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Obama Golf Sauna

President Obama arrived at Fort Belvoir at 1:50 fpm ET for an afternoon of golf. It’s 90 degrees on the golf course, according to the Weather Channel, and “feels like 96.”

His golfing mates today are White House staffers Mike Brush, Joe Paulsen and Luke Rosa, all of whom, I presume, couldn’t say no.

They are three of the usual junior White House aides he plays with, each guaranteed not to make him burn up any grey matter while on the golf course.

Here they are as they set out today to play.


Drink lots of water gentlemen!

It’s his 38th time golfing this year and outing #195 of his presidency.

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  1. Other than when Obama is destroying this country, does he use any of his gray matter in a positive way? Did he send his condolences to Steven Sotloff’s family as he ran to the course?

  2. Ninety-six…you mean ONLY 96? Come on–some of us live in AZ and it’s not dry heat in summer. I was outside watering–the sidewalk–so I could step back on it with barefeet after doing the plants.

  3. Just checked the 45-day forecast for DC. If it holds, the weekends will be 60’s or better for the next several weeks, and lots of sunny Saturdays, too.

    Which would mean that Obama would hit 200 with less than a month until the mid-terms. The GOP attack ads will practically write themselves, ESPECIALLY if something terrible God-forbid happens this Thursday.

  4. While Obama golfs in the sauna of Ft. Belvoir, FOX is playing the hell of 13 hours in Benghazi now.

    Not that himself would ever deign to watch it.

    Don’t want the reality of his dithering, indecision, and piss poor management filtering in through the fog of delusion.

  5. President Obama has spent half a year golfing during his first six years of his presidency. That is 1/12th of all the days he has been in office. Just imagine if he had spent the 5 hours per game, times 200, on something else. Like working on policy, spending time with generals, booking time with various experts on current issues, reading books on subjects related to our problems, inviting the opposition over for informal get together’s to build relationships. So much time wasted…

  6. OT: Immigration court backlog 400,000 cases –and keeps growing.
    TX. Rancher: Cartels taking over open border…
    Agents speak out against assaults by illegals…
    Three articles listed regarding this issue. This issue that is getting swept under the rug with all the other mess, that does not get fixed.

  7. This is as good a place as any to ask this question I guess.

    Has anyone at State — either the blonde or the red head bimbo — commented on the events at Benghazi as told in the 13 Hours in Benghazi special? Or perhaps better yet, has any media deigned to do their job and ask them?

    Since they were so bold as to challenge the Bergdahl events as told by those in the field who were with him when he “left”, I would not be surprised at all if these two would be so cheeky as to insult these brave men as well.

    Because that’s the way this Administration rolls.

    1. Yes, you called it. I saw a brief clip on Fox earlier today. Marie Harf, responding to the Fox Benghazi special, essentially said they lied. She said it didn’t happen the way they described it in the special. Typical for this administration. Everyone is a liar but them, when the exact opposite is true.

        1. Well, I’m the one who is using the word “lie” or “liars”. Marie Harf simply said that events did not happen that night the way they described it in the special. So she basically called them liars without using that term, which is typical for Washington.

  8. OT: On MTP, MrO blames his inaction on immigration on Repubs of course, but throws in the surge of “unaccopanied minors” as another reason.
    They miscalculated, didn’t expect the backlash from Americans of all stripes and thought the “for the children” would be a slam dunk for his EO to legalize millions of Mexicans and others. The surge was not unexpected by the Dems, it was a planned event and it bombed, making vunerable Dems edgy as they face their constituents.

    1. I think they were operating on the same theory that they – stupidly – used for Fast and Furious. The plan there was to flood the country with all these illegal guns coming in from Mexico and people would demand gun control legislation. By flooding the country with “unaccompanied minors” they foolishly assumed Americans would be demanding “immigration reform” (amnesty) for those already here, which really has nothing to do with border security.

  9. The comments page is coming up blank for me. Anyone else? My comments look like they’re going through, but then I just get a blank page.

  10. All the comments have disappeared here — at least to my computer’s eye. But I will post this anyway because it seems important to me.

    The link below is to Part One of an interview with Ginni thomas and Clare Lopez, a 30 year undercover ops officer in the CIA and now VP Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.

    She connects all the dots between this Administration’s change in FP to support AQ and MB first in Libya and then Syria. And the role of this switch and the gun running through the Benghazi annex to the failure to secure and protect the annex, Ambassador Stevens and the others.

    It is one of the most cogent interviews I have heard. And forthright, she says both Clinton and Obama failed and were derelict in their duty to protect the US in Benghazi.

    No doubt Gowdy is aware of this Lopez and her information which she says is all open source (and of course,her own access which is not revealed).

    It’s 20 minutes well spent.

  11. > Drink lots of water gentlemen!

    NO! Don’t listen to Koffler – what does he know? He’s on the internet.

    Don’t drink ANY water. Water’s for sissies and conservatives and domestic, right-wing terrorists. Stay out and platy in the sun ALL afternoon. TWO rounds if you can. Then as soon as you come in drink LOTS of vodka or gin or other high-alcohol beverage. At least a liter each.

    Trust me, I know what I’m telling you.

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