As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 8, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. While we wait. I would like to ask: When I am watching a video on the computer it cuts on and off. Is that happen to everyone? If not, does anyone know how to make the video sound stay on. I move the mouse around to get the sound back on. I don’t think that helps, but gives me something to do, while I am waiting for the sound.

    • There are a lot of things that come into play here Lee.
      The ram that is installed on the computer,…the internet connection that you have as per speed,….and then there is youtube, and their transmission rate.
      It’s like a highway, even if your car can go 100 mph, the traffic will not allow you to.
      Some of the routers are overwhelmed with the traffic due to hand held devices.

      • Thanks.
        Listening now: He just said: Why them, It is their Country. Would be a profound mistake to put boots on the ground.
        I was do not understand their logic. I don’t want any military to risk their life it it is avoidable. However if we need to be protected, what than?
        He was just asked Yes or No is he going to ask Congress. He is rambling and will not answer yes or no. Interested in their:
        BUY IN.

          • O has ordered an increase in INTELLIGENCE ASSETS.
            I thought that would have been requested, directed ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            They have not written the speech yet, so cannot disclose what path O may be on.
            Keith, If time allows I would like you to jot down what answers these people are getting today.

    • Lee, a simple thing to try with videos is this… on the lower right of the video where it sometimes says YouTube or has the box to enlarge, it will sometimes have an HD for high definition. You can click it to play regular/not HD and your machine will not have to work as hard.
      I looked on the briefing above, and it does not have the HD, but it does have a cogwheel (?) for Settings, and if you click on that, there is an option for Quality. Select a lower number and see if that helps.

  2. I usually don’t watch Gosh—but it was lunch time. I cannot believe how that guy can say nothing over and over. The speech for Wed isn’t written–I bet there are 10 drafts floating about. The gist was it won’t have anything new in it–but it might. Congress is needed to
    buy in–didn’t that used to be “declare war.” Head exploooodddding…

  3. Update: from the silty shores of Greater Phoenix
    Our water is receding into the retention basins as planned. Some basins are 4 or 5 ft deep with rain runoff.
    Being red-blooded Americans who never let a crisis go to waste, people have launched rubber rafts into the basins or are just frolicking in the water for fun. We have video of teens floating down the streets in innertubes, and jet skiers zipping around flooded parking lots.
    There is a lot of serious damge done here and there, some big flooding and thankfully, no reported deaths, but a slew of car crashes.

    We’re expecting more rain (yay) and the city I live in reported a startling 5+ inches of rain fell in 16 hours.

  4. So–basically–these pressers and interviews are just studies in abnormal psychology and a chance to unlimber our DSMs–got it. Look how he evades. Don’t they know we can go to the videotape. That is not real emotion. Being honest means lie coming…etc