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Immigration Lies

One wonders just how stupid the Obama administration thinks people are.

In claiming he is only delaying his immigration amnesty announcement for the good of the people, President Obama is either lying to us or to himself. He could be lying to himself, I grant it, because for Obama to admit that he is doing something out of rank political considerations puts way too much stress on his self-image.

Earnest 8-2014Either way, not since I took my kids to see “Frozen” have I come across such a fanciful story.

Here first, ripping several pages out of Animal Farm, is White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest trying to explain to an incredulous Major Garret of CBS News that President Obama is delaying his executive order because he . . .

1. Thinks the issue needs more splainin’ to the public so his fiat will be “sustainable” and . . .

2. It would be harmful to the issue to inject it into the arena during the campaign.

The bottom line underlying both, as I can understand it, is that Obama wants the action to be popular. Everyone of course knows the real reason is that he doesn’t want it to harm Senate Democrats up for reelection in right-leaning states.

Here’s Earnest.

And here are the original remarks by Obama, on Meet the Press Sunday, that Earnest was attempting to explain.

OBAMA: Not only do I want to make sure that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted, but here’s the other thing, Chuck, and I’m being honest now, about the politics of it. This problem with unaccompanied children that we saw a couple weeks ago, where you had from Central America a surge of kids who are showing up at the border, got a lot of attention. And a lot of Americans started thinking, “We’ve got this immigration crisis on our hands.” And what I want to do is when I take executive action, I want to make sure that it’s sustainable. I want to make sure that–

CHUCK TODD: But the public’s not behind you.

OBAMA: No, no, no, no.

CHUCK TODD: Are you concerned the public wouldn’t support what you did?

OBAMA: What I’m saying is that I’m going to act because it’s the right thing for the country. But it’s going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we’ve done on unaccompanied children, and why it’s necessary.

Well, you know there’s a problem when the president says, “I’m being honest now.” Meanwhile, if you checked out the Earnest video, you may have noted how uncertain he seems. As if he knows he’s not being honest now.

Obama doesn’t mind “taking some heat” for delaying the immigration announcement, Earnest says, trying to make a craven political move seem like something courageous.

This is all so profoundly laughable.

Where was all the concern for making a policy “sustainable” when it came to passing Obamacare, the most sweeping, nation-changing legislation in half a century? The law wasn’t popular then and it’s not popular now. Where’s that old instinct, which Obama showed in 2010, to shoot first and take questions later?

And, one wonders, what’s the problem with injecting an issue into the campaign? Think about the mindset here. We do live in a democracy. Campaigns are held exactly for the purpose of discussing issues. Rather than a bad idea, is it not imperative to allow voters to weigh in on the president’s unilateral decision?

At the core of this reasoning is that there is something wrong with democracy. Obama’s policies are much too important to be put to voters.

That Obama thinks all of this should pass as logical says everything you need to know about Obama. And everything you need to know about the decline of our Republic, over which he presides.

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42 thoughts on “Immigration Lies”

  1. I can’t remember what the issue was before that he had the same response where he said ” I did a poor job telling the story.” If he needs to sell his imperial action that hard, then there is something wrong with it or he thinks Americans are too stupid to understand (we know he thinks the latter). I keep thinking it can’t get any worse and yet I am wrong every day. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

    1. Can anybody locate Obama’s own quote about how it’s so wrong for politicians to make decisions based on politics and elections?

      [[ I’ll gladly swap the following two quotes for the above one that seems to have avoided being captured — at least by me.]]

      “I don’t want us to do something just for the sake of politics that doesn’t solve the problem,” Obama told reporters Wednesday night aboard Air Force One, June 2, 2010.

      “One of the highly developed talents of President Barack Obama is the ability to say things that are demonstrably false, and make them sound not only plausible but inspiring”. – Thomas Sowell

  2. but here’s the other thing, Chuck, and I’m being honest now, about the politics of it.OMG, did he really say “I’m being honest now”? As though he normally isn’t honest but is making an exception this time?


      1. A Freudian (spell?) slip for sure. He’s being honest NOW, he says, he just admitted he wasn’t honest before. Ha Ha, this guy is so dumb its scary that he’s the President?

  3. It’s time to get a giant hat with mouse ears to place on top of the white house, cause this is the biggest Mickey Mouse operation I have ever seen. (No offense to Mickey)

  4. but here’s the other thing, Chuck, and I’m being honest now, about the politics of it.

    OMG, did he really say “I’m being honest now”? As though he normally isn’t honest but is making an exception this time?


  5. I also picked up on Obama’s “I’m being honest now” comment. That was a sure sign that he isn’t being honest “now”. If you have to tell people when you are really, really being honest, then you are admitting there are times when you are not being honest. I’ve said for years that Obama should be hooked up to a lie detector every time he speaks publicly. A voice analyzer would work as well.

  6. It was OK with the general public if the DOJ proscecuted Arizona for the racist, anti-poor, meanies we were made to be on the MSM from coast to coast when we passed a law similar to the Federal law on illegal aliens.
    Oh sure, let’s boycott Arizona for trying to protect our national border from an invasion of illegal aliens who are only the “huddled masses yearning to be free”.
    We got hit, slammed, hurt bad, and now, well now, lots of Americans in diffferent states want our immigration laws enforced to prevent the flood of illegal, unskilled, illiterate, and sometimes criminal aliens from being welcomed into our welfare system.

