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Video || Obama Visits Stonehenge

Here’s some video released by the White House of President Obama milling around Stonehenge. He choppered over there Friday after the NATO Summit in Wales.

I don’t know, maybe I’m a dolt, but I’ve never really been as amazed as I’m supposed to be by Stonehenge. I mean, okay, the druids or whomever pushed up some stones that align with the sun at September 21 at 6 am, or whatever.

Probably they just got lucky. Okay, that’s mean. Anyway, it’s nice, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.

I can go down to the National Mall early in the morning for a “peaceful” and “inspiring” experience, and let me tell you, Stonehenge can’t possibly compare. Even an afternoon in one of the art museums here, with the tourists, seems better to me if you’re looking for a secular spiritual experience.

And I’m not sure Obama disagrees. Notice how he keeps trying to come up with reasons that being at Stonehenge is so fantastic. And that poor woman, his tour guide, who has to be there every day. God help her.

The one time I was in Great Britain, it didn’t even occur to me to go to Stonehenge. I did go to Blenheim Palace, where Winston Churchill was born and proposed to his wife. They had an exhibit there.

I assume it didn’t occur to Obama to cap a war council with the allies with a side trip to be inspired by Churchill.

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      1. I’m pretty sure he’s stoned. His posture, his rambling speech, the words he uses, all point to it. I can’t even believe the White House didn’t cut out the end, where Barry slouches along, hands in his pockets, chewing gum…SO presidential.

  1. Likely scenerios:
    1. Shelly to Barry – Honey, you just HAVE to visit Stonehenge before you fly back home. It’s the bomb.
    2. Barry to ValJar – Y’know, I’ve always wanted to visit that Stone place in Briton, how about makin’ it happen.
    3. ValJar to Security – He’s going to visit Stonyhedgy before he flys back home, so start vetting everyone within a hundred miles.
    4. Barry to David – Hey, can you send word that I’m wantin’ to visit that place with all the big stones.
    5. David to MI6- He’s going to visit Stonehenge so start vetting everyone within 500 miles.
    6. Barry to Stonehenge guide- Is this it, that’s all it is, just a bunch of big rocks? geez.
    7. Shelley to Barry – Ha ha ha ha,….. sucker.

  2. Keith, Obama doesn’t like Churchill, remember? He threw out, ah, discarded, ah, sent the bust of Churchill to the British embassy. One of the very first acts of his presidency. That’s our guy Barry.

  3. O/T: If you haven’t seen Fox News Benghazi Interview with Bret Baird, absolutely do not miss it- it is just terrific.
    We found the entire thing in segments on Real Clear Politics.
    You have to see this.

      1. I noticed that Baird kept to the story – Hillary and the o are both distractions to what these men are talking about. What the PINO, Hillary and Rice did is another story for another time. As these men say, “We’re not politicians”.
        I had no idea the Embassy was in fact, a compound, not just a single building. It was large enough to have its own swimming pool – what is that, an acre?

        1. I thought it was excellently produced: the three men said they were not going to bring politicians into their story but just tell what happened on the ground. However, they left it to the viewer to draw his own conclusions. There wasn’t much US military presence in Benghazi, and the private contractors DID receive orders from “Bob”, the highest ranking CIA agent there to stand down in contradiction to what has come out of Congressional report. And “Bob” was talking to someone on the phone at the same time he was denying the contractors to come to the aid of the consulate which was, btw, repeatedly asking for help. It’s almost as if Stevens was purposely sacrificed. Yes, to anyone who did not watch, please look at it on the internet. If FOX shows it again, I will watch to see if I can pick up on other things.

    1. Bret Baier ✔ @BretBaier

      #13Hours will air again on @FoxNews Saturday 5 p.m. (EDT) and 9 p.m. (EDT) and Sunday 8 p.m. (EDT) and 11 p.m. (EDT) Thank you for watching

    2. I did watch it as well. I wish they would have given this interview a lot sooner. The picture board that they used, I would have like to be bigger. I understand they wanted to keep the interview personnel, but it was hard to make out what they were pointing at. Otherwise, I appreciate Baier and these three men who shared this with us.
      Benghazi still upsets me to no end. My grandfather was shot in WWII, and his fellow soldiers, did not leave him behind. They risk their lives to bring him to safety.

    3. What made me the saddest is that such fine heroes have to serve under such an incompetent commander in chief. (Yes, technically they were contractors not active duty, but it still applies.)

  4. I’ve been to Blenheim too, Keith, and unless you are a Churchill buff who wants to see the room where he was born, it is a monument to acquisitiveness. The two-story library is beautiful, but somehow it’s not the kind of room you want to curl up in with a book.

  5. To be fair, Stonehenge is built out of some really heavy stones that are not found anywhere near stone-henge. Capping them had to be double-tough. It’s an engineering marvel much as the pyramids are, not just a calendar. The awe that one feels is based on the fact that we really don’t even know how they built that.

    Obama might be inclined to say “They didn’t build that.”. But they did.

  6. I’m with you Keith on Stonehenge.

    How many Americans know or care about Stonehenge — I think he went so he could impress those Italian aristocrats he loves to hang with …..Culture and all.

    1. He went so he could say to the school kids, “I’ve been to Stonehenge,”
      Which at that point they will widen their eyes and ask, ‘where’s that ?’
      Then the lecture will start.

