go to a local lobster joint, and order two lobster meals. The owners trap the lobsters themselves. They place a 1 1/2 pound lobster in a net sort of thing, along with small red potatoes, and an ear of corn. They place the whole thing in a huge boiling pot for 8 minutes right before your eyes. Also with the meal, you get about 20 steamed clams and a separate container of drawn butter. We order two meals and bring them back home (about 5 minutes away) and eat them out on the deck. Total cost for two meals? $28. Yes, I live in Maine. ;+}

    1. Brown’s Lobsta Pound.. Seabrook NH. A must do trip when visiting home back East :-) Steamers n Lobsta. Sigh, and their having Bay Crab specials for shipment out of Crisfield MD. Now I want seafood..

      Ahh yes, Dimillo’s in Portland :-)

      1. I’ll have to try that one. When we visit my son in NH we go to Nichi’s or Neche’s or something like that. Good place for seafood as well.

  8. I doubt Michelle Obama would have ordered lobsters and caviar if she were paying it out of her own pocket.

    Meanwhile, she has forced school systems to alter their school lunches and forced a ban on school club bake sales and cookies at school holiday parties.

    Michelle also enjoy 9 pies last Thanksgiving at the WH.

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