    MrO and all of the Dems are now afraid to admit that this criminal invasion of our country is a political nightmare that could sink the Dem party for years. MrO’s decision, in his own words, would harm Dem candidates in their elections because the majority of voters are against blanket amnesty and open borders. He knows that, they know that, and we really know that.
    If he waits until after the Nov elections to make his move, then it will be too late, too little time will remain to reverse his unconstitutional ignorance and twisting of our existing laws. The Dems, whether they win or lose, have weeks to approve his EO and prevent the Congressional moderates from throwing a monkey wrench into the mix.
    He wants to be “honest” now, what a pathetic liar he is. Honesty would compel him to say the general public is against anything he would do to make life easier for a multi-million class of criminals.

  7. Chuck should have walked away after the comment, I’m being honest now.
    As he was walking off, he should have stated, I’m being honest with you, I cannot put up with anymore of your *&%!
    Yes I know that would not happen, but it helped to vent with the comment.

    1. He looked dangerously twitchy…didn’t he? I gather this wave the pen then call someone stuff can be overturned pretty easily–is not “sustainable” at least until his library is built.

  8. is it Obama is fooling anyone? I wonder, for example, how the koolaid-besotted MSNBC crowd is explaining this. (I’ll have to wait for one of you to tell me, though, because I can’t watch MSNBC for more than 15 seconds at a time; I have a weak stomach.)

    I mean: does ANYBODY think this is about anything but saving the election for the Dems?

    and knowing that…can anyone actually VOTE for the Dems?

  9. Of course he does not mind taking the heat on this issue. Just gives him another excuse to go golfing..

    I love how he never answered Todd’s question on “But the public’s not behind you”. Totally tap danced around it, we got the “it’s the right thing for the country” line again. Sounds like he lifted it from MOTUS’s “How to answer questions on my School Lunch Program”

  10. Chuck Todd should expect an IRS Audit any day, now!

    bho is weighing his options on the ex order while the legal teams continue to figure out how to get around Congress IF he loses the Senate! If he does not lose the Senate, he can dictate for the next two years, and ‘damn the citizens and their elected leaders’!

    bho does NOT give ‘rip’ about the American people! He ‘loathes’ his non-submissive subjects and has identified every ‘victim’ group and will only settle for what he has convinced them they all deserve for past USA transgressions! He seeks ‘reparations’ and a ‘progressive socialists’ agenda to achieve his goals – a totally UN-United States! jb

  11. Yes they do still believe. I have a class in Claremont Ca 3 days a week. The heartland of liberal colleges. The peeps will not stand any negative comments of their “god”. They believe the lame stream media and all that’s on TV news. They do not even want to talk about any of the issues with him. For them “its all good” .

    They are insane!!

  12. I mentioned on an earlier thread, it is regarding him ordering an increase in intelligence.
    I thought we always had people working on this. Big time after 911.
    My question is, Have we been slacking on this since he took office, or his going to raise even higher?
    JBH at 5:01 made a good statement that I can relate to,
    Regarding Groundhog Day.

    1. “One wonders just how stupid the Obama administration thinks people are.”

      The American people ARE stupid
      If they weren’t, he wouldn’t be president, Pelosi and Reid and Boehner and McConnell wouldn’t be in power.

      There are stupid because they remain ignorant.

  13. The young woman who does a wonderful job of cleaning my house (because I’m an old broad who can’t do a good job of cleaning it herself) is from Costa Rica. The first day she came by to look over the house & give me a price for her work she made a point of showing me her “papers”–her green card. She and her husband (who works for a local body shop) are proud of their status as legal workers here and they hope to be citizens one day. My housekeeper has made a point of letting me know that she is opposed to the flood of illegals. She and her husband went through legal channels and look down on those who they consider illegal aliens. I must say that I totally agree with them.

  14. What does he mean by sustainable? We have to be certain that the illegal aliens will have kids and replace themselves? I guess he means, “We’re figuring out how to irreversibly violate immigration law.”

    How could anyone think it is good to legalize the status of five or seven million strangers whose every act has been to break our laws?

  15. Golf, optics….this guy was worried about optics not that he bungled
    feeling bad and a sense of responsibility to stay off the links…this
    guy is obsessed with golf….So, let’s let him have his golf. Stay on the
    links and out of the Oval Office…even Bite Me would be better at the
    helm…even a guy who doesn’t know what state he is in when giving
    speeches (bite me) can at least show outrage….

  16. Mr. Josh E. will be a prime candidate for Dancing With The Stars once he completes practicing his fancy footwork at the White House podium. Listening to him today kept my brain train wrecking with reality at the end of each sentence. Maybe he could partner up with one of those ‘babes’ at the State Department for a hot tarantella or some dance with ‘hop’ in its name. Do WH staff have access to the WH fitness facility or do they only get mental exercise there nowadays?

  17. The truly laughable part of the spin is that the Executive Action is supposed to be “sustainable”. Since the next Republican President will undoubtedly undo whatever EA is undertaken by Obama, one has to wonder how sustainable any Executive Action really is. Why not pass a law as the Constitution provides?

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  19. No way is he lying to himself. He is lying to us! He had to admit that he’s delaying it until after mid-terms, he said that because he wants us to think he’s honest about it. But to say its for the good of the people is definitely not honest, that is just from a script. He could care less, all he wants is $5 billion now, there are no words to describe this con man and his wife, well maybe, racists come to mind.

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