  7. I can’t blame him for wanting to see Stonhenge. However, just like him playing golf. Now, is not the time for playing tourist or Tiger Woods.

    My father used to say to us there is a time to sing, a time to dance and a time to work. Of course, that statement was always followed up with…….Now, it is time to work. It is time for the President to work.

    Perhaps, he would have better walking the grounds at Arlington than Stonehenge and he could visit the real heroes of the country he keeps saying he is Commander in Chief. I wonder if they have a clue that each time he states that he is Commander in
    Chief he shows the troops that he isn’t. A real Commander never states he is in charge.

  8. I feel bad for the poor tourists who went out of their way to see Stonehenge and then got kicked out of the area so Jug Ears could wander around and make dumb comments. BTW, normal visitors don’t get even close to the rocks, let alone close enough to touch them.

    1. WHD obviously has a photoshop in the earlier story, and I’m wondering if the pic on MOTUS is also shopped. Still, if he had Pete Souza with him on the trip, there will be real photos showing Obama’s monolithic megalogmania.

    2. That happens wherever they go. I remember Michelle and the girls decided to gallump down to Monticello (Jefferson’s home) for a tour and all the tourists were locked out until they finished. Oh and did those touristas whine about it.

      I think they learned that most public places will let the “Royal” family visit before or after hours.

  9. If you want to know Churchill, skip Blenheim, and head for Chartwell near Seven Oaks, in Kent. The home he rebuilt and loved.

    THAT’S Churchill.

  10. Another OT: Obama is delaying action on immigration until after the election. This presumably to help Democrats win reelection in November. Are people really that stupid to vote for a Dem in November knowing that in a month or two Obama will still unilaterally implement amnesty? Well, he usually issues pardons at the end of the calendar year and maybe this year there will be eight million illegals pardoned on December 31.

  11. Oh, I don’t know – I think Stonehenge is a good place for any world leader to visit and contemplate… Might put things in a bit of historical perspective, y’know? Might be good to keep in mind that a couple of thousands years from now all that will be left of our supposedly “highly advanced civilization” will be a bunch of rocks.

    1. Well said.
      There have been many so called ‘advanced civilizations’ that have disappeared, and all we have to prove it are the rocks that they left.

  12. I think there is a lilttle more mystery to the place, Keith. I believe it was built in 2 stages over the ages, some of it is underground, it’s a power point (before powerpoint), and the Druids were only one set of players. I should look this up (if only Wackypedia) before opining, probably. But it’s a “place.” My problem is — why are we paying for this–go when you get out of office.

    1. There are many theories on how it was built Star.
      One was that they used a river to (float the rocks to the site) that has changed course or no longer exists.
      Greenland was named Greenland by the Vikings who had farms and villages there.
      They have also found the bones of crocodile type creatures from the dinosaur age there.
      I live in Ohio, and 10,000 years ago a glacier 1 mile thick covered this area.

      1. I beg to differ here, AfVet. Everyone knows that aliens from outer space built the stone thing as a guide for landing in Europe (the islands were part of the continent then).
        The ETs just picked up extra stones from their associates in Egypt who were building the pyramids for a primative electric source and dropped them on the Atlantic coast.

        Ask me anything, I know everything (so I’ve been told).

        1. Well, what you left out was the fact that Yetis were operating the spacecraft.
          Yetis are very intelligent that’s why we have never captured one.
          Eons ago they harnessed the ability to defy gravity and used it to build all of the large stone monuments that still exist today.

        2. Yes,…aliens are among us.
          We are forced by the laws they have established to comply.
          Too bad we are on to them and their devious minions.

  13. I can make 500 jokes about JugEars of Tin going to Stonehenge. And yesterday, I did..

    But today I wanted to also reiterate how great that 13 Hours Special was. We owe men like this a tremendous debt. Putting them in harm’s way needlessly as Hillary did is just stupid and disqualifying.

      1. FOX is calling it a smoking gun and I agree. Sure, the administration is going to portray it as their word against those of these brave men, but the implication is if these contractors didn’t want to go in to help, they never would have, period. But they went in, disobeying orders, and some died and others like “Oz” were severely wounded. They also remained at their post when there was no room on the airplane for them, choosing to remain as if Benghazi were the Alamo. These are not the actions of men who of their own volition did not want to go to help.

    1. That is exactly what I thought about the Alamo.
      I was stationed near San Antonio at Lackland AFB. and we went to see the Alamo.
      It is a very small mission that they used as a fort.
      Pictures in some cases can be very deceiving.

      1. When I was in San Antonio I went twice to the Alamo. Imagine what went on there! The heroism and determination of the defenders. Obama should go there to understand the American spirit, but on the other hand, he might have cheered for the Mexicans!!

  14. So no one riffed on the Spinal Tap /Stonehenge allusion ?? Like MB Man Midget Barry dwarfed by real life size stones . Work with me here .

  15. Keith, come on. It was to cover up the fact that nobody invited him to any of the after-party events. He’s like the kid in high school that goes to the prom without a date and then spends the night talking to the DJ. He’s an international pariah.

  16. Thanks for recording this. He’s really feeling it. I’m impressed that he came here instead of somewhere else, and that he took a few minutes to just be there, be connected to the energy, to the past as well as now and the future. More power to him!

  17. FYI, Stonehenge is well worth visiting. There’s s peace there that is not easily found in other places. Don’t knock what you have not tried.

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