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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 8, 2014

10:00 || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Meets with senior advisors
11:30 am || Meets with Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack
2:30 am || Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

34 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, September 8, 2014

    • LOL, Iowahawk got that hashtag rolling today :)

      Also, WSJ picked up that after Obama told Chuck Todd he probably shouldn’t have gone golfing after the Foley beheading statement, he went golfing.

      • The world is a better place for making room for David Burge/Iowahawk. I am sure the golfing decision, following the Foley beheading was totally due to the fact that there wasn’t a fundraiser on his schedule. I did not watch, the Todd interview but from what I’ve read Obama was not asked why he went to LV following the attack on Benghazi, when four people were murdered and dozens injured.

      • Saturday there was an interview OF Chuck Todd, talking about his arrival to the MTP post, laughing at his critics who say he’s already in the tank for Obama. His response was ‘wait and see’. So who’s his first guest? Obama. Answered and so resolved. Case closed. Lapdog.

    • He calls it “political theater” but that is NOT what it is. It is integrity and decency, which he has none of. He is PHONY and that is the issue. The problems in our country don’t keep him up at night. As CiC he SHOULD be losing sleep. the burden is supposed to weigh on his shoulders.

      But not him. He just needs ‘me time’, and dismisses criticism of his callousness as a failure of “political theater”. All he gets is down time.

      • Yes. That term “political theater” rankled me.
        Sometimes I wonder what would emit from his mouth if he just told the truth.
        “Sorry, but I was on vaca…feel bad for that guy’s folks, but…golf is a strong enticer. No apologies.”
        However, I have considered this…what if that behavior tells the truth? What if that is what all Washingtonians feel about us?

        • Forgive me…”You feel with your fingers.” Said my high school English teacher.
          “What if that is what all Washingtonians THINK about us?”

  1. All I got to do today was one snarky comment that floated off into some dark cloud hanging over the ‘net. brrrrrr
    Forced to watch over 9 hours of professional football, I am in dire need of some TLC and a vent for my disgust at the President for his smarmy, weaselly, interview on MTP.
    What a poser, a lackey of special interests who blames others for all of his failings and takes responsiblitiy for nothing.
    This miserable excuse for an adult claimed that he can put aside the horrorible brutal beheading of an American citizen that he had sworn to protect and go out to his scheduled golf game because he …..
    He is a disgrace, that’s why.
    He wants to make life easier for the illegal aliens from Mexico because he forgot or never knew or cared that he represents Americans, not Mexicans.
    He is the POTUS, not the PO-Mexico.

    • A little comfort srdem65 — Gutierrez is seriously bent out of shape on Obama’s delayed amnesty. After preening in public about his many meetings with the WH on behalf of illegals whose increasingly tiresome Demands for Amnesty he is sputtering some nonsense about “values and principles”……blah blah blah.

      If there was a journalist worth their salt they would call Obama on his own preening especially with this ridiculous comment on golf post murderous beheading of Mr.Foley and they would pursue the little peacock Gutierrez also.

  2. Obama’s self analysis isn’t worth a tick on a mangy dog. He lives for the theatrics of the job. That’s all he knows. What he’s not able to come to terms with is the heart and soul needed for the job.

  3. Can I walk here? Is it dry yet?

    Oh Keith. Love what you’ve done to the place. And that shiny new “Edit” button — how thoughtful./sarc

    Seriously, thanks for the clean up.

  4. Bringing this comment on Benghazi forward because I think what is said in this link is important, doubly so since Snark Esq has said that the blonde bimbo at State has discredited the 13 Hours in Benghazi Brett Baier Special to be not as it happened.

    As if these guys hadn’t given enough now they have to be put down by the likes of one of the Barbies.

    The link below is to Part One of an interview with Ginni Thomas and Clare Lopez, a 30 year undercover ops officer in the CIA and now VP Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.

    She connects all the dots between this Administration’s change in FP to support AQ and MB first in Libya and then Syria. And the role of this switch and the gun running through the Benghazi annex to the failure to secure and protect the annex, Ambassador Stevens and the others.

    It is one of the most cogent interviews I have heard. And forthright, she says both Clinton and Obama failed and were derelict in their duty to protect the US in Benghazi.

    No doubt Gowdy is aware of Lopez and her information which she says is all open source (and of course,her own access which is not revealed).

    It’s 20 minutes well spent.

  5. Oh yea — meetings with Vilsack and Lew — what fresh hell awaits us in the land of food stamps and the economy?

    More Royal Coinage for the newly acquired “in an undisclosed location” Central American illegal crossers — in prep for post election Amnesty?

  6. OT:
    It’s 4am here in the deserts of Phoenix and we’re all awake. Dogs are wimpering, babies crying, lightning and thunder cracking and booming as we endure the wrath of Hurrican Norbert. Hurricane! in Phoenix! 2+inches of rain where 6in is our normal total for the year. No TV, flooding, a real mess. We’re grateful there’s no damaging wind with this downpour.